16:1. 54: p. 8. Any person entitled to sue for and have injunctive relief in any court of the United States having jurisdiction over the parties, against threatened loss or damage by a violation of the antitrust laws, including sections 2, 3, 7, and 8 of this Act, etc.

§ 16:1. 3:p. 9. When and under the same conditions and principles as injunctive relief against threatened conduct that will cause loss or damage

is granted by courts of equity, etc.

§ 16:1. 7:p. 9. Upon the execution of proper bond, etc., and a showing that the danger of irreparable loss or damage is immediate, a preliminary injunction may issue.

§ 17:1. 20: p. 9. No temporary restraining order shall be granted without notice, etc., unless it shall clearly appear, etc., that immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result to the applicant before notice can be served and a& hearing had thereon.


3:1. 6:p. 2. § 3:1. 13: p.



It shall be unlawful for any person engaged in commerce, etc., to make a lease or sale or contract for sale of goods, wares, merchandise, machinery, etc., on condition that the lessee or purchaser shall not use or deal in the goods, wares, merchandise, machinery, etc., of a competitor, where the effect, etc., may be to substantially lessen competition, etc.

§ 10:1. 37:p. 5. Unless and except such purchases shall be made from, or such dealings shall be with the most favorable bidder, etc.


§ 7:1. 47:p. 3. Nothing in this section shall be held, etc., to authorize, etc., anything heretofore prohibited or made illegal by the antitrust laws.


2:1. 45: p. 1. Discrimination in price in the same or different communities made in good faith to meet competition, not prohibited.


§ 11:1. 48: p. 6.

Until a transcript shall have been filed in the Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States, the commission or board may, etc., modify or set aside, in whole or in part, any report or order made or issued by it under this section.


§ 22:1. 47: p. 10. Whenever it shall be made to appear to any district court, or judge thereof, etc.


§ 11:1. 7:p. 8. The return post-office receipt for said complaint, order, etc., registered and mailed as aforesaid shall be proof of service of the same.


§ 11:1. 2:p. 8. Service of complaints, orders, etc., of the commission or board may be made, etc., by registering and mailing a copy thereof addressed to such person at his principal office or place of business, etc.


§ 7:1. 32: p. 3. Construction of branches or short lines so located as to become feeders to the main line of the company, so aiding in such construction, permitted to common carriers subject to the laws to regulate commerce.

§ 7:1. 38: p. 3. Where there is no substantial competition between the company owning the branch line, etc., and the company owning the main line, etc.


§ 10:1. 29:p. 5. After two years, etc., no common carrier engaged in commerce shall have, etc., any contracts for construction or maintenance of any kind, the amount of more than $50,000 in any one year, with another corporation, etc., with which it has certain officers in common or having substantial interests in such other corporation, etc., unless, etc., with the bidder whose bid is most favorable to such common carrier, etc.

[blocks in formation]

Makes due allowance for difference in cost, etc.
Make a sale, etc.

Make lawful, etc.

[blocks in formation]


§ 7:1. 8:p. 3. The corporation making the acquisition, etc.
10:1. 50: p. 5. Making any such purchases.

§ 10:1. 51:p. 5. Within 30 days after making the same.
§ 20:1. 18: p. 10. The party making the application.


§ 9:1. 8: p. 5. Punishment for embezzlement, etc., by any
manager, etc., of any firm, association, or
corporation engaged in
engaged in commerce as Â

§ 10:1. 32:p. 5.
10:1. 34: p. 5.

common carr er, etc.

Purchases, contracts, etc., forbidden to a common carrier engaged in commerce, to the amount of over $50,000 in any one year, where the corporations, etc., have a director, manager, etc., in common, etc., unless with most favorable bidder, etc

§ 10:1. 42: p. 5. No bid shall be received unless the names and addresses of the officers, directors, and general managers, etc., be given with the bid.

§ 10:1. 8:p. 6. Punishment for every director, agent, manager, or officer, of such common carrier, for knowingly voting for or directing, or aiding or abetting in a violation of this section.


§ 10:1. 53: p. 5. Showing the manner of the competitive bid

§ 11:1. 43: p.


§ 11:1. 47:p.



In the manner, etc., fixed by the order.

In such manner as the commission or board shall deem proper.

§ 11:1. 18: p. 7. Additional evidence to be adduced in such

[blocks in formation]

§ 11:l. 5:p. 8.

§ 20:1. 34: p. 10.

MARCH 3, 1911. § 17:1. 44: p.

manner, etc., as to the court may seem

Shall, in like manner, be conclusive,
Setting forth the manner of said service.

From peaceably assembling in a lawful manner.

9. Section 263 of the Act of March 3, 1911, repealed.

(This section permitted the issuance of a temporary restraining order with or without security.)

§ 17:1. 48: p. 9. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to alter,

repeal or amend section 266 of the Act of March 3, 1911.

(This section provides that hearings upon motions for njunctions based upon the alleged unconstitutionality of a State statute must be heard by three judges, etc.)


15:1. 50:p. 8. Subpoenas to that end may be served in any district by the marshal thereof.


$ 11:1. 14: p. 7. To show to the satisfaction of the court that such additional evidence is material, etc.


§ 5:1. 32: p. 2. As to all matters respecting which said judgment or decree would be an estoppel as between the parties thereto.

§ 5:1. 44:p. 2. Based, etc., upon any matter complained of in said suit, etc.

§ 16:1. 13: p. 9. In respect of any matter subject to the regulation, etc., of the Interstate Commerce Com


§ 17:1. 30: p. 9. The matter of the issuance of a preliminary injunction shall be set down for hearing at earliest possible time.

§ 17:1. 33:p. 9. And shall take precedence of all matters except older matters of the same character.

§ 22:1. 11:p. 11. In case of continued failure or refusal to answer or if, for any reason, it be impracticable to dispose of the matter on the return day, he may be required to give reasonable bail, etc.

MAY 15, 1916.

§ 1:1. 1:p. 13. The Act approved May 15, 1916, amending the Act of October 15, 1914, etc. (Act of May 15, 1916.)


§ 1:1. 16:p. 1.

§ 20:1. 26: p. 10.

§ 20:1. 31:p. 10.


"Commerce" as used herein means, etc.
Or persuading others, by peaceful means, so to


Or persuading others by peaceful and lawful means so to do.

§ 7:1. 40:p. 3. Through the medium of the acquisition of stock or otherwise.


§ 2:1. 45:p. 1. Discrimination in price in the same or different communities made in good faith to meet competition not prohibited.


§ 6:1. 52: p. 2. Nothing in the antitrust laws shall forbid individual members of labor, agricultural or horticultural, organizations from lawfully carrying out the legitimate objects thereof.


§ 6:1. 54:p. 2. Nor shall such organizations or the members thereof be held, etc., to be illegal combina

tions or conspiracies in restraint of trade under the antitrust laws.

§ 10:1. 43: p. 5. The names and addresses of the members, if it be a partnership or a firm, shall be given with the bid.

10:1. 1:p. 6. Shall file with the Interstate Commerce Commission, etc., the names and addresses, etc., of the members of the firm, etc.

§ 11:1. 52:p. 7. Complaints, order, etc., of the commission or board may be served by delivering a copy thereof, etc., to a member of the partnership to be served.

§ 8:1. 33: p. 4.

1:1. 13:p. 13. § 1:1. 21: p. 13.

Nothing in this section shall forbid a director of class A of a Federal reserve bank, as defined in the Federal reserve act, from being an officer or director, or both, in one member bank.

Interlocking officers, directors, or employees of any member bank, etc., and not more than two other banks, banking associations, or trust companies organized under the laws of the United States or any State, permitted, with the consent of the Federal Reserve Board, if not in substantial competition with such member bank. (Act of May 15, 1916.)

§ 1:1. 24: p. 13. The consent of the Federal Reserve Board may be procured before the person applying therefor has been elected as a Class A director of a Federal reserve bank or as a director of any member bank. (Act of May 15, 1916.)


§ 2:1. 1:p. 2. Engaged in selling goods, wares, or merchan

dise, etc.

§ 3:1. 6:p. 2. Contract for the sale of goods, wares, merchan

dise, etc.

§ 3:1. 13: p. 2. Not to use or deal in the goods, wares, merchandise, etc., of a competitor, etc.


§ 9:1. 23: p. 5. A judgment of conviction or acquittal on the

merits under the laws of any State shall be a bar to any prosecution hereunder for the same act or acts.

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