History, Jurisdiction, and Practice of the Court of Claims (United States)

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1885 - 34 sider
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Side 23 - ... or where the decision will affect a class of cases, or furnish a precedent for the future action of any executive department in the adjustment of a class of cases, without regard to the amount involved in the particular case, or where any authority, right, privilege, or exemption is claimed or denied under the Constitution of the United States...
Side 7 - Act to amend an Act to establish a court for the investigation of claims against the United States.
Side 16 - On the first day of every regular session of Congress the clerk of the Court of Claims shall transmit to Congress a full and complete statement of all the judgments rendered by the court during the previous year, stating the amounts thereof and the parties in whose favor they were rendered, together with a brief synopsis of the nature of the claims upon which they were rendered.
Side 10 - At the very outset, when the first report came in, the question arose as to what was to be done with the favorable reports and bills. It was decided to refer them to the Committee on Claims, and that course was ever after followed while the system of reporting to Congress continued.
Side 23 - Aliens who are citizens or subjects of any government which accords to citizens of the United States the right to prosecute claims against such government in its courts, shall have the privilege of prosecuting claims against the United States in the Court of Claims, whereof such court, by reason of their subject matter and character, might take jurisdiction.
Side 22 - Concurrent with the Court of Claims, of all claims not exceeding ten thousand dollars founded upon the Constitution of the United States or any law of Congress, or upon any regulation of an Executive Department, or upon any contract, express or implied, with the Government of the United States...
Side 17 - Commissioner of the General Land Office and of Indian Affairs; to the chiefs of bureaus, and to other officers charged with the adjustment of claims against the United States.
Side 22 - All claims founded upon any law of Congress, or upon any regulation of an Executive Department, or upon any contract, expressed or implied, with the Government of the United States, and all claims which may be referred to it by either House of Congress.
Side 32 - The Court of Claims, at any time while any claim is pending before it, or on appeal from it, or within two years next after the final disposition of such claim, may, on motion, on behalf of the United States, grant a new trial and stay the payment of any judgment therein, upon such evidence, cumulative or otherwise, as shall satisfy the court that any fraud, wrong, or injustice in the premises has been done to the United States ; but until an order is made staying the payment of a judgment, the same...
Side 30 - The said court shall have power to call upon any of the Departments for any information or papers it may deem necessary, and shall have the use of all recorded and printed reports made by the committees of each House of Congress, when deemed necessary in the prosecution of its business. But the head of any Department may refuse and omit to comply with any call for information or papers when, in his opinion, such compliance...

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