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Elementary Metallurgy for Use of Students.

Globe 8vo. Price 4s. With Illustrations.

Iron and Steel Manufacture.


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With Illustrations.

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As a teacher of metallurgy, living and working amongst Birmingham people, it is not surprising that the subject of metallic alloys has claimed a considerable amount of the author's attention, seeing that Birmingham is the very centre of what may be termed the mixed-metals trades.

A work adequate to the importance of the subject has yet to be written, for our knowledge of the phenomena which attend the union of metals is still very imperfect, and rests upon a comparatively slender experimental basis. But it is hoped that the present volume may at least supply a want which is becoming increasingly felt by practical men, as well as by a large number of students, who desire a more intimate acquaintance with the nature and properties of metals in the alloyed state, as well as with metals in the free state.

The author has aimed at taking up the subject where ordinary metallurgical treatises leave off, dealing with the metals in a state of admixture with each other, showing how such mixtures are usefully employed. In cases, which have come under the author's notice, where the properties of certain alloys have been investigated by eminent men, who may be taken as authorities on the subject, an abstract of their researches is given in the succeeding pages, and, as far

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