W. Heinemann, 1895 - 192 pagina's

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Pagina 199 - Tadema will earn as high honour in connection with written romance as that which it has hitherto acquired by association with painted presentments. . . . An intensely pathetic tale of passionate love and ineffable self-sacrifice. . . . Nothing has been more impressively told in the pages of modern fiction than the denouement of this sad but deeply fascinating story.
Pagina 197 - Joanna Traill, Spinster By ANNIE E. HOLDSWORTH The Observer. — " Every word tells that it is the work of a true woman who has thought deeply and lovingly on a most painful subject. . . . The picture is a beautiful one, which it would be well for many women to ponder over. ... In her claims for wider sympathy, a higher understanding of right and wrong, and her noble picture of woman helping woman, the authoress has done a good work.

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