Noise and vibration control engineering: principles and applications

Wiley, 1992 - 804 sider
Noise and Vibration Control Engineering is a completely new single-source guide to all aspects of noise and vibration control. It offers mechanical, acoustical, architectural, electrical and chemical engineers and students the engineering principles necessary for designing quiet conditions into industrial machinery motors, power plant equipment, air-conditioning systems, factories, buildings, and transportation systems. Contributors are among the world's leading acoustical scientists and consultants, many associated with Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. Assuming only a general engineering background, Hoist and Vibration Control Engineering begins with an examination of acoustic basics: decibels, sound power, and the properties of the various sources that create noise. The book identifies key parameters which govern sound power output and examines how noise can be controlled at its sources. Readers learn how sound propagates outdoors, around or over barriers and in enclosed spaces such as rooms and vehicles. Noise and Vibration Control Engineering moves on to discuss the basic components of noise control: active noise control techniques, sound absorbers, mufflers, enclosures, wrappings, barriers, walls, vibration isolators and vibration damping materials and their proper use in solving common noise and vibration control problems. The book shows how to control noise caused by gas flows, ventilation systems, machines, reciprocating engines and gears. Finally, it examines to what level noise must be reduced so as not to affect work performance, enjoyment of speech, radio, TV and music at home or in public spaces or to damage hearing. In addition to offering techniques to assess problems, takemeasurements, and implement appropriate noise and vibration control treatments, Noise and Vibration Control Engineering contains a condensed collection of authoritative, up-to-date design information, criteria and references. Finally, it provides comprehensive information about laws and codes governing noise and its control.

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Levels and Decibels
Waves and Impedances
Data Analysis

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About the editors LEO L. BERANEK is cofounder and former President of Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., a Massachusetts-based consulting firm. A registered professional engineer, Dr. Beranek received his DSc in communications engineering from Harvard University. He serves as President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a fellow of many professional organizations, including the Acoustical Society of America and the American Physical Society. Dr. Beranek is the author of more than 150 scientific papers and seven books, including Noise and Vibration Control, Noise Reduction, and Acoustics. ISTVÁN L. VÉR is Principal Consultant at Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. He received his PhD with a thesis in acoustics from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Dr. Vér is the author of more than 125 publications which include book chapters, articles, papers, and sponsored technical reports. He is a past recipient of the Senior U.S. Scientist Award of the Alexander yon Humboldt Foundation of Germany and the Crosby Field Award of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

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