§ 13:1. 20: p. 8. In civil cases under the antitrust laws, brought by or on behalf of the United States, no writ of subpoena shall issue for witnesses living out of the district, etc., at a greater distance than 100 miles from the place of holding court without the consent of the trial court, etc.


§ 8:1. 1:p.

§ 8:1. 4:p.

§ 8:1. 37: p.

4. Aggregating more than $5,000,000, etc.
4. Aggregating more than $5,000,000, etc.
4. Aggregating more than $1,000,000, etc.


9:1. 11:p. 5. Punishment prescribed for every president, officer, etc., of a firm, association, or corporation engaged in commerce as a common carrier who willfully misapplies, etc., or permits to be misapplied any of the moneys, etc.


§ 10:1. 11:p. 6. Every director, agent, etc., of a common carrier knowingly voting for, directing, or aiding or abetting such violation, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, etc.

§ 14:1. 28: p. 8. Violation of any of the penal provisions of the antitrust laws by a corporation shall be deemed also that of the individual directors, officers, or agents of such corporation who shall have authorized, ordered, or done any of the acts constituting, etc., such violation, and shall be deemed a misdemeanor, etc.

§ 22:1. 22: p. 11. A jury shall be selected and impaneled in contempt proceedings, as upon a trial for misdemeanor, etc.


§ 11:1. 23:p. 7.

The recommendation, if any, of the commission or board for the modification, or setting aside, of its original order shall be filed, etc.

§ 17:1. 39: p. 9. The opposite party may appear, upon two days' notice, etc., and move the dissolution or modification of the temporary restraining order.


11:1. 21: p. 7. The commission or board shall file such modified or new findings, etc.

§ 23:1. 48:p. 11. A judgment of conviction for contempt may be reviewed upon writ of error in all respects as now provided by law in criminal cases, and may be affirmed, reversed, or modified as justice may require.


§ 11:1. 47: p. 6. The commission or board, until a transcript of the record shall have been filed in the circuit court of appeals, may, etc., modify or set aside, etc., any report or order made or issued by it under this section.

§ 11:1. 19:p. 7. The commission or board, upon additional evidence taken, may modify its findings as to the facts or make new findings, etc.

§ 11:1. 36:p. 7. Upon the filing of the transcript, the court shall have the same jurisdiction to affirm, set

aside, or modify the order of the commission or board as in the case of an application for the enforcement of the order.

§ 11:1. 42:p. 7. The jurisdiction of the circuit court of appeals of the United States to enforce, set aside, or modify orders of commission or board, shall be exclusive.


§ 11:1. 9:p. 7. The court shall have power to make and enter a decree affirming, modifying, or setting aside the order of the commission or board.


§ 9:1. 11:p. 5. Punishment prescribed for embezzlement, etc., or conversion, etc., of any of the moneys, etc., of a corporation, etc., engaged in commerce as a common carrier, by its president, director, officer, or manager.

§ 20:1. 33:p. 10. No restraining order or injunction shall prohibit any person, etc., from paying or giving to, or withholding from any person engaged in such dispute any strike benefits or other moneys or things of value.


§ 1:1. 6:p. 1. The Act to prevent trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies, approved

July 2, 1890, included in the term "antitrust laws."

§ 2:1. 39:p. 1. Price discriminations, etc., prohibited where the effect may be, etc., to tend to create monopoly in any line of commerce.

§ 3:1. 17: p. 2. Leases, sales, etc., upon condition that th›

lessee or purchaser shall not use or deal in the goods, etc., of a competitor, prohibited, where the effect may be to tend to create a monopoly in any line of commerce.


§ 7:1. 9:p. 3. No corporation engaged in commerce shall acquire, etc., the stock, etc., of another corporation also engaged in commerce when the effect may be to substantially lessen competition or to restrain such commerce in any section or community or tend to create a monopoly of any line of commerce.

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7:1. 18:p. 3. No corporation shall acquire, etc., the stock, etc., of two or more corporations engaged in commerce when the effect, etc., may be to substantially lessen competition, etc., or to restrain such commerce in any section or community or tend to create a monopoly of any line of commerce. ·

1:1. 7:p. 13. Section 8 of the Act of October 15, 1914, entitled "An Act to supplement existing laws against unlawful restraints and monopolies," etc., is hereby amended, etc. (Act of May 15, 1916.)


§ 22:1. 33: p. 11. The term of imprisonment for contempt not to

[blocks in formation]

exceed six months, etc.

Two or more corporations, etc.
More than one bank, etc.

More than $5,000,000, etc.

More than $5,000,000, etc.

[blocks in formation]

More than 200,000 inhabitants, etc.

[blocks in formation]

§ 22:1. 29: p. 11.

§ 1:1. 17:p. 13.


More than $1,000,000, etc.

Not more than 10 years, etc.

More than $50,000, etc.

Where more than one party is so damaged, etc.

Not more than two other banks, etc. Act of
May 15, 1916.)

$ 17:1. 41: p. 9. The court shall hear and determine the motion for the dissolution or modification of a temporary restraining order as expeditiously as the ends of justice may require.


17:1. 39:p. 9. The opposite party, upon two days' notice, etc.

may appear and move the dissolution or modification of the temporary restraining. order.


§ 6:1. 51: p. 2. Nothing contained in the antitrust laws shall be construed to forbid the existence and operation of labor, agricultural, or horticultural organizations instituted for the purposes of mutual help, etc.


§ 8:1. 23: p. 4.



§ 10:1. 41: p.
10:1. 42:p. 5.

Nothing in this section shall apply to mutual savings banks not having a capital stock represented by shares.


No bid shall be received unless the name and address of the bidder or the names and addresses of the officers, directors, and general managers thereof, if the bidder be a corporation, or of the members, if it be a partnership or firm, be given with the bid.

§ 10:1. 54:p. 5. Every such common carrier, etc., shall file with the Interstate Commerce Commission a full and detailed statement of the transaction, showing, etc., the names and addresses of the directors and officers of the corporations and the members of the firm or partnership bidding.

§ 24:1. 6:p. 12. Nothing herein shall be construed to relate to contempts committed in disobedience of any lawful writ, etc., entered in any suit or action brought or prosecuted in the name of or on behalf of the United States, etc.


§ 1:1. 17: p. 1.

"Commerce as used herein means trade or commerce among the several States and with foreign nations, etc.

§ 1:1. 19:p. 1. Or between the District of Columbia or any Territory of the United States and any State, Territory, or foreign nation, etc.

§ 1:1. 22: p. 1. Or between any such possession or place and any State or Territory of the United States or the District of Columbia, or any foreign nation, etc.


§ 7:1. 25:p. 3.

§ 22:1. 7:p. 11.

Or the natural and legitimate branches or extensions thereof, etc.

If the accused, being a natural person, fail, etc., to make return to the rule to show cause, an attachment may issue to compel an answer,


NATURAL Continued.

case the

§ 22:1. 32:p. 11. In no case shall the fine to be paid to the United States for contempt, in accused is a natural person, exceed the sum of $1,000, etc.


§ 22:1. 23: p. 11. Such trial shall conform, as near as may be, to the practice in criminal cases, etc.

§ 24:1. 2:p. 12. Or so near thereto as to obstruct the administration of justice.


§ 20:1. 16: p. 10. Unless necessary to prevent irreparable injury to property, etc.


§ 11:1. 50: p. 6. If such person fails or neglects to obey such order, etc.

[blocks in formation]

The commission or board may make new findings, etc., and shall file such new findings, etc.

The fiscal year next preceding, etc.
At the end of the fiscal year of said corporation
next preceding the election of directors, etc.


§ 17:1. 44: p. 9. Section 263 of the Act of March 3, 1911, repealed.

(This section permitted the issuance of a tem

porary restraining order, with or without security, by the court.)

17:1. 46: p. 9. Nothing in this section contained shall be deemed to alter, repeal, or amend section 266 of the Act of March 3, 1911.

(This section prescribes a hearing by three judges on motions for injunctions based upon the alleged unconstitutionality of a State statute.)


§ 1:1. 15:p. 1. "Antitrust laws" includes the Act of February 12, 1913, etc.


§ 26:1. 22: p. 12. Act approved October 15, 1914.

§ 1:1. 8:p. 13. Section 8 of the Act approved 1914, is hereby amended, etc. 15, 1916.)

31959°-S. Doc. 355, 64-1——13

October 15, (Act of May

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