ber of the General, the Finance, the Election, and the House Committees of the Orphan Working School, Haverstock Hill ; Trustee, Elder, and Member of the Building Committee of the National Scotch Church, Regent Square ; Director and Auditor of the Society for erecting and maintaining Exeter Hall; Trustee and Member of the Board of Management of the Governesses' Benevolent Institution ; Director of the Christian Mutual Provident Society ; Member of the General Committee of the British and Foreign School Society ; Trustee and Manager of St. Pancras, St. Marylebone, and North-West London Provident Institution ; Trustee of the Times Life Assurance and Guarantee Company; Member of the Board of Management of the London Orphan Asylum ; Member of Committee of the Union Society's Schools, New Road ; Director of the Destitute Sailors’ Asylum, Wells Street ; Member and Auditor of the London Annuity Society ; Manager of the National Security Savings Bank, Kelso ; Governor and Member of the Weekly Board of Middlesex Hospital ; Member of Board of Management for the Commercial Travellers' Schools, Wanstead , Member of Committee of the Scottish Hospital ; Member of Committee of Management for the Kinloch Bequest ; Member of Committee for promoting the wellbeing of Fugitive Slaves in Canada ; Member of Committee for the Erection of a Monument in memory of Sir Andrew

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Agnew, Bart.; Treasurer in London for the General Assembly's Schemes for Church Extension in Scotland; Treasurer for the Foreign and Jewish Missions of the Presbyterian Church in England; Vice-President of the London Presbyterian Church Extension Society; Treasurer in London for the Church of Scotland's Foreign Missions ; Treasurer to the Association in aid of the Free Church of Scotland's Foreign Missions ; General Treasurer of the London Lay Union ; Agent for the Circulation in London of the Communications of the Free Church of Scotland ; Chairman of the Meeting for providing Sabbath Services in Exeter Hall during the Exhibition of 1851 ; Member of Committee of the Caledonian Asylum ; Member of Committee of the Marylebone Savings Bank ; Member of Committee for the Hospital for Women, Soho Square ; Member of the Wodrow Society ; Honorary Secretary of the Committee for Relief of Highland Destitution ; Chairman of the Booksellers' Provident Retreat.

It appears, moreover, from the subscriptions which he gave, and the meetings he attended, that he had some kind of connection with the New Asylum for Fatherless Children ; the Society for the Sons of Deceased Missionaries ; the Servants' School, New Ormond Street ; the Hanway Lunatic Asylum ; the Milton Club; the Boys' Refuge, Whitechapel ; the Royal Naval Female School, Richmond ; the Lon

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don City Mission ; the Orphan Asylum, Clapton ; the Chinese Evangelical Society; the Irish Church Mission ; the Religious Tract Society; and the Sunday School Union.

It is remarkable, that while everything in his own place of business was conducted with the utmost promptitude and despatch, he was able to take a more than ordinary share in the work of so many religious and charitable societies. The institutions in which he took the liveliest interest, such as the Orphan Schools, Middlesex Hospital, the Sailors Home, and others of a similar description, had their committee meetings at least once a week. But nothing but illness or absence from home could prevent him from appearing in his accustomed place, and labouring for the furtherance of their best interests, not by fits and starts, but week after week, in regular and unbroken succession, from the commencement of the


year very


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Death worketh,
Let me work too;
Death undoeth,

Let me do.
Busy as death my work ? ply,
Till I rest in the rest of eternity.

Time worketh,
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* Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler,

and from the noisome pestilence.”—Ps. xcl. 3.

IN September 1854, the cholera broke out

with considerable virulence in the neighbourhood of Middlesex Hospital. Dur

ing the course of the same month one hundred and ninety-one cases were admitted into the establishment ; and out of that number, one hundred and ten terminated fatally. Under this trying emergency, the chairman of the committee happened to be absent on a tour in the Highlands of Scotland, and, in the circumstances, it devolved upon Mr. Nisbet to undertake the responsibility, and to adopt whatever measures were necessary in the way of meeting that most calamitous visitation.

But he was not awanting in the energy and decision that were needed. With indomitable courage, and in

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