Report of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland...[without Appendix]

H.M. Stationery Office, 1902
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Side 412 - Without being so presumptuous as to hope to emulate the rich humour, pathetic tenderness, and admirable tact, which pervade the works of my accomplished friend, I felt. that something might be attempted for my own country," of the same kind with that which Miss Edgeworth so fortunately achieved for Ireland...
Side 457 - To a given straight line to apply a parallelogram, which shall be equal to a given triangle, and have one of its angles equal to a given rectilineal angle.
Side 192 - The Department, as occasion requires, may cancel or modify articles of the Code, or may establish new articles, but may not take any action thereon until the same shall have been submitted to Parliament, and shall have lain on the table of both Houses for at least one calendar month.
Side 414 - Tis certain, greatness, once fallen out with fortune, Must fall out with men too : What the declin'd is, He shall as soon read in the eyes of others, As feel in his own fall : for men, like butterflies, Show not their mealy wings, but to the summer; VOL.
Side 434 - J'ai vu Corinthe, Argos, et Crète et les cent villes, Et du fleuve Egyptus les rivages fertiles ; Mais la terre et la mer et l'âge et les malheurs Ont épuisé ce corps fatigué de douleurs. La voix me reste. Ainsi la cigale innocente, Sur un arbuste assise, et se console et chante. Commençons par les Dieux : Souverain Jupiter, Soleil qui vois, entends, connais tout, et toi, mer, Fleuves, terre, et noirs dieux des vengeances trop lentes, Salut ! Venez à moi de l'Olympe habitantes, Muses; vous...
Side 411 - Commov'd around, in gathering eddies play : Nearer and nearer still they darkening come ; Till, with the general all-involving storm Swept up, the whole continuous wilds arise ; And by their noon-day fount dejected thrown, Or sunk at night in sad disastrous sleep, Beneath descending hills, the caravan Is buried deep. In Cairo's crowded streets Th' impatient merchant, wondering, waits in vain, And Mecca saddens at the long delay.
Side 168 - ... 6d. for passing in reading, 2s. 6d. for passing in writing, and 2s. 6d. for passing in arithmetic. Calculation of Attendance. 23. Attendance at a morning or afternoon meeting may not be reckoned for any scholar who has been under instruction in secular subjects less than two hours...
Side 159 - If a school is employed for the purpose of taking the poll at a Parliamentary election, under section 6 of the Ballot Act, 1872, the number of meetings during which the managers are deprived of the use of the school, solely in consequence of its being so employed, may, if necessary, be counted in making up, — 1.
Side 457 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Side 158 - ... and duly audited ; and all statistical returns and certificates of character (Articles 67, 77, and 80) may be accepted as trustworthy.

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