The American Journal of Science

J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1911

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Pagina 84 - AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE ESTABLISHED BY BENJAMIN SILLIMAN IN 1818. The Leading Scientific Journal in the United States Devoted to the Physical and Natural Sciences, with special reference to Physics and Chemistry on the one hand, and to Geology and Mineralogy on the other.
Pagina 327 - As no atmosphere is free from dust, and that of cities is particularly dusty, these mineral constituents must be regarded as possible reagents in cases where there is evidence that very minute quantities of basic substances can initiate chemical reactions and isodynamic changes, such as have generally been considered as spontaneous, and in all cases where a solution in contact with air is liable to be affected.
Pagina 81 - The Polynesian wanderings: tracks of the migration deduced from an examination of the Proto-Samoan content of Efate and other languages of Melanesia, pp.
Pagina 84 - JS DILLER, of Washington. Two volumes annually, in MONTHLY NUMBERS of about 80 pages each. This Journal ended its first series of 50 volumes as a quarterly in 1845 ; its second series of 50 volumes as a two-monthly in 1870; its third series as a monthly ended December, 189$.
Pagina 84 - Rapid Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Special Steels, Steel-Making Alloys and Graphite...
Pagina 38 - ... regions were then the most favorable for the growth and development of xeromorphic forms. Migration from northern centers of dispersal, the periods of climatic aridity, and the changes immediately before and after ice invasion, undoubtedly accentuated the ecological evolution of this type of vegetation. The extensive change in floral types which is particularly evident through the subordination of the ferns to grasses and heath plants, and the elimination and replacement of the primitive gymnosperms...
Pagina 98 - ... the difference of phase in the two portions of the twice-reflected ray amounting to a quarter of an undulation. If, then, the incident ray be polarized in a plane inclined at an angle of 45° to the plane of reflexion, the emergent light will be circularly-polarized. This was found to be the case on trial ; and the parallelepiped thus constructed, and which is known under the name of Fresnel 's rhomb, is of essential service in experiments on circular and elliptic polarization.
Pagina 315 - The end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age were of great importance in our prehistory.
Pagina 421 - Almost every crystal contains a minute inclusion whose character has not been determined. The material analyzed appeared under the microscope to be very' pure except for these inclusions, and it is possible that the silica that appears in the analysis is due to them.
Pagina 251 - Into this cup a small amount of flnelv powdered calcium fluoride, generally about <>•! grin., was placed together with the silicate, and the mixture covered with a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid, added by means of a medicine dropper or fountain-pen filler.

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