The Working and Management of an English Railway

Whittaker, 1891 - 354 sider

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Side 225 - a resolution to the effect :— " That in the opinion of this House the time has arrived when the Government should appoint a Committee or Royal Commission to take into consideration the question of acquiring the railways of the United Kingdom in accordance with the provisions contained in the General Railway Act of 1844.
Side 223 - lower charge or difference in treatment is necessary for the purpose of securing in the interests of the public the traffic in respect of which it is made
Side 265 - that no common carrier by land for hire shall be liable for the loss of, or injury to, any articles of the following
Side 272 - proper and sufficient workmen's trains are not provided for workmen going to and returning from their work at such fares and at such times between 6 pm and 8 am as appear to the Board
Side 252 - companies, in short, have spent and are spending large sums of money in providing the most luxurious accommodation, and every facility and convenience for the benefit of the superior classes, but they are doing this practically at their own expense, and it is really the humble and once despised third class traveller who furnishes the sinews of war.
Side 222 - is to submit to the Board of Trade a revised classification of merchandise traffic, and a revised schedule of maximum rates and charges applicable thereto proposed to be
Side 15 - of responsibility and of supervision is a very complete one, and, in fact, the secret of organising the management of a great service, such as this, is nothing more than a carefully arranged system of devolution combined with
Side 63 - occurred, and the passengers in the trains were scarcely aware that they were travelling under unusual conditions. The new permanent viaduct was meanwhile rapidly constructed, and was actually completed and opened for traffic on the I4th September, less than one month after the mishap. Its length is 224 feet, divided into seven spans of
Side 164 - and the driver. A pilot engine is run fifteen minutes in advance of the train throughout the entire journey, and in order to guard against any obstruction or interference with the safe passage of the train, no engine, except the pilot, or any train or vehicle, is allowed to proceed upon or cross the main line
Side 224 - Your Committee, in conclusion, report that on the whole of the evidence they acquit the railway companies of any grave dereliction of their duty to the public

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