The Sonnet: Its Origin, Structure, and Place in Poetry

J. Murray, 1874 - 227 sider

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Side 124 - Quando un cor tante in sé virtuti accolse ? Benché la somma è di mia morte rea ! Per divina bellezza indarno mira, Chi gli occhi di costei giammai non vide Come soavemente ella gli gira : Non sa come Amor sana e come ancide, Chi non sa come dolce ella sospira E come dolce parla e dolce ride.
Side 23 - The Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of Holland : with a View of the Primary Causes and Movements of "The Thirty Years
Side 82 - In presence prest 2 of people mad or wise ; Set me in high, or yet in low degree ; In longest night, or in the shortest day; In clearest sky, or where clouds thickest be ; In lusty youth, or when my hairs are gray : Set me in heaven, in earth, or else in hell...
Side 163 - Fortunati ambo ! si quid mea carmina possunt, nulla dies umquam memori vos eximet aevo, dum domus Aeneae Capitoli immobile saxum accolet imperiumque pater Romanus habebit.
Side 73 - It is good to be merry and wise, It is good to be honest and true ; It is good to be off with the old love Before you are on with the new.
Side 209 - See An historical and critical Essay on the Life and Character of Petrarch...
Side 21 - MACGREGOR (J.)- Rob Roy on the Jordan, Nile, Red Sea, Gennesareth, &c. A Canoe Cruise in Palestine and Egypt and the Waters of Damascus. With Map and 70 Illustrations.
Side 62 - At that instant, I say truly that the spirit of life, which dwells in the most secret chamber of the heart, began to tremble with such violence that it appeared fearfully in the least pulses, and, trembling, said these words : JEcce deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur mihi [Behold a god stronger than I, who coming shall rule over me].
Side 20 - STUDENT'S HISTORY OF ROME. From the EARLIEST TIMES to the ESTABLISHMENT OF THE EMPIRE, With Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By Dean LIDDELL.
Side 66 - Avignon; and it was in the same city, on the 6th of the very same month of April, at the very same hour in the morning, in the year 1348, that this bright luminary was withdrawn from our sight, when I was at Verona, alas! ignorant of my calamity. The remains of her chaste and beautiful body were deposited in the church of the Cordeliers, on the evening of the same day.

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