District Organization and Secondary Education

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1933 - 207 sider

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Side 58 - ... best adapted for the purpose public day and continuation schools, part-time schools, and evening schools for instruction in the arts and practices of trades...
Side 8 - Each city, incorporated town, borough, or township in this Commonwealth now existing or hereafter created, shall constitute a separate school district.
Side 18 - If any city or town neglects or refuses to pay for such tuition, it shall be liable therefor, in an action of contract, to the legally constituted authorities of the school which the pupil attended under the approval of said commission.
Side 37 - ... transportation and tuition. NEBRASKA Transportation. — Where there are fewer than five children between 7 and 16 years, inclusive, the board may use school funds for board and transportation and other expenses of said pupils attending in another district as arranged with the board of said other district. All consolidated schools are required to furnish transportation for rural pupils. Board of education of a city or a board of trustees of a high-school district, by a two-third vote of entire...
Side 175 - The inhabitants of any contiguous and compact territory, whether in the same or different townships, upon a petition signed by at least 50 legal voters and an affirmative vote in such territory, may establish, in the manner provided bv this Act, a township high school for the benefit of the inhabitants of the territory described in the petition.

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