vised by the French General that he was not expected to immediately counter-attack, that he should wait until the moment was more favorable. He proudly replied that the American army had never submitted to a retreat and would not submit to one, and that he would be compelled to disregard the instructions of his superior, the French General. The order was given, the attack was made, every foot of the lost ground was recovered. The American army not only drove out the Hun, but forced him back more than three miles. This was an inspiration. The whole American army felt its influence, and it spread to the French and to the British, and within almost less time than it takes to tell, each allied force had turned its bayonets upon the Hun and was driving him northward. The pressure continued, the contest became more intense. It was more than the Hun could stand.

The Crown Prince's army was in peril. The whole German force in this salient was in danger. The Hun turned his face northward, and it has been northward ever since. He re-crossed the Marne, he re-crossed the Ourck, he is re-crossing the Aisne, and he will re-cross the Rhine.

But the end is not yet. These victories are inspiring. They are heartening to all the Allies, but there are months of conflict yet ahead of us, possibly years. We will win, but it will take every ounce of our strength, every dollar we can raise, all the preparation we can make, every soldier we can send across, and behind this, we must put the combined efforts of our whole Nation.

Let us not hesitate, let us continue our efforts until Belgium and France, Servia and Rumania, and even Russia, are restored, and the world made a safe dwelling place for mankind. And then let us see to it that never again shall this country be found unprepared to defend herself.

Let us see that our boys are given elementary military training in the High Schools, Colleges and Universities. It will give us a better race of men, better physically and mentally, more efficient, more patriotic, and it will give us the safety that is necessary to the Peace, the Happiness and the Prosperity of this Nation.

As a part of this paper I have prepared two lists, the first giv ing the names of all the Tennessee lawyers in the military service of our Government as of August 1, 1918, and the second giving the names of all the Tennessee lawyers who have sons in the mil itary service as of the same date.

As originally prepared, the first list contained also the rank of the soldier, but this rank has in so many instances been changed, but in many cases not obtainable, and was so subject to error that it is deemed best to omit stating the rank.

This information is compiled from sources deemed reliable, but it is practically certain that it contains some errors and omissions. The writer will esteem it a great favor if any lawyers, or others, reading the report, will notify him of any errors. After the war is finished, and our men return, it is the intention of the writer to bring this report down to date and report it to the meeting of the Tennessee Bar Association in 1919, so that the record may be complete and accurate. In counties where no names are given none are reported.

In twelve counties no report has been obtained, but faithful effort will be made to correct all omissions and inaccuracies in the final draft to be submitted at the next meeting of the Association.

MR. MADDIN: Mr. President: I have prepared a list of all lawyers in the State of Tennessee who are now in the military service, and if you wish I will read it. It won't take but a few minutes. I want to say in the beginning that to get this data from 96 counties is a very difficult matter, and I have only succeeded in getting reports from 74 counties.


Anderson County-None.

Bedford-John McDowdall, Evander Shapard, Jr., E. T.

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Cannon-C. L. Cummings, J. Barrett Melton.


Carroll-Gordon W. Browning.

Cheatham S. L. Felts, Thos. Harris, S. A. Marable.

Chester-D. E. Mitchell.


Coffee-John A. Chumbly, B. F. Patey.


Cumberland-D. L. Southard.

Cooke-Thurman Ailor, Everett M. Greer.

Davidson-Morton B. Adams, W. V. Andrews, Richard M. Atkinson, J. Fletcher Baxter, Meriwether Baxter, Stewart Bell, Ranco Bond, Barton B. Brown, Roy D. Cooper, George M. Dunn, J. C. Edwards, Jr., Geo. A. Frazer, J. W. Gaines, Jr., Elkin Garfinkle, Lee Gilbert, Ivo B. Glenn, R. A. Goodman, Wm. L. Granbery, Douglas Henry, Robert S. Henry, O. W. Hughes, Alfred Hume, Jr., Luke Lea, J. H. Lechliter, Emmett Manier, W. R. Manier, Jr., John T. McTigue, Jr., M. H. Meeks, Jr., J. A. Newman, Horace Osment, H. E. Palmer, J. M. Peebles, A. J. Powell, F. J. Ready, C. Cecil Sims, George A. Sloan, Guild Smith, James W. Stokes, A. J. Thuss, Jr., Lewis Tillman, Currell Vance, E. J. Walsh, John M. Cate.


DeKalb None.


Fayette John D. Mosby.


Franklin-Paul Stewart, Woodson Turney.

Gibson-Loyd Adams, Robt. Adams, Fred D. Bryant, Edgar Freed, Thos. J. Freeman, Jr., Sutherland Marsh, Richard Rhodes, Jno. R. Walker, Jr.


Greene-S. J. Milligan.


Hamblen None.

Hancock-Roy O. Darnell.


Hardeman-Austin M. Coates, Allen M. Prewitt.

Hawkins-F. H. Parvin, Ben H. Testerman, Grant T. Trent.

Haywood-A. M. Carlton, J. T. Gray, Jr., Richard Lyle, J. W. E. Moore, Jr., Roy S. Moore, H. D. Sternberger.

Hamilton—J. M. Alper, Eugene W. Annis, F. B. Ballard, J. D. Bender, Raymond Bork, Morgan Bright, F. V. Brown, Jr., Clarence Brown, R. G. Buchanan, Thomas Crutchfield, De Witt Dickerson, Dan L. Fain, John P. Fort, Jr., Walter Fred, Robt. P. Frierson, J. B. Frazier, Jr., Wm. M. Fry, J. P. Fyffe, Philip B. Gilbert, J. R. Hampton, Thos. W. Hagon, L. J. Hart, John W. Hallberg, Major B. Harris, John B. Hyde, F. L. Long, Francis L. Martin, Dana L. Milligan, Burkett Miller, C. G. Millian, M. F. Mitchell, W. D. Moon, William L. McAllister, Charles McMurray, John C. McDermott, W. F. Norman, Lewis S. Norman, Adolps S. Ochs, H. Leo, L. Osborne, Henry B. Pickens, F. E. Pickard, W T. Pyott, F. G. Redwine, Stephen B. Roddy, Dixie B. Smith, W. R. Snyder, W. H. Taper, C. S. Timothy, Grady Varnell, T. W. Weatherford, Silas Williams, P. B. Whitaker, S. E. Whitaker, J. S. Wrinkle.


Henry R. J. Jones.



Humphreys None.


Jefferson-J. Carl Lambdin, Paul E. Burnett.

Knox-John Anderson Ayres, Harmon O'Neal Acuff, Harry Owen Bales, Len Gordon Broughton, Jr., Henry Nathan Camp, Jr., William Joseph Cummings, George Caldwell Hager, Chas. LeRoy Householder, Harry S. Hyman, Daniel James Kelly, John Moore Kelly, Mitchell Long, Robt. McChesney McConnell, Wallace Mitchell McClure, Robt. Andrew McMillan, James Monroe Meek, Frank Gibson Reagan, Irvin Sutherland Saxton, Neal Bradford Spahr, Joseph Curtis Thomason, Lawrence Davis Tyson, Charles Winfrey, Samuel Epps Young.

Lake-Harry Teague Adams.
Lauderdale-E. C. Bullock.





McMinn-Frank K. Boyd, B. C. Brown, R. A. Davis.

Madison-R. H. Bond, T. J. Murray, Jr., H. C. Pearson, J. L. Pearson, Jr., J. P. Rothcock, Jr.

Marion-A. S. Kelly.

Maury-Bertram Dedman, William Fry, L. H. Hammonds, Joseph Hayes.


Monroe-John D. Porland.

Montgomery-John S. Daniel, Collier W. Goodlett, Henry C.


Obion-Harrell H. Lannon, James S. Marsh, Ben W. Morris, Etheldred A. Morris, Rice A. Pierce, Jr., Emmanuel P. Waddell. Overton-George O. Lea, M. M. Roberts.




Putnam V. C. Allison, Grover B. Boyd, Coran P. Capshaw, Hulon Capshaw, Thos. Finley.

Roane-Robt. Littleton, C. G. Myers, Ralph Tedder.

Robertson-T. Watson Batts, S. A. VanNess.

Rutherford-Wilkes Coffey, Granville S. Ridley, L. B. Ridley, W. F. Rogers.


Shelby J. Seddan Allen, Harry B. Anderson, Dave Allen, William J. Bacon, Jos. M. Bearman, L. D. Bejach, J. V. Boccellato, W. C. Chandler, Glen Copple, C. S. Dashiell, C. N. Deatherage, Henry Dickinson, A. J. Donelson, Thomas L. Ev ans, Z. Newton Estes. L. E. Farley, C. C. Gillespie, F. M. Gilliland, H. I. Goldberger, L. L. Gragg, Frank J. Glankler, Rowan Greer, C. N. Grosvenor, Jr., David Harsh, J. W. Harris, Jr., Lake Hays, E. E. Houck, Maurice Hirsh, J. O. Hillis, F. C. Jacobs, R. S. Keebler, Julius Keiser, C. H. Koen, J. C. Kincannon, Jr., M. E. Lesser, T. C. Looney, Jr., Thos. N. Lawler, P. J. Lyons, Silas McBee, Prather McDonald, W. Percy McDonald, J. M. McGregor, R. E. McKellar, John E. McCall, Jr., William F. Murrah, Woodard D. Morris, C. L. Neely, J. H. Norville, Jack

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