A Key to the Modern Sliding-rule: Containing the Description and Exlpanation [!] of the Various Purposes, of that Valuable Instrument, as Now Used by His Majesty's Officers of Customs, Excise, &c. and Also of Two Improved Sliding-rules, for Speedily and Accurately Gauging and Measuring Solids and Superfices at One Operation. Not to be Performed by Any Other Instrument Yet Constructed. Together with the Advantages of a New Instrument of Sliding Sines and Tangents in Plane and Spherical Trigonometry

author; and sold, 1768 - 228 sider

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Side 222 - the tangent of half the vertical angle to the tangent of the angle which the perpendicular CD makes with the line CF biiecting the vertical angle.
Side 221 - As the cotangent of half the fum of the angles at the bafe, is to the tangent of half their difference, fo is the tangent of half the...
Side 195 - If either of the legs, including the right angle, be made the radius of a circle, the other leg will be the tangent of its oppofite angle, and the hypothenufe the fecant of the fame angle, E For TRIGONOMETRY.
Side 46 - REDUCTION OF DECIMALS. CASE. I. To reduce a vulgar fraction to its equivalent decimal. RULE. Divide the numerator by the denominator, and the quotient will be the decimal required.
Side 221 - U to their difference, fo is the tangent of half the fum of thofe...
Side 220 - Hence, in right-angled fpherical triangles, having the fame perpendicular, the co-fines of the angles at the bafe will be lo each other, divedlly, as the fines of the vertical angles.
Side 74 - Hence the quotient is -002. When the number of places of decimals in the divisor is not greater than in the dividend, the number of figures of decimals in the quotient is to be equal to the difference between the number of places in the divisor and dividend, as is evident...
Side 44 - B) the number of places in the quotient, will be equal to the difference of the number of places in the divifor, and thofe in the dividend.
Side viii - Certainty, may, on all Occafions, come to the Exaclnefs of the tenth Part of an Unit, which is as near as is ever required in Practice in the Excife -, and therefore he is perfuaded, that thofe who have taken the moil Pains to decry the Sliding Rule, are truly ignorant of its Excellency and Ufe.
Side vii - As fome writers have attempted to perfuade " the public, that tables ready calculated, are far '* more exact and ready in practical gauging than " the Sliding- Rule, it may not be here...

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