The Digest of English Case Law Containing the Reported Decisions of the Superior Courts: And a Selection from Those of the Irish Courts [from 1557] to the End of 1897, Volum 11

Sweet and Maxwell, 1898

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Side 53 - ... who ought to have been joined, or whose presence before the court may be necessary in order to enable the court effectually and completely to adjudicate upon and settle all the questions involved in the cause or matter, be added.
Side 699 - ... as to costs only, which by law are left to the discretion of the court.
Side 841 - In all actions arising under the laws respecting copyrights the defendant may plead the general issue, and give the special matter in evidence.
Side 465 - ... that in every case, before the evidence is left to the jury, there is a preliminary question for the judge, not whether there is literally no evidence, but whether there is any upon which a jury can properly proceed to find a verdict for the party producing it, upon whom the onus of proof is imposed.
Side 173 - The action is for the administration of the personal estate of any deceased person, who at the time of his death was domiciled within the jurisdiction, or for the execution (as to property situate within the jurisdiction) of the trusts of any written instrument, of which the person to be served is a trustee, which ought to be executed according to the law of England...
Side 569 - By the interlocutory decree it was referred to the master, to take an account of the sums...
Side 11 - No action, suit, or information, or any other proceeding, of what nature soever, shall be brought against any person for anything done or omitted to be done...
Side 235 - The action is founded on any breach or alleged breach within the jurisdiction of any contract wherever made, which, according to the terms thereof, ought to be performed within the jurisdiction...
Side 807 - Court or a judge shall have power to enlarge or abridge the time appointed by these rules, or fixed by any order enlarging time, for doing any act or taking any proceeding, upon such terms (if any) as the justice of the case may require, and any such enlargement may be ordered although the application for the same is not made until after the expiration of the time appointed or allowed.
Side 483 - ... and the costs of the reference and award to be in the discretion of the arbitrator.

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