The Army and Navy Magazine, Volum 3

W.H. Allen, 1882

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Side 488 - It came flying through the air,' says that good knight, 'like a winged dragon, about the thickness of a hogshead, with the report of thunder and the speed of lightning, and the darkness of the night was dispelled by this horrible illumination.
Side 296 - ... and the right to dispose of the same as well as the rights over the productions of the country, whether mineral, vegetable, or animal, with the rights of making laws, coining money, creating an army and navy, levying customs...
Side 396 - Wallachia from Turkey by sanitary regulations intended to connect them with Russia ; stipulated that the Porte should confirm the internal regulations for the government of these provinces...
Side 491 - But thy most dreaded instrument In working out a pure intent. Is man — arrayed for mutual slaughter, — . Yea, Carnage is thy daughter...
Side 278 - Congress. Unless some action be had in its behalf, it must soon dwindle into insignificance. From such a state it would be difficult to revive it into efficiency without dangerous delay and enormous expense. Emergencies may at any moment arise which would render its aid indispensable to the protection of the lives and property of our citizens abroad and at home, and even to our existence as a nation.
Side 395 - Sea ; a portion of the pashalik of Akhilska, with the two fortresses of Akhilska and Akhilkillak, and the virtual possession of the islands formed by the mouths of the Danube ; stipulated for the destruction of the Turkish fortress of Georgiova, and the abandonment by Turkey of the right bank of the St.
Side 126 - Here they are gigantic in form, some being 300 feet in length ; some of immense strength and sturdy stems, and becoming, as it were, oaks in the sea ; others again spread their tough and leathery substance like hides, so that buckets, bowls, and cups, may readily be made of it. Some form ropes and cables to moor boats with ; some yield a jelly, pure and tasteless, like isinglass, far exceeding that of...
Side 546 - I saw my arms, although visible to my eye, were without substance, and the bodies of the men I struck at and my own came close together after each blow through the shadowy arms I struck with. My blows were delivered with more extreme violence than I...
Side 570 - ... which will enable Whitehead torpedoes to be ejected right ahead of the ship. There are also two ' torpedo ports ' on each side amidships, from which they will be ejected on the broadsides. The Polyphemus was commenced in Sept. 1878, and is expected to be ready for sea by the end of 1880.
Side 433 - No payment is required from students to the funds of the college, beyond an entrance fee of £3 from an unmarried and £1 10s.

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