“ 2. Disinfection of rooms and contents During the period of desquamation, the by steam or chemicals, or by cleanliness patient should receive a daily bath of tepid and sunshine; personal disinfection and pro water containing green soap. At the phylaxis, including fortifying the system. termination of a case the nurse takes a

3. Ventilation to prevent concentration bichloride bath, 1-2000, and washes her of poisonous matter.

hair with the same solution. In case of “ The management of scarlet fever in a death the body is to be wrapped up at private house according to these principles once in a bed-sheet soaked in mercuric is not difficult. The patient is isolated in bichloride solution, 1-1000, and no public a clean room,

bare of all but the necessary funeral is to be permitted. The sick-room furniture. A hall bed-room, or one on the and all objects in it must be disinfected top floor, is to be preferred. In some in- (see subsequent rules). Hard finish or stances it may be advisable to keep the pa- painted walls and ceilings and floors may tient in the ordinary bed-room occupied at be washed or sprayed with disinfecting the time of taking sick, and quarantine, in fluids. Papered walls may be rubbed the best manner possible, this floor of the down with a damp cloth or bread crumbs, house already infected. The well children or, better still, the paper should be reare to be kept from school and church. moved. A fresh coat of kalsomine or Where the intercourse of parents with a sick whitewash is advisable wherever it can be child cannot be avoided, even when trained applied. After disinfection the windows nurses are employed, it may become neces must be kept open day and night for sevsary to isolate the well children. Food eral days. Carpets, upholstered furniture, and drink not consumed by the patient and other articles, can be disinfected by must be burned or disinfected in a slop steam through the health board, or at jar holding a chlorinated soda solution. private disinfecting plants. In cases of Dishes should be rinsed in soda solution, scarlet fever the patient must not return to five per cent., and a sublimated solution, school before forty days from the begin1-1000, before returning them to the ning of illness. kitchen. As dried sputa are liable to spread through the air, all expectorated Disinfection of Bedding. - Blankets, matter should be received by rags or paper linen and pillows, after being made into spittoons, which are to be burned, or into a loose bundles in bichloride sheets, are purijar holding a sublimate solution, 1-1000. fied by live steam for three-quarters of an The sick room should not be swept with a hour. broom, to avoid raising dust. For clean “ Charts, picture books and other loose ing purposes employ moist rags, which articles may also be so sterilized. are to be burned. Urinals, bed-pans and “Toys used by infected cases must be fæces are treated with quick-lime, bichloride destroyed if they will not bear steam stersolution, 1-1000, or Labarraque's solution. ilizing.

“ The nurse should not eat or drink in the “ Period of Isolation.-Scarlet fever cases same room with the patient, and before going are not to be returned to the wards until to meals she should clean her hands and arms the lapse of six weeks or more. with green soap and sublimate solution, « Measles four weeks or more. I-1000, and put on a clean, long, loose gown, “ Diphtheria, until cultures from the which hangs outside of the sick-room. throat show that infection has diappeared.

“ Varicella (chicken pox), four weeks.

“Pertussis (whooping - cough), indefinitely.

The total mortality was 41.66 per cent.

The pathological conditions which furnished the indications for operations were as follows:




“ The fact that some contagious dis Malignant tumors, II cases, mortality 27 27 per eases are infective during the pre-eruptive

Adenoma, i case, mortality o. stage is no argument against the necessity

Perirenal tumors, 4 cases, mortality 50 per cent. of taking active preventive measures for the three or four weeks following, during

Pyonephrosis, 12 cases, mortality 75 per cent.

Hydronephrosis, 11 cases, mortality 54 per cent. which time infection still continues.

Tubercula, 2 cases, mortality 50 per cent. “ At least three weeks should elapse from date of exposure before freedom from

In view of the difference of opinion danger of attack is secured. The utmost

among surgeons as to the advisability of care should be exercised to keep scarlet operating for malignant disease of the fever out of lying in and operating rooms. kidney, a study of the result in these cases

After the discovery and isolation of the is of value. There were u cases of maspecific poison of scarlet fever, which is lignant tumors, of which five were sarnot unlikely to take place in the near future,

coma, four carcinoma, and two described we may also hope to obtain specific means “struma ” of the kidney.

The morto immunize and cure. Under all circum- tality due to operation was 27.27 per cent., stances it is the duty of the general prac yet one of the deaths was caused by catitioner to inform himself as regards the tarrhal pneumonia fourteen days after best methods of prevention and disinfec operation, while another was due to ceretion, and to urge their adoption in every bral hemorrhage from metastases in brain case coming under his notice and care. thirteen days after operation. Eliminating These methods of prevention are applicable these cases the actual operative mortality to all infectious diseases."

is reduced to 9.09 per cent.

Three cases only were alive at time of Lotheissen (Archiv. f. writing, of these one, an adeno-carcinoma, Klin. Chir., No. 4, p.

had gone two years and eight months;

a second, which had been diagnosed as 721. The operations, sixty in number, upon

“ Nieren struma,” had gone two and a fifty-five patients, were performed during

half years, and a third, an adeno-carcithe period 1867 to 1895. With the excep

noma, was well thirteen months after oper

ation. Of the cases that had died, one tion of seven, all occurred since 1881.

had remained free from recurrence twenty Of the total number there were:

months, but afterwards died with ca29 nephrectomies with a mortality of 48.27 per chexia.

The others died in from two to seven 10 nephrotomies with a mortality of 60 per cent.

months after operation, some of recur7 nephrorrhaphies with a mortality of 14.28 per

rence, others because of imperfect removal cent.

of entire growth. The characteristic sympI nephrorrhaphy by laparotomy with a mortality of 100 per cent.

toms of malignant tumor of the kidney are 13 miscellaneous operations,

tumor, hematuria, pain and cachexia.



[blocks in formation]

It is important to note the duration of the symptoms. In two cases of carcinoma they had existed three years, while in some of the sarcoma cases they had been noticed from three to nine years.

It has been shown from the reported cases of malignant tumors of the kidney that hematuria is more abundant in carcinoma than sarcoma, In Li's cases

one of carcinoma had shown evidence of the presence of a tumor nine months before hematuria was noticed. Two of his cases of sarcoma showed no hematuria.

Nine operations were performed for movable kidney, with one death from peritonitis. In five cases the capsule was divided, but not resected; in two cases resection of the capsule, four to five ctm. in breadth, was made. Six cases were traced to final results, the period of time which had elapsed being from six months to three and a half years. The condition of the patients traced offered encouragement to operative interference.-Amer. Med.-Surg. Bull.

their expense

The chances are he'li be accused of wilsul negligence. He must work all day and half the nighi, and never

say he's tired. For the public look upon him simply as a servant

hired. And should he take a holiday, he'll find, when he

comes back, Some patients have resented it by giving him “the

sack." Concerning money, he must seem indifferent to be, And folks will think he practices from pure philan

thropy; When we hear him boasting of the gaineas that he

earns, We wonder if they all appear in his income tax

[blocks in formation]




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Glycero-phosphate in Sciatica.–Solutions less, and usually produce no disturbance at the prepared according to the following formula (Gaz. point of injection. The action of the drugs injected heb. de Méd, et de Chir., September 13, 1896) are is not simply a local one, but they have also a used by Billard with great success in sciatica : beneficent influence upon the general nervous R. Glycero-phosphatis

system.- Medical News.

gram 5 Aqua distil...

25 Method of Preventing Disagreeable AfterOr:

effects of Ether and Chloroform Narcosis.'Rc Calcii glycero-phosphatis ... gram 1.0

Fraenkel (Zeitschrift für praktische Aerzte ; ref. Magnesii...

in Bull. Gen. de Therap., September 26, 1896, Potassi

p. 235. Sodji


Fraenkel makes use of the following mixture as Aqua distil

“ 25.0

a hypodermic a quarter of an hour before the

administration of the anæsthetic to prevent the disThe advantage of these concentrated solutions is in the fact that they keep indefinitely, while

agreeable after effects of ether or chloroform : a weak solution will decompose. The solution R. Morph, hydrochlor......

0.5 gme. should be put up in small tubes or vials, containing

Atroph, sulph....

0,015 gme. 2 c. cm. each, so that fresh fluid may be used for

Chloral hydrate

0.25 gme. each injection. From 1 to 2, or even 4 c. cm., are

Distilled water...

I5 gme. injected, under careful asepsis, in the seat of pain. He gives about 14 c. c. Under these previous The effect is an almost immediate relief of the pain injections patients are very sensible to the action at the point of injection. In recent neuralgias, a of chloroform, generally the hypnotic effect comsingle injection may suffice to bring about a cure. ing on after using 25 to 30 gme, of the anæsthetic. In more chronic cases, as in chronic sciatica, it is In cases of heart lesion this mixture was not used. necessary to repeat the injection daily for a con People who ordinarily bore morphine badly, did siderable time, and in some cases no lasting benefit not do so if given in this form.- Amer.-Surz. is noticed. These injections are absolutely harm


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