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Trado pries LIBRARY OF NATURAL HISTORY ; one vol. royal octavo,

with 400 engravings. Compiled from the works of writers on Natural History. Cloth, extra,

$3 50 NOBLE DEEDS OF AMERICAN WOMEN ; with Biograaph

ical Sketches of some of the more prominent Edited by J. Clement, Esq. With an introduction by Mrs. L. H. Sigourney. One vol. 12mo, 480 pages ; cloth,

I 50 This is a work of 480 pages in Derby's best style.-Columbus (0.) Statesman.

The introduction, by Mrs. Sigourney, contains more common sense views of woman's spherc, duties, and pleasures, than ever emanated from a score of Woman'a Rights Conventions.--- Cleveland Herald.

The work now before us is edited by a Buffalonian, MR. CLEMENT, who is well known as the popular editor of the Western Literary Messenger.-Buffalo Courier.

This work supplies a void in our literature. No library is complete without it.W. H. C. Hosmer.

The volume is ornamented with an engraving of Mrs Washington, from Stuart's picture, and is in every respect an honor to tho Buffalo press.--Syracuse Slar. SCHOOLCRAFT'S AMERICAN INDIANS, their History, Con

dition and Prospects, from original notes and manuscripts; together with an appendix, containing Thrilling Narratives, Daring Exploits, etc., etc. Now revised edition

9 50 OREGON ; ITS HISTORY, CONDITION, Prospects, Geogra

phy, Climate, Productions, with personal adventures among the Indians, during a residence on the plains bordering the Pacific, while connected with the Oregon Mission, embracing extended notes of a voyage around the

world. By Rev. Gustavus Hines. 435 pages, 12mo; sheep or cloth, 1 25 Our readers are generally aware that Rev. Gustavus Hines, of the Genesco Conference, has published an interesting volumo on this Mission, with which he was connected for a long time. The book will be its own best recommendation wherever it is read. It has been favorably noticed by the press, and is worthy of an extensivo circulation. The publishers, G. H. Derby and Co., of Buffalo, have brought out the work in the best siyle. It will, undoubtedly, have a largo sale. For further particulars, we must refer to the advertisement of the Publishers in this week's paper.Northern Christian Advertiser. GIFT BOOK FOR YOUNG MEN; or Familiar Letters on Self-.

Knowledge, Self-Education, Female Society, Marriage, &c. By Dr. Wm.
A. Alcolt. 12mo, cloth, plate,

1 00 GIFT BOOK FOR YOUNG LADIES ; or, Woman's Mission ;

being Familiar Letters to a Sister on her Amusements, Employments, Studies, Acquaintances male and female, Friendships, &c. Bỳ Dr. Wm. A. Alcoli. 12mo, cloth, plate,

1 00


Valuable Books published by Gev. H. Derby & Co.


rica, from the earlicst period to the closc or President Taylor's Administration. By II. Murray, Esq., antisor of Encyclopedia of Cicography; with additions and correctious, by II. C. Walsun, Est. I vol. 8vo, with numerous engravings; muslim gill,

3 00 YOUNG'S SCIENCE OF GOVERNMENT. New and improved edition ; 370 pp. in morocco binding,

1 25 Questions of public policy, not merely affecting the interests of our country, but in. volving constitutional principles, and oven liberty itself, are not unfrequently decided at the ballot box. The poll lists of our state are annually swelled by thousands of new rolers, who have never given the Constitution so much as a single rearling! LIVES OF JAMES MADISON AND JAMES MONROE, fourth

and fifth Presidents of the United States. By John Quincy Adams; 10 which is added a History of their Administrations. I vol. 12mo, 135 pp., with sleel portraits ; sold only by agents; cloth or sheep,

1 25

WASHINGTON, March 26th, 1850. MESSRS. Geo. II. DERBY & Co.:

Gents :-You will please accept my best thanks for a copy of “The Lives of Madison and Monroe,” which you have had the kindness to present me, through your agent.

It is really a valuable addition to American Biography, as it is a gratifying proof of the enterprise and public spirit of the Publishers.

I am, with high respect,
Your friend and ubedient servant,


WASHINGTON, 26th May, 1850. Gentlemen :- I received your letter, expressing a wish that I would communicate my opinion of the lives of Madison and Mouroe, which you have just published: Although I cannot regard them as full biographies of those eminent persons, they are, nevertheless, woriny of high commendation, as fair delineations of their respective characters and of their distinguished and patriotic services. Such a work may be roal with profit and advantago by all wlio take a lively interest in the eminent inen of our country.

I am respectfully,
Your ob't servant,



LIFE OF GENERAL W. H. HARRISON, ninth President of

the United Stales ; containing a full account of luis scrvices in the Cabinet and the field. ínustrated, 12mo. Uniform with the above; cloth or sheep. ' (Published soon,)

• 1 25 LIFE OF GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR. By H. Montgomery. 18000 of this work have been sold,

1 25 ROGERS: SCIENTIFIC AGRICULTURE. New edition, improved; cloth,

1 25 BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. New edition, on pica type. With illustrations. 12mo, cloth,

1 25 LECTURES ON THE PROGRESS of Civilization and Gov

ernment-and other subjects. By John C. Lord, D. D. 218 pages, 12mo; cloth,

75 THE GOOD CHILD'S BOOK. By Mrs. E. Oakes Smith, Cloth,

76 ROBBINS' PRODUCE RECKONER: showing the value of different kinds of Grain, by the pound or bushol., muslin,


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Valuable Books published by Geo. H. Derby & Co.


complete Library of Family luformation, &c. &c. By W. R. Murray,
Esq. Embellished with 360 engravings. I vol. royal 8vo; cloth extra, 4 00


Mountains, Oregon and California. Wiih aillitional “El Dorado" matter,

with several portraits and illustrations. 435 pages, 12mo; cloth or sheep, 1 25 Įle who would know more of this rich and pure land before commencing his pil. grimage to its golden bogom, will find in the last part of this new edition of a most dleserveilly popular work, a succinct yet comprehensive account of its inexhaustible riches and its transcendent loveliness, and a fund of much needed information in regard to the several roures which lead to its inviting borders.

Now that the hope of getting them out of Congressmen is at an end, while threefourths of the applications must have been unsuccessful, we advise the Californians (o walk up to the Captain's office and buy Mr. Derby's edition. The letter press is far better than that of Congress.-N. Y. Tribune


of the United States. Including the must important of his State Papers, together with the eulogy delivered by the Ilon. George Bancroft. By John S. Jenkins, Esq. With steel portrait. 400 pages; price in muslin or leather binding, .

• 1 25

The book before us is a well written and juliciously arranged biography of the ilustrious hero and patriot, whose services to his country and to mankind are second only to those of Washington. At this crisis in our history, it cannot fail to be received with favor by the communi:y. Gen. Jackson, in his life-time, was among the noblest of patriots, looking only to the welfare, honor, and glory of his beloved country. It was his privilege to preside over the destinies of the nation at a crisis not unlike the present; and it was his voice, sounding like a trumpet through the land, that awakened the patriotism or his countrymen and saved the Union. This book comes now like a voice from the grave of the mighty dead, warning his countrymen of peril, and invoking them to fraternity and union. In addition to the biographical sketch written by the auibor, the book also contains judicious selections from tho State Papers of Gen. Jackson, and the enlogies upon the illustrious soldier and statesman, delivered by Mr. Lancroft aml Dr. Bethune. I'rom this eulogy of Mr. Bancroft we make the following beautiful and eloquent extrach, which will not bo deemed in. appropriate at the present time.

The book has been gotten up in a style creditable to the American press.-Wash. inglon Union.

MOORE'S POETICAL WORKS; a new and beautiful edition, 445 pp.; ncat cloth,

1 26 This exquisito Poem, suited aliko for the Drawing Room or Library, is now for the first time published in a handsome 12mo volume, and at a moderate prico. Tho mechanical part of it will equal any similar volume published in this country

This charming Poem of Moore was laid on our table a day or two since, so elegant in iis exterior and so complete in its cxecution, that we looked to find the name of soine Now York publishing house on its title pago. We were agreeably surprised to find the work of a Buffalo publisher comparing 80 favorably with the best editions of the best eastorn housos.

Buffalo Espress.




Edited by J. CLEMENT, with an introduction by Mrs. L. H. SLOOURNBY.

NOTICES OF THE PRESS. The work is characterized by good taste and judgment. Though a portion of the contents have elsewhere appeared, more than two hundred of the pages are entitled to be considered as original. These are well worthy of the subject and the author's reputation as a writer, both in prose and poetry. - New York Recorder.

The work now before us is edited by a Buffalonian, MR. CLEMENT, who is woll known as the popular editor of the Western Literary Messenger. Buffalo Courier.

It is one of those books that you can open at almost any place and be sure of And. ing something both interesting and instructive. Il should be read by all who want to know who of their country women are entitled to a high place in the pages that com memorate the lives of the great and good. — Lockport Democral.

The volume is ornamented with an engraving or Mrs. Washington, from Stuart's picture, and is in every respect an honor to the Buffalo press. — Syracuse Slur.

Such deeds deserve to be recorded, as well in honor of the illustrious actors, as for the instruction of those who have succeeded. This is an excellent collection, and well got up, and we commend the volume as one containing instruction with entertainment, and well worlay of a place in every family library.- Cincinnati Times.

The Introduction by Mrs. Sigourney, contains more common sense views of woman's sphere, duties, and pleasures, than ever emanated from a score of Woman's Rights Conventions. -- Cleveland Herald.

It embraces anecdotes of an exceedingly interesting character, prepared with lasto and judgment. The literary reputation of the editor is a guarantee for the faith. sul performance of his part of the work. - Utica Register.

A book with such pasturago as this for the patriotic spirit noods no commendation. Every American will eagerly possess himself of a copy and make it a chosen com panion in the field and at the fireside. -- Literary World.

This is a work of 480 pages, of excellent letter press, in Derby's best stylo. Columbus (0.) Statesman.

We hope the volumo may be largely circulated. It is enriched with a graceful Introduction from Mrs. Sigourney, and the letter press reflects the highest credit on the enterprizing publishers of the metropolis of the lakes.

- Philadelphia Chronicle.

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