The Lehigh Law Journal, Volum 2;Volum 4


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Side 185 - The legislature cannot delegate its power to make a law; but it can make a law to delegate a power to determine some fact or state of things upon which the law makes, or intends to make, its own action depend.
Side 20 - ... be discharged from all debts and claims which are made provable by said acts against his estate, and which existed on the day of , AD 189 — , on which day the petition for adjudication was filed him; excepting such debts as are by law excepted from the operation of a discharge in bankruptcy.
Side 40 - ... but if not, then judgment to be entered for the defendant; the costs to follow the judgment, and either party reserving the right to sue out a writ of error therein.
Side 133 - ... cases and under circumstances where they might be compelled to produce the same by the ordinary rules of proceeding in chancery...
Side 89 - Where the instrument contains or a person adds to his signature words indicating that he signs for or on behalf of a principal, or in a representative capacity, he is not liable on the instrument if he was duly authorized; but the mere addition of words describing him as an agent, or as filling a representative character, without disclosing his principal, does not exempt him from personal liability. Sec. 21. A signature by "procuration...
Side 184 - Section 1. The Legislative authority of this State shall be vested in a General Assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives...
Side 304 - ... survey, ascertain, locate, fix, mark and determine such route for a railroad as they may deem expedient, not however passing through any...
Side 133 - ... it seems the height of judicial absurdity, that in the same cause between the same parties, in the examination of the same facts, a discovery by the oath of the parties should be permitted on one side of Westminster-hall, and denied on the other...
Side 252 - ... or was the result of that reckless indifference to the rights of others which is equivalent to an intentional violation of them. In that case the jury are authorized, for the sake of public example, to give such additional damages as the circumstances require.
Side 385 - ... held, that the bequest was of $1,000 absolutely, and not merely the interest on that sum. Sproul's App., 105 Pa., 438. In the construction of wills the law, in doubtful cases, leans in favor of an absolute rather than a defeasible estate ; of a vested rather than a contingent one ; of the primary rather than the secondary intent; of the first rather than the second taker, as the principal object of the testator's bounty, and of a distribution as nearly conformed to the general rules of inheritance...

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