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Committee to appear before Supreme Court in support of resolution as to more stringent qualifications for admission to the Bar: Judge John W. Judd, Chairman..

T. A. Wright

Robert F. Spraggins




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Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting


Bar Association of Tennessee


Westmoreland, Tennessee, August 30 and 31, 1917, at the Epperson Springs Hotel

The Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Bar Association of Tennessee took place at Epperson Springs Hotel, beginning August 30th, President Joseph C. Higgins presiding.

The President called upon Judge G. B. Murray to deliver the address of welcome, which was done fittingly.

Judge H. C. True responded to the address of welcome as follows:

Mr. President, My Brethren of the Tennessee Bar, Ladies and Gentlemen:

When I received the kind invitation from your President to respond for the Bar of Tennessee, on this occasion, I pondered in my mind the grave responsibility which would rest upon me if I accepted said invitation, and hesitated before doing so. However, when I realized that the most vacation I had had for five years was the time spent between asking a witness a question and waiting for his answer, and I thought of our big-sized, big-hearted, big-souled, eloquent and splendid gentleman, and lawyer-host, and how happy he would make me and all the rest of us feel, and the beauties, allurements and old-fashioned Southern hospitality of Epperson Springs, I could not resist the temptation, and so I am here.

After listening to the eloquent and happy greeting of our distinguished and splendid citizen, Judge Bancroft Murray, who

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