Hume and Taycho


The Shore, &c. St. Cas

Alluding to like H-, or

Pitt. Ld. Ch-m dogmatize like


Trading Town Rochefort S

Town Louisbourg Quanbuku Duke

Tzin Khall Senegal Q. Syko

Queen Anne Ter Austr Africa Quamba Curi

Thum-Khumm dono, or

Qua T. Cummings * Fatzman D. of Cumberland Thin Quo Quib Quab Quebec

Thon Syn

Qua Chu

Guadaloupe Tan Yah Havannah
Quintus Curtius Voltaire Twitzer
Rha-rin-tumm Barr-n The Financier ?
Rhum-kikh Beckford

Stiphirumpoo Ld. Hardwicke Zantific's Understrapper?
Soo-san-sino E. of Gr--lle Tensio-dai-sin
Scrednées Swedes

Tartary Russia Sel-uon Knowles Tartars of Yesso Hanoverians Strong Post Ticonderoga Village Cherburg Sagacity of


Scotland an Engineer?

Ximian Scotchman Sh-telk Tory

Xicoco Ireland Sh-komo Whig

Yaffrai Amherst Sey-seo-Gun Admiral Yesso Hanover Sa-Boi Savoy

Ya-loff Gen. Wolfe Shi-Wang-ti

Yam a Kheit Marshal Keith Sarouf

Yak Strot Earl of Bute Slingers

Zantific Sandwich

page 14

Collins's (Arthur) Historical Collections of the Noble Families

of Vere, Cavendish, Harley, 8c. 8c. Folio. 1752. Clarke, 1820, 87. 88.; G. Nassau, Esq. 1824, large paper, 101. 10s.

The following Portraits, &c. should be contained in the above work, which was compiled by Collins, at the request of Lady Oxford, mother to the Duchess Dowager of Portland.

1. Lady Eliz. Cavendish .
2. Wm. Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle

25 3. Tomb of the Duke and Duchess of Newcastle

44 4. Denzil Baron Hollis, of Ifield

100 5. Tomb of John Hollis, Duke of Newcastle

185 6. Thos. Harley, of Bramton Bryan

197 7. Sir Robert Harley, of ditto

198 8. Şir E. Harley, Knt.

200 9. Hon. E. Harley

206 -10. R. Harley, Esq. of Oxford, &c.

207 11, Edward, Earl of Oxford

212 12. Horace, Lord Vere, of Tilbury



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Towneley's French Translation of Butler's Hudibras. I wish before concluding the present Journey to correct an error in my former one, respecting this translation of Hudibras. I there attributed it to Col. Francis Towneley, being misled by Tytler in his Essay on Translation, and my error further confirmed by Nichols in his Biographical Anecdotes of Hogarth, aud by Ray in his History of the Rebellion, 1745, but I now find that it was John and not Francis Towneley, who was author of this translation, and that he was Uncle to Charles Towneley, Esq. celebrated for his noble and elegant collection of Marbles.


Third Journey round a Bibliomaniac's Library. W. Davis is preparing, and, if encouragement be given, will soon publish, A Third Journey, comprising an enlarged and corrected edition (being the third) of his Olio of Bibliographical and Literary Anecdotes and Memoranda, uniformly printed with his first and second “ Journies round the Library of a Bibliomaniac.”

Recently published, price 38. extra boards,

Riddles, Charades, and Conundrums, The greater part of which have never before been published;


“ And justly the wise man thus preach'd to us all,
Despise not the value of things that are small.”

Old Ballad.

Printed for W. Davis, at the Bedford Library, 15, Southamp

ton Row, Russell Square.

The Publisher considers this as a most acceptable present to the youth of both sexes, and has no hesitation in saying, that it is the most extensive and best Collection of Riddles, Charades, and Conundrums extant, the greater part now for the first time presented to the Public, by a Lady, and the remainder selected with the greatest care and attention, so as to render the entire Work an innocent exercise of ingenuity to youth, and a source of considerable amusement to the adult. He has also the gratification of being able to recommend it, as containing nothing that can raise a blush on the cheek, or offend the taste of the most fastidious female.

[G. Paylor, Printer, Lamb's Conduit Passage, Red 10 : Start.


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