Johns's Lands of Silence and of

Last of the Old Squires

Vacaulay's Crit. and Hist. Essays


Mackintosh's Miscellaneous Works 13
Memoirs of a Maître d'Armes 22
Maitland's Churchin the Catacombs 14
Martineau's Miscellanies
Moore's Church Cases

Printing: Its Origin, &c.

Pycroft - English Reading

Rich's Comp. to Latin Dictionary 18
Riddle's Latin Dictionaries

Rowton's Debater

Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck 19
Sir Roger De Coverley

Smith's (Rev. Sydney) Works 20
Southey's Common place Books

The Doctor &c.

Sourcstre's Attic Philosopher 22

“ Confessions of a Working Man 22
Stephen's Essays -

Stow's Training System

Thomson's Laws of Thought

Townsend's State Trials

Willich's Popular Tables

Yonge's English-Greek Lexicon - 24
Latin Gradus

Zumpt's Latin Grammar

Martineau's Christian Life -

Merivale's Christian Records . 15
Milner's Church of Christ

Moore on the use of the Body 15

Soul and Body 15
< 's Man and his Motives 15
Morning Clouds

Neale's Closing Scene

Ranke's Ferdinand & Maximilian 22
Readings for Lent


Riddle's Household Prayers

Robinson's Lexicon to the Greek
Testament -

Saints our Example

Sermon in the Mount

Sinclair's Journey of Life

Smith's (Sydney) Moral Philosophy 20

(G.V.) Assyrianl'rophecies 20
(G.) Wesleyan Methodism 19

(J. St. Paul's Shipwreck - 20
Southey's Life of Wesley

Stephen's Ecclesiastical Biography 20
Taylor's Lorola


Theologia Germanica

Thumb Bible (The)

Tomline's Introduction to the Bidle 21
Turner's Sacred History -

Young's Christ of llistory

Mystery -

Rural Sports.

Baker's Rifle and Hound in Ceylon
Berkeley's Forests of France
Blaine's Dictionary of Sports
Cecil's Stable Practice

Stud Farm
The Cricket Field
Dary's Fishing Excursions, 2 Series
Ephemera on Angling -

's Book of the Salmon
Hawker's Young Sportsman
The Hunting-Field
Idle's Hints on Shooting
Pocket and the Stud
Practical Horsemanship
Richardson's Horsemansbip
Ronalds Fly Fisher's Entomelogy 15
Stable Talk and Table Talk
Stonehenge on the Gresbound
Thacker's Courser's Guide

The Stud, for Practical Purposes.

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Veterinary Medicine, &c.
Cecil's Stable Practice

Stud Farm

Hunting-Field (The)
Miles's Horse Shoeing

“ on the Horse's Foot

Pocket and the Stad
Practical Horsemanship
Richardson's Horecmuaship

Stable Talk and Table Talk
Stud (The)

Youatt's The Dog -

The Horse

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Natural History in general.

Catlow's Popular Conchology 6
Ephemera and Young on the Salmon 7
Garratt's Marvels of Instinct

Gosse's Natural History of Jamaica 8
Kemp's Natural History of Creation 22
Kirby und Spence's Entomology - 11
Lee's Elements of Natural History 11
Maunder's Natural History..
Turton's Shells ofthe British Islands 23
Van der Hoeven's Zoology

Von Tschudi's Sketches in the Alps 22
Waterton's Essays on Natural Hist. 24
Youatt's The Dog -
The Horse

1-Volume Encyclopædias

and Dictionaries.
Blaine's Rural Sports

Brande's Science, Literature, and Art 4
Coplant's Dictionary of Medicine - 6
Cresy's Civil Engineering

Gwilt's Architecture

Johnston's Geographical Dictionary 11
Loudon's Agriculture

Rural Architecture 13


Trees and Shrubs. 12
M'Culloch's Geographical Dictionary 14

Dictionary of Commerce 14
Murray's Encyclo.of Geography 16
Sharp's British Gazetteer

Ure's Dictionary of Arts,&e. - 23

Webster's Domestic Economy
Religious & Moral Works.
Amy Herbert

Bloomfield's Greek Testament

Calvert's Wife's Manual

Cleve Hall

Cony beare's Essaye

Cony beare and Howson's St. Paul 6
Cotion's Instructions in Christianity 6
Dale's Domestic Liturgy
Defence of Eclipse of Faith

Earl's Daughter (The)

- 19
Eclipse of Faith
Englishman's Greek Concordance 7

Heb &Chald.Concord. 7
Experience (The) of Life


Harrison's Light of the Forge 8
Hook's Lectures on Passion Week 9
Horne's Introduction to Scriptures 9
Abridgment of ditto

Huc's Christianity in China - 10
Humphreys's Parables Illuminated 10

Jameson's Sacred Legends

Monastic Legends - 11
Legends of the Madonna 11

Lectures on Female Em.

Jeremy Taylor's Works -

Katharine Ashton

König's Pictorial Life of Luther 8
Laneton Parsonage

Letters to my Unknown Friends 11
09 Happiness

Lyra Germanica

Mucnaught on Inspiration
Maguire's Rome
Maitland's Church in Catacombs
Margaret Percival -


Poetry and the Drama.
Alkin's (Dr.) British Poets

Arnold's Poems

Baillie's (Joanna) Poetical Works 3
Culvert's Wife's Manual

De Vere's May Carols

Estcourt's Music of Creation

Fairy Family (The)

Goldsmith's Poems, illustrated

L, E. L.'s Poetical Works

Linwood's Anthologia Oxoniensis - 13
Lyra Germanica
Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome 13
Mac Donald's Within and Without 13
Poems -

Montgomery's Poetical Works 15
Moore's Poetical Works

Selections (illustrated) 15
Lalla Rookh

Irish Melodies

Songs and Ballads

Reade's Poetical Works

Shakspeare, by Bowdler

Southey's Poetical Works

British Poets -

Thomson's Seasons, illustrated 21
Political Economy and

Dodd's Food of London

Greg's Political and Social Essays

Laing's Notes of a Traveller - 22
M'Culloch's Geog. Statist.&c. Dict. 14

Dictionary of Commerce 14

Willich's Popular Tables

Voyages and Travels.

Auldjo's Ascent of Mont Blanc
Baines's Vaulois of Piedmoat
Baker's Wanderings in Ceylon
Barrow's Continental Tour
Barth's African Travels
Berkeley's Forests of France
Burton's East Africa

Medina and Meera -
Carlisle's Turkey and Greece
De Custine's Russia
Eothen -
Ferguson's Swiss Trarela
Flemish Interiors -
Forester's Rambles in Yorway

Sardinia and Corsica
Gironière's Philippines -
Gregorovius's Corsica
Halloran's Japan ·
Hill's Travels in Siberia
Hinchliff Travels in the Air
Hope's Brittany and the Bible

Chase in Brittany
Howitt's Art Student in Munich

(W) Victoria -
Huc's Chinese Empire

Huc and Gabet's Tartary & Thibet 22
Hudson and Kennedy's Meat
Blanc -

Hughes's Australian Colonies
Humboldt's Aspects of Nature
Hurlbut's Pictures froin Cuba
Hutchinson's African Exploration
Jameson's Canada -
Jerrmann's St. Petersburg
Laing's Norway

Notes of a Traveller
M'Clure's North-West Passage
MacDougal's Vorge of the Resoute 13
Mason's Zulus of Natal
Miles's Rambles in Iceland
Osborn's Quedah .

Pfeiffer's Voyage round the World 22

Second ditto -
Scherzer's Central America - 19
Seaward's Narrative

Snow's Tierra del Fuego
Spottiswoode's Eastern Russia
Von Tempsky's Mexico and Gas-

Weld's Vacations in Ireland -

United States and Canada. 24
Werne's African Wanderings
Wilberforce's Brazil & Slaye-Trade 32

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The Sciences in general

and Mathematics.
Arago's Meteorological Essays 3
Popular Astronomy -

Bourne on the Screw Propeller 4

's Catechism of Steam-Engine 4
Boyd's Naval Cadet's Manual
Brande's Dictionary of Science, &c.

“ Lectures on Organic Chemistry 4
Cresy's Civil Engineering
Dela Beche's Geology of Cornwall,&c. 7
De la Rive's Electricity
Grove's Correla, of Physical Forces 8
Herschel's Outlines of Astronomy 9
Holland's Mental Physiology

Humboldt's Aspects of Nature 10

Hunt on Light

Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia 12
Marcet's (Mrs.) Conversations 15
Morell's Elements of Psychology - 16
Moseley's Engineering& Architecture 16
Our Coal Fields and our Coal-Pits 22
Owen's Lectureson Comp. Anatomy 17
Pereira on Polarised Light

Peschel's Elements of Physics 17
Phillips's Fossils of Cornwall, &c. 17

Guide to Geology

Portlock's Geology of Londonderry
Powell's Unity of Worlds

Smee's Electro-Metallurgy

Wilson's Electric Telegraph 22


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Miss Acton's Modern Cookery for Private Lord Bacon's Works. A New Edition,

Families, reduced to a System of Easy Prac- revised and elucidated; and enlarged by the tice in a Series of carefully-tested Receipts, addition of many pieces not printed before in which the Principles of Baron Liebig and Collected and Edited by ROBERT LESLIE other eminent Writers have been as much as ELLIS, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, possible applied and explained. Newly-re- Cambridge ; JAMES SPEDDING, M.A. of vised and enlarged Edition ; with 8 Plates, Trinity College, Cambridge ; and DOUGLAS comprising 27 Figures, and 150 Woodcuts. DENON HEATH, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and Fep. 8vo. 78. 6d.

late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The publication has commenced with the Acton's English Bread-Book for Do- Division of the Philosophical IForks, to be mestic Use, adapted to Families of every

completed in 5 vols., of which Vols. I. to grade: Containing the plainest and most III. in 8vo., price 18s, each, are now ready. minute Instructions to the Learner, and

Vols. IV. and V. are in the press. Practical Receipts for many varieties of Joanna Baillie's Dramatic and Poetical Bread ; with Notices of the present System of Adulteration and its Consequences, and

Works : Comprising the Plays of the Pasof the Improved Baking Processes and

sions, Miscellaneous Dramas, Metrical LeInstitutions established Abroad. Fcp. 8vo.

gends, Fugitive Pieces, and Ahalya Baee. price 4s. 63. cloth.

Second Edition, with a Life of Joanna

Baillie, Portrait, and Vignette. Square Aikin. -Select Works of the British

crown 8vo. 21s. cloth; or 42s. bound in

morocco by Hayday. Poets, from Ben Jonson to Beattie. With Biographical and Critical Prefaces by Dr. Baker, · The Rifle and the Hound in

Ceylon. By S. W. BAKER, Esq. New LUCY AIKIN ; consisting of additional Selec. tions from more recent Poets. 8vo. price 18s. Wood. Fcp. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Baker. – Eight Years' Wanderings in Ceylon. Arago(F.)-Biographies of Distinguished

By S. W. BAKER, Esq. With 6 coloured Scientific Men. Translated by Admiral

Plates. 8vo. price 15s. W. H. SMYTH, D.C.L., F.R.S., &c.; the Rev. BADEN POWELL, M.A.; and ROBERT GRANT, Barth. - Travels and Discoveries in M.A., F.R.A.S. 8vo. 18s.

North and Central Africa : Being the Jour

nal of an Expedition undertaken under Arago's Meteorological Essays. With an the auspices of Her Britannic Majesty's Go

Introduction by BARON HUMBOLDT. Trans- vernment in the Years 1819–1855. By lated under the superintendence of Lieut.- HENRY BARTH, Ph.D., D.C.L., Fellow of the Colonel E. SABINE, R.A., Treasurer and Royal Geographical and Asiatic Societies, V.P.R.S. 8vo. 18s.

&c. Vols. I. to III., with 11 Maps, 100

Engravings on Wood, and 36 Illustrations Arago's Popular Astronomy. Translated and in tinted Lithography, price 63s.-Vols. IV.

edited by Admiral W. H. SMYTI, D.C.L., and V., completing the work, are in the press, F.R.S.; and ROBERT GRANT, M.A., F.R.A.S. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. 8vo. with Plates Bayldon's Art of Valuing Rents and and Woodcuts, 21s.

Tillages, and Claims of Tenants upon

Quitting Farms, at both Michaelmas and Arnold.—Poems. By Matthew Arnold. Lady-Day; as revised by Mr: DONALDSON. Third Edition of the First Series. Fcp.

Seventh Edition, enlarg and adapted to the 8vo. price 5s. 6d.

Present Time: With the Principles and

Mode of Valuing Land and other Property Arnold.-Poems. By Matthew Arnold. Second for Parochial Assessment and Enfranchise

Series, about one-third new; the rest finally ment of Copyholds, under the recent Acts of selected from the Volumes of 1849 and 1852, Parliament. By ROBERT BAKER, Landnow withdrawn. Fcp. 8vo. price 5s.

Agent and Valuer. 8vo. 108, 6d.

B 2



A Month in the Forests of France. By Bourne, - A Treatise on the Screw Pro

the IIon. GRANTLEY F. BERKELEY, Author peller: With various Suggestions of Imof Reminiscences of a lIuntsman. 8vo. with provement. By Join BOURNE, C.E. New 2 Etchings by John Leech (1 coloured). Edition, thoroughly revised and corrected.

[Nearly ready. With 20 large Plates and numerous Wood.

cuts. 4to. price 38s. Black's Practical Treatise on Brewing,

based on Chemical and Economical Princi- Boyd. — A Manual for Naval Cadets. ples: With Formulæ for Public Brewers, and Published with the sanction and approval Instructions for Private Families. New of the Lords Commissioners of the Admi. Edition, with Additions. 8vo. 10s. 6d. ralty. By JouN M'NEILL BOYD, Captain,


With Compass-Signals in Colours, Blaine's Encyclopædia of Rural Sports; and 236 Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. 103. 6d.

or, a complete Account, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Brande.- A Dictionary of Science, LiteraFishing, Racing, and other Field Sports and Athletic Amusements of the present day.

ture, and Art: Comprising the History, New Edition, revised by HARRY HIEOVER,

Description, and Scientific Principles of EPHEMERA, and Mr. A. GRAHAM. With

every Branch of Human Knowledge; with

the Derivation and Definition of all the upwards of 600 Woodcuts. 8vo. 50s.

Terms in general use. Edited by W. T. Blair's Chronological and Historical

BRANDE, F.R.S.L. and E.; assisted by DR.

J. Cauvin. Third Edition, revised and corTables, from the Creation to the Present Time: With Additions and Corrections from

rected ; with numerous Woodcuts. 8vo. 60s. the most authentic Writers ; including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the

Professor Brande's Lectures on Organic Period from the Exode to the Temple.

Chemistry, as applied to Manufactures ; Under the revision of Sir HENRY ELLIS,

including Dyeing, Bleaching, Calico-PrintK.H. Imperial 8vo. 31s. 60. half-morocco.

ing, Sugar Manufacture, the Preservation of Wood, Tanning, &c.; delivered before the

Members of the Royal Institution. Arranged with copious English Notes, Critical, Phi

by permission from the Lecturer's Notes by lologicaland Explanatory. Especially

J. SCOFFERN, M.B. Fep. 8vo. with Wood. adapted to the use of Theological Students

cuts, price 78. 60. and Ministers. By the Rev. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D., F.S.A. Ninth Edition, revised.

Brewer. - An Atlas of History and Geo2 vols. 8vo. with Map, price £2. 8s.

graphy, from the Commencement of the

Christian Era to the Present Time : Com. Dr. Bloomfield's College and School

prising a Series of Sixteen coloured Maps, Edition of the Greek Testament : With

arranged in Chronological Order, with Illusbrief English Notes, chiefly Philological and

trative Memoirs. By the Rev.J.S. BREWER, Explanatory, especially formed for use in

M.A., Professor of English History and Colleges and the Public Schools. Seventh

Literature in King's College, London. Edition, improved ; with Map and Index.

Second Edition, revised and corrected. Fcp. 8vo. 7s. 60.

Royal 8vo. 12s.6d, half-bound. Dr. Bloomfield's College and School

Brodie. – Psychological Inquiries, in a Lexicon to the Greek Testament. New

Series of Essays intended to illustrate the Edition, carefully revised. Fcp. 8vo. price

Influence of the Physical Organisation on 109. 6d. cloth.

the Mental Faculties. By SIR BENJAMIN O.

BRODIE, Bart. Third Edition. Fcp.8vo.5s. Bourne. - A Treatise on the Steam-En

Bull. – The Maternal Management of gine, in its Application to Mines, Mills,

Children in Health and Disease. Ву Steam-Navigation, and Railways. By the Artisan Club. Edited by John BOURNE, C.E.

T. BULL, M.D., Member of the Royal New Edition ; with 33 Steel Plates and 349

College of Physicians ; formerly Physician. Wood Engravings. 4to. price 27s.

Accoucheur to the Finsbury Midwifery

Institution. New Edition. Fcp. Sro. 5s. Bourne's Catechism of the Steam-Engine in

its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Dr. T. Bull's Hints to Mothers on the ManageSteam-Navigation, Railways, and Agricul- ment of their Health during the Period of ture: With Practical Instructions for the Pregnancy and in the Lying-in Room: With Manufacture and Management of Engines an Exposure of Popular Errors in connexion of every class. Fourth Edition, enlarged ; with those subjects, &c.; and Hints upon with 89 Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. 6s.

Nursing. New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 5s.



Buckingham.-Autobiography of James | Burton.--First Footsteps in East Africa;

Silk Buckingham : Including his Voyages, or, an Exploration of Harar. By RICHARD Travels, Adventures, Speculations, Suc- F. Burton, Captain, Bombay Army. With cesses and Failures, frankly and faithfully Maps and coloured Plates. 8vo. 18s. narrated; with Characteristic Sketches of

Public Men. Vols. I. and II. post 8vo. 21s. Burton. – Personal Narrative of a PilBunsen. - Christianity and Mankind, grimage to El Medinah and Meccah. By their Beginnings and Prospects. By

HARD F. Burton, Captain, Bombay CHRISTIAN CHARLES Josias BUNSEN, D.D.,

Army. Second Edition, revised; with coloured D.C.L., D.Ph. Being a New Edition, cor

Plates and Woodcuts. 2 vols. crown 8vo. rected, remodelled, and extended, of Hip

price 24s. polytus and his Age. 7 vols. 8vo. £5. 5s.

The Cabinet Lawyer: A Popular Digest ** This Second Edition of the Hippolytus is composed of three distinct works, which may be had separately, as of the Laws of England, Civil and Criminal; follows:

with a Dictionary of Law Terms, Maxims, 1. Hippolytus and his Age; or, the Beginnings ard Prospects of Christianity. 2 vols. 8vo. price £1. 108.

Statutes, and Judicial Antiquities ; Correct 2. Outline of the Philosophy of Universal History ap

Tables of Assessed Taxes, Stamp Duties, plied to Language and Religion : Containing an lic. count of the Alphabetical Conferences, 2 vols. 8vo.

Excise Licenses, and Post-Horse Duties; price 1. 13s.

Post-Ollice Regulations; and Prison Disci. 3. Analecta Ante-Nicæna. 3 vols. Sro. rice (2.29.

pline. 17th Edition, comprising the Public Bunsen. – Lyra Germanica: Hymns for

Acts of the Session 1857. Fcp. 8vo. 10s. 6d. the Sundays and chief Festivals of the Christian Year. Translated from the

The Cabinet Gazetteer: A Popular Expo. German by CATHERINE WINKWORTI.

sition of All the Countries of the World: Third Edition. Fep. Sro. 53.

their Government, Population, Revenues, ** This selection of German Hymne has been made from

Commerce, and Industries ; Agricultural, a collection published in Germany by the Chevalier Bunsen; Manufactured, and Mineral Products; Reand forms a companion volume to

ligion, Laws, Manners, and Social State; Theologia Germanica: Which setieth forth With brief Notices of their History and An

many fair lineaments of Divine Truth, and tiquities. By the Author of The Cabinet saith very lofty and lovely things touching Lawyer. Fcp. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth ; or 13s. a Perfect Lile, Translated by SUSANNA bound in calf. WINKWORTII, With a Preface by the Rev. "The author has neglected that it contains there is a

no modern sources of inform- vast amount of geographical CHARLES KINGSLEY ; and a Letter by Cheva

ation, and all liis short, suc- and topographical informalier BUNSEN. Third Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. ciuct, and neat descriptions tion pleasantly condensed.

of the different places are The Cabinet Gazetteer,

quite conformable to present though not intended to Bunsen. - Egypt's Place in Universal knowledge. Sarawak, for supersede more elaborate

example, in Borneo, is not works, will, to some extent, History: An Historical Investigation, in

omitted, and of San Fran- have that effect; but it will Five Books. By C. C. J. BUNSEN, D.D., cisco there is quite a detailed be sure to find a large and

description. The work is permanent circulation of its Translated from the Ger. D.C.L., D.Ph.

compiled with considerable man by C. H. COTTRELL, Esq., M.A.

care, and in the 912 pages

ECONOMIST. With many Illustrations. Vol. I. 8vo. 288.; Vol. II. 8vo. 30s.

Calendar of English State Papers, Do

mestic Series, of the Reigns of Edward VI., Burton (J. H.)-The History of Scotland

ME Eli etb, 1547–1580, preserved in from the Revolution to the Extinction of the

the State Paper Department of Her MaLast Jacobite Insurrection (1689–1748). By jesty's Public Record Oflice.

Edited by John HILL BURTON. 2 vols. 8vo. 26s.

ROBERT LEMON, Esq., F.S.A., under the Bishop S. Butler's General Atlas of

direction of the Master of the Rolls, and Modern and Ancient Geography; compris.

with the sanction of Her Majesty's Secre•

tary of State for the Home Department. ing Fifty-two full-coloured Maps ; with

Imperial 8vo. 15s. complete Indices. New Edition, nearly all re-engraved, enlarged, and greatly improved. Edited by the author's Son. Royal 4to. Calendar of English State Papers, Do24s. half-bound.

mestic Series, of the Reign of James I., The Modern Atlas of 28 full-coloured Maps. 1603–1610 (comprising the Papers relating Separately

Royal 8vo. price 12s.
The Ancient Atlas of 24 full-coloured Maps,

to the Gunpowder Ploi), preserved in the Royal 8vo. price 128.

State Paper Department of H.M. Public Bishop S. Butler's Sketch of Modern and Record Office. Edited by MARY ANNE

Ancient Geography. New Edition, tho. EVERETT GREEN, Author of The Lives of the roughly revised, with such Alterations intro- Princesses of England, &c., under the direcduced as continually progressive Discoveries tion of the Master of the Rolls, and with and the latest Information have rendered tlie sanction of H.M. Secretary of State for necessary. Post 8vo. price 7s. 6d.

the Home Department. Imperial 8vo. 15s.

B 3




Calvert. The Wife's Manual ; or,

Prayers, Thoughts, and Songs on Several Occasions of a Matron's Life. By the Rev. W. CALVERT, M.A. Ornamented from Designs by the Author in the style of Queen Elizabeth's Prayer-Book. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Carlisle (Lord).-A Diary in Turkish and

Greek Waters. By the Right Hon. the EARL OF CARLISLE. Fifth Edition. Post Sro. price 10s. 6d.

Catlow.-Popular Conchology; or, the

Shell Cabinet arranged according to the Modern System : With a detailed Account of the Animals, and a complete Descriptive List of the Families and Genera of Recent and Fossil Shells. By AGNES Carlow. Second Edition, much improved ; with 405 Woodcut Illustrations. Post 8vo. price 14s.

Conybeare and Howson.-The Life and

Epistles of Saint Paul : Comprising a com• plete Biography of the Apostle, and a Translation of his Epistles inserted in Chronological Order. By the Rev. W, J. CONYBEARE, M.A.; and the Rev. J. S. Howson, M.A. Second Edition, revised and corrected ; with several Maps and Wood. cuts, and 4 Plates. 2 vols. square crown 8vo, 31s. 6d. cloth.

The Original Edition, with more numerous Illustrations, in 2 vols. 4to. price 185.-may also be had. Conybeare. - Essays, Ecclesiastical and Social :

Reprinted, with Additions,' from the Edinburgh Reriew. By the Rev. W. J. CONYBEARE, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity

College, Cambridge. 8vo. 128. Dr. Copland's Dictionary of Practical

Medicine: Comprising General Pathology, the Nature and Treatment of Diseases, Morbid Structures, and the Disorders es. pecially incidental to Climates, to Sex, and to the different Epochs of Life; with numerous approved Formulæ of the Medicines recommended. Vols. I. and II. 8vo. price £3; and Parts X, to XVIII, 4s. 6d, each.

Part XIX., completing the work, is nearly ready. Cotton. - Instructions in the Doctrine

and Practice of Christianity. Intended chiefly as an Introduction to Confirmation. By G. E. L. COTTON, M.A, 18mo, 23. 6d.

Cecil. - The Stud Farm; or, Hints on

Breeding Horses for the Turf, the Chase, and the Road. Addressed to Breeders of RaceHorses and Hunters, Landed Proprietors, and especially to Tenant Farmers. By CECIL. Fcp. 8vo. with Frontispiece, 5s.

Cecil's Stable Practice; or, Hints on Training

for the Turf, the Chase, and the Road; with Observations on Racing and Hunt. ing, Wasting, Race-Riding, and Handicapping : Addressed to Owners of Racers, Hunters, and other Horses, and to all who are concerned in Racing, Steeple-Chasing, and Fox Hunting. Fcp. 8vo. with Plate,

price 5s, half-bound. Chapman. - History of Gustavus Adol.

phus, and of the Thirty Years' War up to the King's Death : With some Account of its Conclusion by the Peace of Westphalia, in 1648. By B. CHAPMAN, M.A., Vicar of Letherhead. 8vo. with Plans, 12s. 6d.

Chevreul On the Harmony and Contrast

of Colours, and their Applications to the Arts : Including Painting, Interior Decoration, Tapestries, Carpets, Mosaics, Coloured Glazing, Paper-Staining, Calico-Printing, Letterpress-Printing, Map-Colouring, Dress, Landscape and Flower Gardening, &c. &c. Translated by CHARLES MARTEL. Second Edition ;

with 4 Plates. Crown 8vo. price 10s. 6d.

Cresy's Encyclopædia of Civil Engi

neering, Historical, Tbeoretical, and Practical, Illustrated by upwards of 3,000 Woodeuts. Second Edition, revised and brought down to the Present Time in a Supplement comprising Metropolitan WaterSupply, Drainage of Towns, Railways, Cubical Proportion, Brick and Iron Construction, Iron Screw Piles, Tubular Bridges, &o. Svo. 63s. cloth. - The SUPPLEMENT

separately, price 10s. 6d. cloth. The Cricket-Field; or, the Science and

History of the Game of Cricket. By the Author of Principles of Scientific Batting. Second Edition, greatly improved; with

Plates and Woodcuts. Fcp. Sro. price 5s. Crosse.'— Memorials, Scientific and Li.

terary, of Andrew Crosse, the Electrician.

Edited by Mrs. CROSSE. Post 8vo. Is. 6d. Cruikshank. - The Life of Sir John

Falstaff, illustrated by George Cruikshank. With a Biography of the Knight, from au. thentic sources, by ROBERT B. Brorgu, Esq. Royal 8vo. — In course of publication monthly, and to be completed in 10 Num. bers, each containing 2 Plates, price ls. The first 6 Numbers are now ready.

Connolly.--History of the Royal Sappers

and Miners : Including the Services of the Corps in the Crimea and at the Siege of Sebastopol. By T. W.J. CONNOLLY, Quartermaster of the Royal Engineers. Second Edition, revised and enlarged ; with 17 coloured plates. 2 vols. 8vo. price 30s.

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