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Retrospective view of affairs in India. Benares, Tranfa&tions which led to the

dependance of that country on the Eaft India company. The Rajah Bulwant Sing, having taken a decided part in their favour, in the war against his paramount lord, Sujah Ul Dowlah, his territories are secured to bim by the treaty of Nllahabad. Investiture of Cheit Sing, upon the death of his fatber Bulwant, and a new treaty concluded in favour of the family by Major Harper. A third treaty, in confirmation of the trvo former, concluded by Mr. Hastings, who is himself a party to it, and renders

the company guarantees of the Rajah's polefrons. Upon the death of Sujab UI Dowlah, the Nabob vi zier, the sovereignty of Benares is transferred by his fucceffor 20 the company. Extracrdinary subsidies demanded and levied from the Rajah, Cheit Sing, en eccafion of the war wish France, lay the foundation of those differences which took place between him and the government of Calcutta. A Jupply of 2000 cavalry demanded from the Rajab. Charges of disaffeaion and contumacy laid againft him. Governor general's progrefs from Calcutta, to settle the affairs of Benares, and other countries. Proceeds up the Ganges to Buxar, where he is met by the Rajab, with great attendance and number of boats. Different accounts of the conference on ihe water. Rajab's visit at Benares forbidden. Rajah

taken into custody : rescued, and the Jepoys, with their offficers, masacred. He flies firft to Ramnagur, and

from thence retires ir ibe night to ibe fortress of Lutteef poor. Oufjaun Sing appointed by the governat general to adminifter the affairs of the conntry in the place of the Rajah.


Ramjiewaun garrisons Ramnagur for the Rajab. Scheme for the re.
duftion of the place frustrated by ibe rashness of Capiain Playaffre; wbo
is killed in an ill judged arrack, and the party repulsed with great loss.
Country immediately in arms. Design of attacking the governor general
in bis quariers obliges him to retire by night to Chunar. Repeated pro-
posals made by ibe Rajab. for an accommodation, produce no effect. Em-
barrassment occafioned by the Nabob vizier's visit. The commotion in
Benares spreads the flame in the adjoining countries. Cheit Sing's ma-
nifesto. Allack on ibe Rajah's camp at Pateeiah. Great reinforce-
menis arrive at Chunar. Bundos Carn, a native, proposes the means,
by which the Rajab's forces might, without much discully, be dispoflefled
of their strong bolds. T be sebeme adopted by Major Popbam; who pri-
varely dispatches Major Crabbe, with a strong detachment, to pene-
trate the mountains, under the guidance of Bundoo Cawn, and attacks
the excmy ir ibe rear, while be engages them in front. The design fuc-
ceeds; Major Crabbe carries the firong pass of Suckroot; the enemy
abandon tbe fortress of Lurleefpoor; the Rajah flies 10 Bidjeygur, and
all bis forces disperse. Counıry immediately resumes its usual tranquillity.
Governor general returns in Benares; seules the government ; appoints

new Rajah; and increases the revenue. Disturbances in the neigh-
bouring countries quelled. Treaty of peace and alliance happily con-
cluded with Madagee Scindia by Colonel Muir. The Rajab, Cheit
Sing, totally abandons bis country. Strong fortress of Bidjeygur taken
upon conditions, by Major Popbam. Great treasure found and Spoil
made by the army.

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Svartered ships. Frencb fleel proceed to Balacalo, and Sir Edwar!
Hugbes 10 Trincomale. Consequences of these naval actions. Greai dij.
appointment 10 Hyder, in bis expectation of such a co-operation 67 ebe
pari of France, as would enable bim Speedily 10 reduce ibe Carnatic.
Mlajır Abingdon arrives with a body of troops from Bombay ul Teide.
cherry, on the Malabar coast; where be defears and takes Sandos Caus,
wbo had long blockaded that place.



Colonel Brarhwaite's detachment suddenly surrounded by Tippoo Saib, wil

a considerable army, on the banks of the Coleron. Desperate rehlance.

Gruel slaugbier reftrained by the bumanity of M. Lally. Soutber# $12-

vinces laid entirely open to ise' enemy by ibis loss. Embarrailing fatuatia

of Sir Eyre Conte. French forces, under the condut? of M. Darberje,

lanet af Pondicherry, and are joined by a body of Hyder's groeps; the

combined enemy besiege Cuddalore and Parmacoil, bosh of wbich bey tak';

and meditate, in concert wirb ebe grand army, an attack upon tbe in-

portant fortress of Vandiwab. Sir Eyre Coole, in advancing 10 obe pose

section of Vandiwafh, bopes thereby 10 bring on a battle witb Hyder;

but finding sbe latter relinquished bis object to evade that design, be pats

on two drys marchio anack bim on his own ground. Hyder abandsss

bis camp, and retires 10 a secure pofirion on the Red Hills. Brisijo gemale

ral, in order to draw the enemy from bis strong posi, and bring en as

ałtion, advances towards the fortress of Amee, where bis magazin

are deposited. Manxxcre fucceeds: Hyder immediately descends from tbe

Rod Hills, and marebes to ibe relief of Arnee. Battle of tbe 2d of

Enemy routed and pursued till nighe. The want of cas alry on one fuels,

and abundance of it on the other, prevent the grand effects of victory !

Nhis wor. Pursuit continuer! fox iwo days. Enemy abandon ibe gree!

road, and cross the countryro Arnee. British grand guard cut off. Ferigia,

fickness, and want of provisions, oblige the army to fall back towards the
Sources oj irs supply. Sir Eyre Coole's ill bealth- obliges bim *1 quit ibu
army, and leave the command no General Stuart. Hyder in a familar
flase of ill healıb. Delined never to face each other again in tbe frid.
Borb, probably, viflims to the contention. Failure of Hyder's grear di.
figns, effects bis conftitution. French squadron returns from ibe ified
of Ceylon in the coast of Coronzandel, and is follozred by sbe Eng!j.
M. de Siffreiw takes on board grear reinforcements of troops and artillery-
pien a: Cuddalore, with a view of entirely crufbing the British naval
power in those feas.

Appears before Negapalam, 10 challenge Sir Edward
"rgbes. Aflion of the 61b of July. French ficet Javed by a sudden pil
of wind. Severe strikes 10 the Sultan, but afterwards efcapes. Capr.
Mariellan, of the admiral's pip, killed. Grear loss of ibe enemy.
ibe squadrori is refirring at lalras, 31. de Suffrein joins the Sieur d'Arar,
on the coast of Ceylon, zubp is arrived here with two pips of the line,
and she second division of the Marquis de Bully's troops from the Mau.

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Treaty of peace concluded with the Mabratias, through the mediation of

Madajee Scindia. Negotiation conducted with ability by Mr. Anderson.

Madajce Scindia ihe mutual guarantee. Peace fortunate with respect

10 the fiafon of its conclufion, and advantageous in its fipulations 10 ibe

English. Boroach ceded to Scindia. Supposed causes which delayed
the ratification at Poonah. Dreadful burricane, and deplorable famine
at Madras. British Squadron driven 10 jea, and suffer much from bad
weather in their passage 10 Bombay. Advantages derived by the French
flere from the polletion of Trincomale. Colonel Humberstone's successes on
the coafi of Malabar. Penetrates far into the country; but is obliged
to retire with lofs from Palacarcberry. Government of Bombay dispaicha
a body of forces under General Maribews 10 the coast, with a view to
extricate Humberstone; while Tippoo Saib proceeds with the utmojt ra-
pidiry from the Carnaric, in order to cut bim off Colonel Humberstone
gains iniclligence of bis approach, and retires 10 Paniany, closely pur-
jued by the enemy. Command of ihe troops de volves on Colonel Macleod,
who is immediately invested by the enemy. Tippoo Saib and M. Lally
attack the Britis lines with a great force, but are gallantly repulsed
with confiderable loss. Tipogi Saib breaks up his camp hy nighi, and
returns to the Carnáric. General Marbewus takes Onore by storm. Draib
and character of Hider Ally. General Marthews takes Cundapore ;
forces the Gaurs, and makes his way into the Bednore country. Some ob.
fervarions on the conduit pursued, and the cruelties.committed in this ex-
pedition. Sboro account of the ancient kingdom of Canara, and of the
royal city of Bednore, er Hyder Nagur, obe supposed depofitary of Hyder's
treasures. Privaie negrriarion and treaty acith Hyar Saib, who sur-
renders the country and capital in the British forces. Great discontents

in the army, relative to the disposal of the treasures found in the royal

palace. Difference between the general and i be principal officers of the

King's forces, occasions the Colonels Macleod and Humberstone, with

Major Sbaw, to quit the army and return to Bombay. Difparches from

ibe general, containing a gveral accufation against his army. Proceed-

ings of the government of Bombay: appoirit Colonel 'Tacleod 10 the com.

mand of ibe army in the Bednore country. Captain Carpenter takes Car.

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war, with other foris, and reduces the whole Soundah country. General
Mathews returns with part of ihe army 10 the coafl; besieges and takes
Mangalore. Tippoo Sultan abandons ibe Carnatic, and marebes teise
bis whole army to recover ibe Bednore country, and bis dominions on the
Malabar coal. Leviers from General Mathews 10 ibe government of
Bombay, informing them of the approach of tbe enemy, and requiring a
reinforcement : returns 10 Bedno'e; marches out 10 fight ibe prodigicus
arnyarder Tipoo Siltan; being instantly defeated, be retires with the
remainder of the forces 10 tbe adjoining fortress ; closely furrcunded and
beheged. T be frong posts in ile Gauis pamefully lost to a detachment

from Tippoo's army. The fugitives from obe Gauts communicate bit

Punic to ibe garrijon of Cundapore, who set fire to the magazines, sad

wbandon the place, with a large field of artillery. General Marbewus ta

pirul ales upon boucurable conditions. Capitulation violated by Tipper Sal-

an. General, and principal officers, seized and imprisoned. Army plus.

dered and inbumanly created. Miseries endared in a cruel march and in.

prisonment. General and several officers, said 10 bave been barta-

l'Olifly murdered. Siege of Mangalore.converted to a blockade, upsr ibe

departure of the French auxiliaries from Tippoo Sultan. Sir Eyre Corte

returns 19 Madras, wbere he dies. Sir Edward Hugbes arrives was

be freer grom Bombay. Succelles of the Colonels Lang and Fullertoni

ibe Coimbarour couiltry. Gerberal Stuart befieges Cuddalore. French

lines and ourworks carried, after a desperate attack and refiarce, with

frea: jlaughier on bob fides. Las naval oflion berween Sir Edward

ilugbes and M. de Suffrein. Grear fally made by the French wirb st

bril iroops, ubo are repulfeil wirb much lofs. Account of ibe peace being

received, an immediate ceffation of hoftilities takes place.


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and Europe, previous 19 she conclusion of peace. Babama islands taken

by the Gor'erner General of Cuba. Durch serilements in Africa reduced

by sbe Eng! ,3 French expedition 10 Hudson's Bay, where ibey take and

dr;iroy swo of the Company's ferelements. Various fuccelles on the Mufque

bove; For! Dalling reraken; Don T. Julia, with the Spanis forces 69

black River, surrender prisoners of war 10 Colonel Despard. Calamies

of the flere and conroy from Jamaica. Ramillies, Centaur, Ville de Faris,

Le Glorieux, and Le littor with many merchani Dips loll. Sir Gay

Carlclor conim:ricaies to General Washington Ibe resolutions of parliamen

for an accommention with ihe Americans and be instructions and outdoor

tily be had receivid for ikat purpose from governmeni; requiring at the fam

time a palfpara fir 311. Morgur, who he iniended to difparch upon the tas-

nys to Congres. Walbingzon refers the proposal to Congress, wbo forbid bis

granding ite podpori. Rijolutions of several assemblies, against any feparate

negligit, plesola, or truce wirb Grar Britain. 'Subsequent declaration ta

I hve jane purpoje byť ogrejs; with flozet injunctions, against be receiving

Salypropgoals, or 10 sinfion of any emisaries from England. Measures


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