I may be here allowed to state, that having for the last fifteen years devoted much of my attention to Books, I should feel honoured in receiving the commands of Noblemen and Gentlemen, in the arranging, repairing, and valuation of their Libraries.

In order to render myself competent to undertake any de. partment of Bibliography, I have acquired a knowledge of many of the oriental and most of the modern languages. I do not hesitate to avow, that it is as a Bookseller I am desirous of appearing before the Public, and to found a reputation upon a strict and punctual attention to every department of my business, as best calculated to secure that confidence and favor which I am so desirous to obtain.

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Multa renascentur quæ jam cecidere; cadeotque quæ nunc sunt in honore vocabula,


The great and unceasing influx of new books on all subjects has long required a sort of Catalogue raisonné, where they may be viewed placed in their several departments, with a short critical notice of their peculiar merits. How far this object may have been attained by the present work, I humbly leave to the candid opinion of the Literary Public. I am conscious of having omitted many modern works which ought, perhaps, to have found a place in this volume. To plead my excuse, I cannot avoid quoting the words of an eminent French Bibliographer, in asking the , question, What is Bibliography ? “C'est d'observer “un ordre methodique dans le classement de ce non“ bre infini de compositions litteraires, scientifiques,

historiques, et même religieuses et morales, dont

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“ l'imprimerie a enrichie les nations policées; c'est

d'indiquer les bonnes editions des livres ainsi que “ leur degré de merite et de rareté. Quelle tâche

importante et difficile! et pour être bien remplie, a

quels bons esprits, a quels hommes éclairés elle doit 66 être confiée.” Should this attempt be favourably received, I shall avail myself of every opportunity to correct and enlarge it for a future impression; and if encouraged by its success, it is my intention to undertake a similar work for the Literature of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, accompanied with biographical and critical notices.



May, 1827.

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