one. January 6th, 1868, the term of service of W. C. McBay haring expired, A. H. Woodruff was chosen trustee. Mr. E. T. Albert was reelected in January, 1869. At the annual meeting of the society, held January 30, 1870, the method of electing trustees was changed, the changed by-law providing that three trustees should be annually chosen to serve for one year each. At this meeting E. T. Albert and A. H. Woodruff resigned. The term of A. W. Purdy expired. An election of trustees according to the new method resulted in the choice of Cyrus Watts, George D. Purdy and Glyken A. Rockwell.

In January, 1871, Cyrus Watts, S. 0. Smith and George Albert were chosen trustees. W. H. Burford, G. A. Rockwell and Cyrus Watts were trustees in 1872. January 13th, 1873, Dr. N. S. Craig, Lewis Burton and J. W. Thomas were chosen. At a special meeting held January 23d, 1873, Messrs. Burton and Thomas declined to serve for reasons considered satisfactory by all, and C. T. Hart and Joseph Smith were chosen in their places. Dr. N. S. Craig, Storr Rockwell and Geo. W. Albert were trustees in 1874. Storr Rockwell, J. W. Thomas and M. McCormick in 1875 and 1876. January 30, 1877, the time for holding the annual meetings of the society was changed from January to the first Monday of September in each year. M. McCormick, J. W. Thomas and Dr. N. S. Craig were chosen trustees to serve until the meeting in September, 1877. At that meeting the same gentlemen were elected. They were again reelected in September, 1878.

At a special meeting of the society held after evening service, August 3d, 1879, Rev. C. E. Schaible, having preached, was called to preside. The pastor, Rev. James Frothingham, requested the members of the church and congregation to unite with him in a request to the Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relation. As, in consequence of ill-health, this seemed a necessity to the pastor, his desire was granted, and the congregation concurred in his request.

At the annual congregational meeting held September 1st, 1879, Dr. F. S. Craig, G. A. Rockwell and S. A. Rockwell were selected to prepare a paper expressing the sorrow of the church and congregation at the loss sustained in the severance of the pastoral relation between the church and Rev. James Frothingham. At a farewe! reception given at the residence of J. W. Thomas on the evening of Sept. 3d, 1879, these gentlemen presented the following paper, which was fully approved by all present.

"WHEREAS, in the providence of God the relation existing for the past fourteen years between the Presbyterian church of Lansing, Iowa, and its beloved Pastor, Rev. James Frothingham, has now been severed; and,

WHEREAS, we deeply feel the loss which we sustain in his removal; therefore,

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Resolved, That we sincerely regret the necessity which compels him to leave this field of labor, wherein so many of the best years of his life have been passed, and whereon he has left the imprint of a firm, unyielding loyalty to the cause of his Master.

"Resolved, that though our hearts are saddened by this separation, we yet review with gratitude the blessed results of his ministry here, and desire to express our high appreciation thereof, and also the esteem, love and veneration in which he is held, not only by this church and congregation, but by the whole community.

"Resolved, That we invoke the blessing of God to follow him and his family to their new field of labor, and that we earnestly pray that God, in his infinite goodness, will grant him complete restoration to health, and abundantly bless his labors in the future, giving him renewed strength for continued service in his new abode.

"Resolved, That to himself and his estimable wife and family we owe a debt of gratitude for service in church, prayer meeting and Sabbath School, which we can never repay and shall never forget.

"Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be given to our retiring pastor and furnished to the press of the city for publication."

Rev. Charles E. Schaible occupied the pulpit from October 16th, 1879 until November 1st, 1881,

part of the time as stated supply and the balance as pastor. He was followed by Rev. Joseph Gaston, who began his labors January 1, 1882. He is now the pastor.

The society erected a house of worship on North Third street in 1866. It is constructed of brick, will seat about 300 persons, is nicely furnished and in all respects a most pleasant place of public worship. Ground was broken for the foundation July 4th, 1866. The first meeting in the church was held January 31st, 1867, and the first Sabbath service February 3d following. A Sabbath School was organized June 17th, 1866, which has since been maintained.

During the present year (1882), a fine pipe organ costing over $500, has been placed in the church. It is considered an excellent instrument. The church is out of debt and quite prosperous. The trustees elected October 4th, 1879, were: M. McCormick, H. H. Hemenway, James Ruth, James M. Thomson and N. S. Craig; September 16th, 1880, G. W. Albert, H. H. Hemenway, James Ruth, G. A. Rockwell and Earl M. Woodward were chosen. September 26th, 1881, these trustees were all re-elected. The present board, elected September 21st, 1882, consists of M. McCormick, James Ruth, H. H. Hemenway, H. J. Frothingham and G, W. Albert.


Lansing Lodge, No. 118, 1. 0. O. F., was organized April 16th, 1858. The charter members were: James W. Thomas, Homer H. Hemenway, John Haney, Jr., Job J. Shaw, G. W. Gray, S. V. Shaw and A. H. Houghton. The charter of this lodge was dated October 14th, 1858. During the war of the rebellion the charter was suspended for a time for want of members. Subsequently the lodge was re-organized, and is now in a prosperous condition, having a beautifully furnished hall of its own in which several other lodges hold their meetings.

Evergreen Lodge, No. 144, A. F. A. M., was organized January 11th, 1859, under a dispensation and was duly chartered June 9th, 1859. The first officers were: G. W. Gray, W. M.; H. H. Hemenway, S. W.; G. W. Hays, J. W.; John C. Berry, Secretary pro tem.; John Gray, Treasurer pro tem.; Marshall Cass, S. D. pro tem.; Geo. M. Dean, J. D. pro tem.; W. Beale, Tyler pro tem. This lodge occupies a nicely furnished hall on Main street and continues to hold regular meetings.

Mt. Hosmer Lodge, No. 29, A. 0. U. W., was chartered May 21st, 1875, with the following members: W. H. Burford, N. S. Craig, A. D. Cowles, S. H. Davis, Robert Hufschmidt, H. D. Spaulding, L. S. Tollefson, I. D. Fowler, James Ruth, M. V. Burdick, John Correll, L. Klewer, W. A. Travis, 0. J. Mix, George Palmer and Edgar Hewit. The lodge now has fifty-two members and holds weekly meetings in Odd Fellow's hall.

Humbolt Lodge, No. 61, A. 0. U. W., was chartered April 11th, 1876. The charter members were: Andrew Sandry, M. Simon, G. L. Saam, Jacob Zerbis, Charles Bergler, Peter Berdel, Dr. B. Erb. Brockhausen, M. Gruber, Paul Becker, Martin Englehorn, John Schaefer, John Pfaender, John Gruber, J. K. Englehorn, M. Hostert, V. Schaefer, Jacob Dormann, Thomas Gruber, Englehardt Bartheld, Charles Deitrich, H. Kroeme, John Miller and John Conrad. This lodge continues to prosper, the "work" being done in the German language.

Maple Lodge, No. 35, Iowa Legion of Honor, was chartered August 14th, 1869, with the following members: H. F. Fellows, Theodore Nachtwey, G. A. Rockwell, Theodore Groezinger, M. McCormick, N. S. Craig, H. D. Spaulding, Jas. T. Metcalf, Dick Haney, L. M. Elmendorf, C. A. Gardner, L. E. Fellows, John C. Barclay, Geo. H. Markley, W. H. Burford, T. G. Orr, C. L. Muller, Michael Healey, F. W. Wagner, H. Beusch, Alfred A. Bock, E. K. Maryatt, C. D. Purdy, L. Fuiks, I. D. Fowler, Dr. B. Erb Brockhausen, Earl M. Woodward, T. P. Grant and Robert Hufschmidt. The lodge at present has forty members and meets twice in each month in Odd Fellow's hall.

Lansing Collegium, No. 100, V. A. S. Fraternity, was organized June 16th, 1882. with the following charter members: Geo. H. Markley, S. H. Kinne, H. H. Hemenway, james Ruth, M. McCormick, J. W. Davis, J. F. Wier, John C. Barclay, Edward Coy, P. N. Smith, William Luth, Ed. C. Bellows, Theodore Nachtwey, Herman Gannita, Jos. T. Metcalf, N. A. Nelson, H. P. Lane,

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