A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volum 4

William Carew Hazlitt
Reeves and Turner, 1874

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Side 176 - VICE [AMBIDEXTER], with an old capcase on his head, an old pail about his hips for harness, a scummer and a potlid by his side, and a rake on his shoulder.
Side 158 - A Lamentable Tragedy, mixed ful of pleasant Mirth, conteyning the Life of Cambises, King of Percia, from the beginning of his Kingdome unto his Death...
Side 99 - My heart this rare friendship hath pierc'd to the root, And quenched all my fury: this sight hath brought this about, Which thy grave counsel, Eubulus, and learned immortal gods above Hath made you play this tragedy, I think, for my persuasion could never do.
Side 72 - Who invented these monsters first, did it to a ghostly end, To have a mail ready to put in other folks' stuff, We see this evident by daily proof. One preached of late not far hence in no pulpit, but in a wain-cart.
Side 103 - Tyranny quails; he studieth now with love each heart to win; Virtue is had in price, and hath his just reward; And painted speech, that gloseth for gain, from gifts is quite debarr'd. One loveth another now for virtue, not for gain. Where virtue doth not knit the knot, there friendship cannot reign; Without the which no house, no land...
Side 235 - Frequent your exersises, a home on your thumb, A quick eye, a sharp knife, at hand a receiver: But then take heed Cosin ye be a clenly convayour.
Side 232 - I care not if I be married before to-morrow at noon, If marriage be a thing that so may be had. How say you, maid ? to marry me will ye be glad ? Out of doubt, I believe it is some excellent treasure, — Else to the same belongs abundant pleasure. Yet with mine ears I have heard some say: "That ever I was married, now cursed be the day!
Side 322 - His life breaths out, his eyes forsake the Sunne, , And fatall Cloudes inferre a lasting Clips. There Arthur staggering scant sustaind him selfe, There Cador found a deepe and deadly wound, There ceast the warres, and there was Brytaine lost.
Side 380 - Come, valiant spirits'; .you peers of Portugal, That owe your lives, your faiths, and services, To set you free from base captivity...
Side 11 - In comedies the greatest skill is this, rightly to touch All things to the quick ; and eke to frame each person so, That by his common talk you may his nature rightly know...

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