Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of Charles I ...: 1631-1633

Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, 1862

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Side xxiv - ... bowers to lay me down ; To husband out life's taper at the close. And keep the flame from wasting by repose. I still had hopes, for pride attends us still, Amidst the swains to show my...
Side 715 - BRUT Y TYWYSOGION, or, The Chronicle of the Princes of "Wales. Edited by the Rev. J. WILLIAMS AB ITHEL.
Side 714 - CUM TRITICO. Ascribed to THOMAS NETTER, of WALDEN, Provincial of the Carmelite Order in England, and Confessor to King Henry the Fifth. Edited by the Rev. WW SHIRLEY, MA, Tutor and late Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.
Side 714 - Oxford. 6. THE BUIK OF THE CRONICLIS OF SCOTLAND ; or, A Metrical Version of the History of Hector Boece ; by WILLIAM STEWART. Vols.
Side 714 - ECLOGIUM (HiSTORiARUM siVE TEMPORis) : Chronicon ab Orbe condito usque ad Annum Domini 1366 ; a Monacho quodam Malmesbiriensi exaratum. Vols. I., II., and III. Edited by FS HAYDON, Esq., BA 1858-1863.
Side 714 - Fratrum Minorum Londoniae. Edited by JS BREWER, MA, Professor of English Literature, King's College, London, and Reader at the Rolls.
Side 709 - DOCUMENTS AND RECORDS illustrating the History of Scotland, and the Transactions between the Crowns of Scotland and England ; preserved in the Treasury of Her Majesty's Exchequer. Edited by Sir FRANCIS PALGRAVE.
Side 716 - Edited by W. HARDY, Esq. THE WARS OF THE DANES IN IRELAND : written in the Irish language. Edited by the Rev. Dr. TODD, Librarian of the University of Dublin. A COLLECTION OF POLITICAL POEMS FROM THE ACCESSION or EDWARD III.
Side 708 - Calendar to the Pleadings, &c. Henry VII. — Ph. and M. ; and Calendar to Pleadings, 1 — 13 Elizabeth.
Side 708 - OF THE PROCEEDINGS IN CHANCERY, IN THE REIGN OF QUEEN ELIZABETH; to which are prefixed, Examples of earlier Proceedings in that Court from Richard II. to Elizabeth, from the Originals in the Tower. Edited by JOHN BAYLEY, Esq.

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