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See Master and Servant, m103-303; Mu-

I. PRIVATE NUISANCES. nicipal Corporations, Cm733-832; Railroads, / (A) Nature of Injury, and Liability There276-351; Street Railroads, m114,


3(4) (Ind. App.) Horse stable not


sance per se."--Thompson v. Elzy, 148 N. E.

154. (A) Personal Conduct in General.

Horse stable in industrial district not nuiww2 (III.) Breach of duty must be shown.- sance.--Id. Bremer v. Lake Erie & W. R. Co., 148 N. E. Horse stable held not nuisance warranting 862.

recovery of substantial damages.-Id. Cam 2. (Ind. App.) Duty essential.- Pittsburgh, 3(6) (Ohio) Hazard from gasoline filling C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Rushton, 148 N. E. station does not make it nuisance.- Powell v. 337.

Craig, 148 N. E. 607. (111.) "Gross negligence" defined. Gasoline filling station in residence district Bremer v. Lake Erie & W. R. Co., 148 N. E. held not nuisance.-Id. 862. What constitutes “constructive willfulness"

(C) Abatement and Injunction. stated; "willful injury."-Id.

Om ! 9 (Ohio) If business in residential dis(B) Dangerous Substances, Machinery, trict is nuisance, each day's operation is new and Other Instrumentalities.

nuisance.-Powell v. Craig, 148 N. E. 607. Om 22/2 (Ind. App.) Operator of automobile Right to maintain nuisance subject of judicial owes invited guesť duty of reasonable care, inquiry.-Id. Munson v. Rupker, 148 N. E. 169.

35 (N.Y.) Judgment restraining exhibitions Driver of automobile owes guest at suf- held too broad.-Russell v. Nostrand Athletic ferance duty of reasonable care.-Id.

Club, 148 N. E. 756. Care required as to guest in automobile.--Id.

II. PUBLIC NUISANCES, (C) Condition and Use of Land, Buildings, and Other Structures.

(B) Rights and Remedies of Private PerCum 39 (III.) Canal of sanitary district held not 72 (Mass.) One suffering special wrong, enattractive nuisance.--Mindeman v. Sanitary Dist. of Chicago, 148 N. E. 304.

titled to injunctive relief.--New York, N. H. &

H. R. Co. v. Deister, 148 N. E. 590.
(A) Right of Action, Parties, Preliminary OBLIGATION OF CONTRACTS.
Proceedings, and Pleading.

See Constitutional Law, w116–125.
Co |||(1) (Ind.App.) When rule of res ipsa
loquitur applies, plaintiff not required to state
specific facts.- Baltimore & 0, S. W. R. Co. v.

OFFICERS. Hill, 148 N. E. 489.

See Attorney General; Judges; Public Service

Commissions; Receivers. (B) Evidence. Om 121 (2) (Ind.App.) "Res ipsa loquitur" doc

I. APPOINTMENT, QUALIFICATION, AND trine stated.-Baltimore & 0. S. W. R. Co. v.

TENURE. Hill, 148 N. E. 489. 134(1) (Ohio) Proof must rest on rational

(B) Appointment. inference from facts and circumstances.--Cleve-am 9 (N.Y.) Civil Service Law held not to have land-Akron Bag Co. v. Jaite, 148 N. E. 82. exhausted legislative power of regulating ex

aminations for office.-Ottinger v. Civil Service (C) Trial, Judgment, and Review.

Commission, 148 N. E. 627. w 136(14) (III.) Question of wantonness or willfulness is for jury.-Bremer v. Lake Erie

III. RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES, AND & W. R. Co., 148 N. E. 862.

LIABILITIES. Om 136 (26) (Ind. App.) Failure of guest to get out of automobile held not contributory negli-Cd 110 (N.Y.) Unless otherwise prescribed by gence as matter of law.-Munson v. Rupker, statute, duty of public official charged with 148 N. E. 169.

carrying it out continues after passage of time

within wbich it was contejnplated he would act, NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS.

--Ottinger v. Voorhis, 148 N. E. 781.
See Bills and Notes.


See Adoption; Guardian and Ward; Infante. See Criminal Law, E918-957.

Cam2(1) (N.Y.). State's jurisdiction to regu

late custody of infants not dependent on domII. GROUNDS.

icile of parents.-Finlay y. Finlay, 148 N. E.

024. (D) Disqualification or Misconduct of or Affecting Jury.

Em2(3) (N.Y.) Equity not concerned with pa

rental disputes.-Finlay y. Finlay, 148 N. E. 56 (Ind.) Verdict for less than actual 624. damages in personal injury action held not to Cam 2 (4) (N.Y.) Residence of child not used require new trial.-Spannuth v. Cleveland, C., as pretense for adjudication of status of parC. & St. L. Ry, Co., 148 N. E. 410.

ents residing elsewhere.-Finlay y. Finlay, 148

N. E. 621. (H) Newly Discovered Evidence.

Except when incident to divorce or separaCw102(7) (Mass.) Neither alleged ignorance tion, custody of children is regulated by haof statutes, nor failure to discover laws which beas corpus, or petition to chancellor.--Id. were of public record, constituted newly dis Husband's remedy by petition to chancellor covered evidence.- National Fireproofing Co., for custody of children unaffected by habeas v. Kelley, 148 N. E. SOJ.

corpus act.-Id.

m17(6) (ill.) Evidence insufficient to show NOTES.

beyond reasonable doubt that accused refused

to provide for minor children in necessitous «irSee Bills and Notes.

cumstances.-People v. Vannier, 148 N. E. :?


em 2 (MI) Requirements for period of study For parties on appeal and review of rulings as reasonable.- People v. Walder, 148 V. E. 287.

before issuance of license not arbitrary or unto parties, see Appeal and Error.

Medical Practice Act not discriminatory beFor parties to particular proceedings or instruments, see also the various specific topics.

cause excepting Government practitioners.-Id.

Om6(9) (ill.) Indictment for practicing withI. PLAINTIFFS.

out license need not name persons treated.

People v. Walder, 148 N. E. 287. (A) Persons Who May or Must Sue.

Om6(10) (III.) Evidence of violation of MedCol.(ill.) Capacity to sue and be sued exists ical Practice Act sufficient.-People v. Walder, only in persons in being.-Mortimore v. Bash- 148 N. E. 287. ore, 148 N. E. 317. All persons are "recessary parties" to liti

PLEADING. gation who have interest in subject-matter which will be materially affected.-Id.

See Equity, 159–267. Court should not proceed to decision on mer For pleadings in particular actions or proceedits, in absence of indispensable party whose ings, see also the various specific topics. interest must be materially affected.-Id. For review of rulings relating to pleadings, see

Appeal and Error.

I. FORM AND ALLEGATIONS IN 40(3) (Mass.) Intended purchaser of stock,

GENERAL. sought to be recovered in action to rescind sale thereof, held not entitled to intervene in such Om8(6) (Mass.) Declaration alleging defendaction.-Mulready v. Pheeny, 148 N. E. 132.

ant acted unlawfully and without authority held insufficient.-French v. Kemp, 148 N. E.


27 (N.Y.) Necessary to allege meaning of

technical terms of contract.--Zimmerman II. ACTIONS FOR PARTITION.

Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co., 148 N. (A) Right of Action and Defenses. E. 659. Om 12(5) (III.) Partition not barred because 34(1) (Ind.App.) Complaint stating facts of life estate.-Chiniquy v. Christophel, 148 N. sufficient to authorize any relief not demurra E. 857.

ble.-Carpenter Const. Co. v. Scoonover, 148 On 22 (III.) When partition denied, because of N. E. 429. agreement not to partition, stated.-Hardin v. Wolf, 148 N. E. 868.


TITION, OR STATEMENT. (B) Proceedings and Relief. Ow55(1) (N.Y.) Complaint of divorced wife to for possession of realty should not be incorpo

Com 51 (N.Y.) Allegations in cause of action partition, property to which she and former rated in separate cause of action on purchasehusband took title as tenants by entirety, held to state cause of action.-Yax v. Yax, 148 N. money note.-Trembath v. Berner, 148 X. E.

729. E. 717.

C63 (Ind.) Party, claiming benefit of stat. PARTNERSHIP.

ute, required to allege facts bringing himself

within its provisions.-Gruber v. State, 148 N. VII. DISSOLUTION, SETTLEMENT, AND E. 481.

ACCOUNTING. (D) Actions for Dissolution and Account V. DEMURRER OR EXCEPTION.

ing. C321 (N.Y.) Suit for accounting before dis-Cm 216(1), (Ind.App.) In passing on demurrer, solution not premature.--Bailly v. Betti, 148 Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co. v.

only allegations of pleading considered.--Terre N. E. 776.

Scott, 148 N. E. 335. Objection of prematureness immaterial, since m217(1) (III.) Demurrer brings whole record equity will grant relief in accordance with before the court; judgment given against party comilitions at time of trial.-Id.

whose pleading was first defective in substance. Cow 327(1) (N.Y.) Allegations held sufficient to

- Weatherford v. School Directors of Dist. So. entitle plaintiff to relief.-Bailly v. Betti, 148 7, 148 N. E. 244. N. E. 776.

C218(1) (Ind. App.) In passing on demurrer PAYMENT.

only allegations of pleading considered.-Pitts

burg, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Rushton, 143 See Subrogation; Tender.

N. E. 337.

VI. AMENDED AND SUPPLEMENTAL Ona 39(3) (Ind. App.) Grain broker not entitled

PLEADINGS AND REPLEADER. to credit actual cash grain transactions against invalid futures account.-Sawers Grain Co. v. Caw 235 (Mass.) Amendments may be allowed Teagarden, 148 N. E. 205.

before final judgment.—Pizer v. Hunt, 148 N.

E. 801.

C236(4) (III.) Denying leave to file plea to C82(2) (Mass.) One voluntarily paying de- in court's discretion.-Hirsh v. Arnold, 148 N.

amended bill after proofs were all in held withmand under claim of right cannot recover back

E. 882. amount paid.-French v. Kemp, 148 N. E. 442.236(6) (Mass.) Refusal to allow amend



answer held discretionary.-Banca PERPETUITIES.

Italiana Di Sconto v. Columbia Counter Co.,

148 N. E. 105, Om6(1) (Mass.) Restraint on alienation by Cm 237(4) (Mass.). Allowing amendment to dec. cestui que trust held valid both as to principal laration to conform to issue raised not erroneand income.-Richardson v. Warfield, 148 N. ous.-Pizer v. Hunt, 148 N. E. 801. E. 141.


C 369(3) (Ind. App.) Overruling motion to el (III.) Practice of chiropractic may be elect theory upon which to try case not error. regulated by state.--People v. Walder, 148 N. E. --Pittsburg, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Rushton, 287.

148 N. E. 337.

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For cases in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see same topic and KEY-NUMBER
XIII. DEFECTS AND OBJECTIONS, WAIV-lems and proposed remedies.--Continental

Guaranty Corporation v. Craig: 148 N. E. 548.

Cu ll (Ohio) Public Utilities Commission held 403(5) (III.) Omission of allegation from without jurisdiction of complaint affecting rights creditor's bill by employé against employer's involved in cause pending in common pleas insurer held supplied by answer.-Kinnan v. court.-Federal Gas & Fuel Co. v. Public Charles B. Hurst Co., 148 N. E. 12.

Utilities Commission of Ohio, 148 N. E. 685. mw433(4) (111.) Defects of substance pot aid-C32 (Ohio) On error to order of Public Utiled by statute of amendments and jeofails.-ities Commission, Supreme Court will deterTrustees of Schools v. Hoyt, 148 N. E. 867. mine whether fact finding is supported by evi

dence.-Cincinnati Traction Co, v. Public UtiliPOLICE POWER.

ties Commission of Ohio, 148 N. E. 921. See Constitutional Law, Om81; Municipal Cor


See Carriers; Railroads; Street Railroads;

Telegraphs and Telephones.
For practice in particular actions and proceed-
ings, see the various specific topics.


See Work and Labor.
See Adverse Possession; Limitation of Ac-



35(3) (ill.) Possession or unoccupancy

need not be shown in bill to remove cloud where See Attorney and Client; Brokers; Factors. other relief sought.-Penkala v. Tomczyk, 148

N. E. 64.

ww50 (111.) Allegations of fraud and want of (B) Termination,

delivery of deed admitted on demurrer held to Omw41 (Ind. App.) Correspondence between au

warrant relief as prayed.-Penkala v. Tomczyk,
tomobile manufacturer and dealers held admis. 148 N. E. 64.
sible in action for breach of contract to sell
only in certain territory.-Johnston v. Franklin

Kirk Co., 148 N. E. 177.

II. MUTUAL RIGHTS. DUTIES, AND LIA- Emo 6 (III.), Writ is not writ of right.-People

v. Arnett, 148 N. E. 306. (A) Execution of Agency.

II. JURISDICTION, PROCEEDINGS, AND O 69(1) (Ind.App.) Agent cannot serve two

RELIEF. masters nor make secret profit in transaction 29 (III.) Delay or acquiescence may justify in master's behalf.--Brannan v. Kelley, 148 N. refusal of leave to file information.-People v. E. 157.

Arnett, 148 N. E. 306.

ww43 (111.) Leave to file information granted, PRINCIPAL AND SURETY.

without notice or hearing, may be vacated and

set aside during term.-People v. Arnett, 148 I. CREATION AND EXISTENCE OF RE

N. E. 306.

62 (ind.) Bond on appeal from judgment (A) Between Individuals.

ousting incumbent from public office stays proOml (ind. App.) Surety's obligation is con- ceedings.-State v. Davisson, 148 N. E. 401. tractual.-Summerland v. Automobile Funding Co., 148 N. E. 202.


See Street Railroads.


GENERAL, (E) Return and Proof of Service. emo 5/2 [New, vol. 6A Key-No. Series] em 149 (III.) Defendant's upcorroborated tes- | jury during federal control.-City of Elyria v.

(Ohio) Company not responsibile for intimony, together with officer's failure to re- Meacham, 148 N. E. 689. member service, held insufficient to impeach re-m 6 (Mass.) Statute held prospective only:--turn.-Marnik v. Cusack, 148 N. E. 42.

Codman v. New York, N. H. & H. R. Co., 148

N. E. 467.

Om 157(!!!.) Return set aside only on clear Cmw 18 (Mass.) Railroad held not prohibited
and satisfactory evidence.-Marnik v. Cusack, from exercising ownership of stock in other
148 N. E. 42.

railroad.-Codman v. New York, N. H. & H. PROHIBITION.

R. Co., 148 N. E. 467.

Statute held not contract between commonSee Intoxicating Liquors.

wealth and railroad waiving latter's rights un

der former act.-Id.
Om3(1) (Mass.) Writ will not lie to correct

trial court's erroneous decision.-Cronin v.

(A) Duty to Operate. Justices of Superior Court, 148 N. E. 372.

On 216 (III.) Agreement not affecting public

use of industrial switch track pot contrary to PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS.

public policy.-Von Oven v. Chicago, B. & Q. See Municipal Corporations, Om 269-512. R. Co., 148 N. E. 32.

(B) Statutory, Municipal, and Official PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONS.

Regulations. Om 5 (N.Y.) Transit commission held not au- On 225 (III.) Industrial switch track subject to thorized to contract for production of motion regulation.-Von Oven v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. picture film informing public of transit prob-Co., 148 N. E. 32.

(D) Injuries to Licensees or Trespassers 183 (Mass.) Action treated as against dein General.

fendant as receiver.-French v. Kemp, 148 N. ww276(1) (III.) Duty to refrain from willful. E. 442. ly or wantonly injuring trespasser.-Bremer v. Declaration not alleging leave of court to sue Lake Erie & W. R. Co., 148 N. E, 862. receiver held demurrable.--Id. Duty to trespasser stated.-Id.

w 186 (Mass.) Personal liability may be adCompany liable to trespasser for gross neg- judged against receiver in action against him as ligence equivalent to wantonness.-Id.

receiver. --Shapiro v. Goldman, 148 N. E. 217. Duty to trespasser before knowledge of presence is not to cause willful injury.-Id.

VII. ACCOUNTING AND COMPENSATION. Duty to trespasser applies to any one of gen. Om 200 (Ohio) Parties invoking appointment eral public.-Id.

of receiver by showing necessity therefor not ww282(10) (III.) Gross negligence, evidenc- personally liable for receiver's commissions and ing willfulness or wantonness, held for jury:- expenses of administration, in absence of cirBremer v. Lake Erie & W. R. Co., 148 N E. cumstances creating liability; compensation of 862.

receiver and expenses of administration ordi(F) Accidents at Crossings.

narily payable from corpus of property.–Rich. Omw 312(15), (Ind. App.) Other than statutory ey v. Brett, 148 N. E. 92. signals may be required.—Pittsburg, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Rushton, 148 N. E. 337.

RECEIVING STOLEN GOODS. 344(1) (Ind. App.) Complaint held to show Can 7(1) (Ind.) Affidavit for buying and conduty not to injure traveler on highway.-Pitts- cealing stolen property, knowing it to be stolen, burg, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Rushton, 148 sufficient.-Blum v. State, 148 N. E. 193. N: E. 337.

En 8 (3) (Ind.) Evidence sufficient to sustain 344(1) (Ind. App.) Complaint for negligence conviction for buying property, knowing it to held sufficient to withstand demurrer.-Camp- be stolen.-Blum v. State, 148 N. E. 193. bell v. Payne, 148 N. E. 674. Om351 (9) (Ind.App.) Instruction on duty to

RECORDS. give statutory signals held not error.--Pittsburg, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. v. Rushton, 148 N. See Appeal and Error, ww500–706; Criminal E. 337.

Law, Cm1090–1124.

Om9(1) (III.) Proceeding for registration of

land title is chancery proceeding.-Wyman v. I. OFFENSES AND RESPONSIBILITY Hageman, 148 N. E. 852. THEREFOR.

On9(5) (111.) In proceedings for registration 18 (!11.) Two persons cannot jointly be of land title, court has power under statute to guilty of rape apart from statute, except as order restoratich of lost deed, which is basis accessory and principal.--People v. Richie, 148 of title or interest of one of parties to proceedN. E. 205.

ing.–Wyman v. Hageman, 148 N. E. 852. Evidence of distinct offenses held not to show concert of action sustaining conviction.--Id.

REFERENCE, II. PROSECUTION AND PUNISHMENT. See Arbitration and Award. (C) Trial and Review,

I. NATURE, GROUNDS, AND ORDER OF En 59 (19) (Ohio) Refusal to charge that if,

REFERENCE. when female refused consent, accused abandon-8(1) (N.Y.) Compulsory reference not ored purpose, it was not assault with intent to rape, held reversible error; refusal to charge count will become centers of independent con

dered on showing that several items of an acthat testimony must show accused's purpose at time of assault and intention to use force troversy Brooklyn Public Library v. City

of New York, N. E. 637. to overcome female's resistance held reversible error.-Grossweiler v. State, 148 N. E. 89.

Plaintiff held not entitled to compulsory reference.-Id.

ww8(6) (N.Y.) Reference not justified, beREAL ACTIONS.

cause defendant had put plaintiff to its proofs. See Ejectment; Partition; Quieting Title.

- Brooklyn Public Library v. City of New

York. 148 N. E. 637.

C27 (N.Y.) Plaintiff has burden of satisfy

ing court that something more than mere exIII, TITLE TO AND POSSESSION OF PROP. amination of a long account will be involved.-ERTY.

Brooklyn Public Library v. City of New York, Cm7(Mass.) Property receiver is appointed 148 N. E. 637. to hold is in custodia legis.-Shapiro v. Goldman, 148 N. E. 217.



Cam8 (Ind. App.) One dollar sufficient consid(A) Administration in General.

eration for assignment to justify reformation.

--Hay v. Billeter, 148 N. E. 159. cm 82 (Ind. App.) Powers of receiver stated.- 16 (Mass.) When equity may reform writDavis v. Roach. 148 N. E. 498.

ten agreement stated.-Barrell v. Britton, 148 Rules governing rights of receivers are of eq- N. E. 134. uitable origin.-Id.

Com 17(1) (Ind. App.) That assignment by inVI. ACTIONS.

sured was as collateral security instead of ab

solute was mistake of fact.-Hay v. Billeter, C 167 (Ind.App.) Receiver cannot maintain 148 V. E. 159. action in which granting of relief sought would cw 17 (2) (Ind.App.) Mistake of draftsman of place creditor having an equity in a worse con instrument could be reformed whether one of dition.-Davis v. Roach, 148 N. E. 498.

law or fact.--Hay v. Billeter, 148 N. E. 159. Receiver of insolvent held not entitled to Oma 19(1) (Mass.) When party entitled to refmaintain action against defendant on theory ormation of contract on ground of “mistake" that defendant had fraudulently procured es stated.-Barrell v. Britton, 148 N. E. 134. tension of credit to insolvent.-Id. Crow 183 (Ind. App.) Complaint, proceeding on

II. PROCEEDINGS AND RELIEF. erroneous theory as to receiver's right to main-m44 (Ind. App.) Parol negotiations may tain action, could not be amended to make same be shown to reform written instruments for good.-Davis v. Roach, 148 N. E. 498.

mutual mistake.-Hay v. Billeter, 148 N. E. 159.


For cases in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see same topic and KEY-NUMBER

( for buyer's breach would lie.--Bradley Lumber

& Mfg. Co. y, Cutler, 148 N. E. 101. FECT OF REMOVAL.

Om 177 (N.Y.) Unjustified refusal of buyer to

accept tender of goods on ground it was made
88 (Mass.) Bond lacking essential element too late constituted breach of contract by buy-
of seal not amenable after expiration of time er.-Sidney Blumenthal & Co. v. S. M. Gallert
limited.--Mahoney v. U. S. Shipping Board & Co., 148 N, E. 215.
Emergency Fleet Corporation, 148 N. E. 454, 182(1) (Mass.) Whether breach serious

Instrument intended for bond not supplanted enough to justify defendants in refusing further
after time expired by good bond over objection performance is question of fact for jury:
of opposing party.-Id.
em 89 (0) Mass.) Judicial Code is mandatory Bradley Lumber & Mfg. Co. v. Cutler, 148° N.

E. 101.
as to filing accompanying bond for removal of
case.- Mahoney v. U. S. Shipping Board Emer- Sma 182(3) (Mass.) Buyer's acceptance of slow

deliveries of lumber held for jury on question
gency Fleet Corporation, 148 N. E. 454.

Filing bond within tiine limited is condition of waiver of its right to rescind for seller's

breach.-Bradley Lumber & Mfg. Co. v. Cutler,
Cw89 (2) (Mass.) Decision of question of law 148 N. E. 101.
must be made by Supreme Judicial Court.-

Mahoney v. U. S. Shipping Board Emergency m274 (N.Y.) Seller of condensed milk liable
Fleet Corporation, 148 N. E. 454.
Disputed questions of fact tried in federal on warranty that it is of merchantable quality.

-J. Aron & Co, v, Sills, 148 N. E. 717.

State court has duty to consider and adjudicate whether on face of record case ought to

be removed.-Id.

(E) Actions for Price or Value.
Om89(3) (Mass.) State court subject to re Ou342 (N.Y.) Passing of title necessary be-
view by U. S. Supreme Court, has duty to fore action on contract of sale.-Zimmerman v.
consider and adjudicate whether on face of rec Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co., 148 N.
ord case ought to be removed.-Mahoney v. E. 659.
U. S. Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corpo- ema 353(1) (N.Y.) Complaint for purchase
ration, 148 N. E. 454.

price of German marks held not to state cause

of action.--Zimmerman v. Roessler & HassREPLEVIN,

lacher Chemical Co., 148 N. E. 659.

(F) Actions for Damages.
ma 69(4), (Ind.App.) Any evidence tending to 370 (N.Y.) Seller held entitled to treat
show plaintiffs were not entitled to possession buyer's unjustified refusal to accept tender of
of property involved held admissible under goods as abandonment of contract, and to sue
general denial.- People's State Bank of Indian for damages occasioned thereby.-Sidney Blu-
a polis v. Hall, 148 N. E. 486.

menthal & Co. v. S. M. Gallert & Co., 148 N.

E. 215.

Buyer's ponacceptance of seller's offer to
See Domicile.

keep contract alive, on condition buyer retract

unjustified objection to tender theretofore See Taxation.

made, held to entitle seller to damages, on

proof of ability and willingness to perform.-Id. REVIEW.

ww371 (N.Y.) Buyer's election to abandon See Appeal and Error; Certiorari.

contract dispensed with seller's necessity to

give notice of rescission.-Sidney Blumenthal & RISKS.

Co. v. S. M. Gallert & Co., 148 N. E. 215.

382 (Mass.) Computations of witness based See Master and Servant, em204-219.

in part on lumber manufactured before contract

was made held relevant and material.-Bradley

Lumber & Mfg. Co. v. Cutler, 148 N. E. 101.
See Highways.

384(1) (Mass.) Duty of seller of lumber to

mitigate damages on buyer's breach did not re

quire consideration of price paid by buyer's See Vendor and Purchaser.

customer.-Bradley Lumber & Mfg. Co. v. Cut

ler, 148 N. E. 101.
II. CONSTRUCTION OF CONTRACT. Cm388 (Mass.) Charge that if seller of lum-
ww79 (N.Y.) Delivery of goods not specified ber treated buyer fairly with reference to other
must be made at vendor's place of business be-customers, it did its duty to buyer held with-
fore agreed date.-Zimmerman v. Roessler out error.-Bradley Lumber & Mfg. Co. v. Cut-
Hasslacher Chemical Co., 148 N. E. 659. ler, 148 N. E. 101.
ww81 (4) (Mass.) Seller of lumber excused Request relating to buyer's customer cancel-
from performance if causes for delay in de- ing contract with buyer properly refused.--Id.
liveries were beyond its control.-Bradley Lum-
ber & Mfg. Co. v. Cutler, 148 N. E. 101.

Conditions held not to be such that buyer of

(A) Recovery of Price.
lumber could repudiate contract.-Id.
Cm81 (4) (N.Y.) Contract construed as allow- Emas 396 (N.Y.) Plaintiff not entitled to recov-
ing 20 days after date named for delivery, to sale of grapes, under complaint alleging breach

er deposit for breach of substituted contract in
make delivery, failure of which in event of of original contract.-Brocia v. F. Romeo &
Blumenthal & Co. v. S. M. Gallert & Co., 148 Co., 148 N. E. 331.
N. E. 215.
C-88 (Mass.) Amount of lumber ordered and

(C) Actions for Breach of Contract.
amount appropriated to contract held questions www 413 (N.Y.) Plaintiff not entitled to recover
of fact for jury.-Bradley Lumber & Mfg. Co. damages for breach of substituted contract in
V. Cutler, 148 N. E. 101.

sale of grapes under complaint alleging breach

of origipal contract.--Brocia v. F. Romeo & iv. PERFORMANCE OF CONTRACT.

Co., 148 N. E. 331. (C) Delivery and Acceptance of Goods.

Cw418(3) (N.Y.) Damages, for failure of sell

er to deliver held determined by market price cm 170 (Mass.) If seller's failure to furnish at time shipment should have arrived.-Schoplumber did not go to root of contract, action focher v. Zimmerman, 148 N. E. 660.

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