The Works of Francis Bacon, Volum 3

Parry & McMillan, 1857
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Side 219 - I HOLD every man a debtor to his profession; from the which, as men of course do seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavour themselves, by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto.
Side 364 - It is the glory of God to conceal a thing : but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.
Side 34 - I thought best once for all to let you know in plainness what I find of you, and what you shall find of me. You take to yourself a liberty to disgrace and disable my law, my experience, my discretion. What it pleaseth you, I pray, think of me: I am one that knows both mine own wants and other men's, and it may be perchance that mine mend when others stand at a stay.
Side 385 - But things which are equal to the same are equal to one another || ; therefore CA is equal to CB ; wherefore CA,
Side 344 - ... for it would thence follow that one infinity is greater than another, and that infinity is wasting away and tending to become finite. The like subtlety arises touching the infinite divisibility of lines, from the same inability of thought to stop.
Side 75 - I must profess thus much, that in this day's work you are the truest and perfectest mirror and example of firm and generous friendship that ever was in court. And I shall count every day lost, wherein I shall not either study your welldoing in thought, or do your name honour in speech, or perform you service in deed.
Side 2 - Again, the meanness of my estate doth somewhat move me : for though I cannot accuse myself that I am either prodigal or slothful, yet my health is not to spend, nor my course to get.
Side 26 - And therefore my humble suit to your Lordships is, That my penitent submission may be my sentence and the loss of the Seal my punishment; and that your Lordships will spare any further sentence, but recommend me to his Majesty's grace and pardon for all that is past. God's Holy Spirit be amongst you. Your Lordships' humble servant and suppliant, FR.
Side 343 - The idols of the tribe are inherent in human nature and the very tribe or race of man; for man's sense is falsely asserted to be the standard of things; on the contrary, all the perceptions both of the senses and the mind bear reference to man and not to the Universe...
Side 131 - You found me of the Learned Counsel, Extraordinary, without patent or fee ; a kind of individuum vagum. You established me, and brought me into Ordinary. Soon after, you placed me Solicitor, where I served seven years. Then your Majesty made me your Attorney or Procurator General. Then Privy Counsellor, while I was Attorney ; a kind of miracle of your favour, that had not been in many ages. Thence Keeper of your Seal ; and because that was a kind of planet and not fixed, Chancellor. And when your...

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