A Compilation of Spanish and Mexican Law, in Relation to Mines, and Titles to Real Estate, in Force in California, Texas and New Mexico: And in the Territories Acquired Under the Louisiana and Florida Treaties, when Annexed to the United States. Containing a translation of the mining ordinances of New Spain, Gamboa's mining ordinances, the laws in relation to mines of gold, silver and quicksilver, contained in the "Novisma recopilacion," and the "Recopilacion de las Indias," and in the decrees of the cortes of Spain and of Ferdinand VII, also of the laws and decrees of Mexico, on the subject of mines, colonization, and the right of foreigners to hold real estate : also, extracts from public documents, and form the laws of California, in relation to mines and mineral lands, together with a digest of the common law, on the subject of mines and mining. Vol. I, [all published]

Lawbook Exchange, 2011 - 663 sider
With a New Introduction by Peter L. Reich Professor of Law and Sumner Scholar, Director, Mexico City Program, Whittier Law School Rockwell's Compilation addressed the needs of miners and other individuals who needed to reconcile Mexican land titles with the new U.S. laws that went into effect in the territory acquired by the United States in the recently concluded Mexican-American War (1846-48). An impressive achievement and a notable contribution to comparative law, it discusses Mexican mining and real estate laws, and their Spanish colonial antecedents, and offers comparisons to the common law of mines and mining. Also included are treaties and other general documents, such as the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Mexican colonization laws from 1823 to 1846, and a vocabulary of Spanish words. Recognized as an authority at the time of its publication, it remained a standard work for decades and is even cited today. "[A] glance at the table of contents leaves no doubt that the work is at this time a desideratum. Nothing could be more timely than a translation of the Mexican laws relating to mines and real estate. Our large acquisition of territory, and the rich mines found in it, will render this book indispensable, not only to every intelligent man migrating to this country, but to every lawyer who desires to be informed on so interesting a subject." --Millard Fillmore, President of the United States (1850-1853) John A. Rockwell [1803-1861] served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from the state of Connecticut for two terms, beginning in 1845. After leaving Congress in 1849, he established an international law practice specializing in claims involving Mexico.

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