PPENDICITIS, Medical vs. Surgical Treatment A 28 Appendicitis, The Proper Treatment of, J. W. Hick.

man-123. November 21. Appendicitis, The Bicycle and, Robert T. Morris—149,

November. Appendi, itis and Peritypblitis, Seth M. Mereness-2,

November Appendicitis, G. D. Natt-43, Norember. Anæsthesia, The History of the Discovery of, Burn.

side Foster-161, November 1. Anæsthesia, Fifty Years of Surgery under, Theodore

F. De Witt-161, November 1. ADæsthetics in Obstetrics, B. H. Ogden–161, Novem.

ber 1. Anæsthe-ia, The Therapeutics of. Honry M. Bracken

161, November I. Anæsthesia, Cocaine, John A. Wyeth-192, Novem

ber. Albuminuria, Practieal Points Regarding, David

Inglis--13, November. Anthrax, Carl Weidner-163, Norember. Abortion Resulting in Acute Septicæmia, C. Wood

ward-57, November. Antitoxin, Report of, L. H. Fackler-133, November. Alcoholic Intoxication in a Youug Child, C. A. Herter

-152, November 7. Arsenie, Its Uses and Limitations in Practice, Eleanor

F. Martin–168, November. Asthma, Erythruxylon Coca and, R. K. Ghosh-;4,

November. Acne, The Treatment of, Ellice Alger-110, Novem.

ber. Abscission; Opticu-ciliary Neurotomy; Exenteration ;

Mules Mrthod; Enucleation, William B. Meany

122, November. Air Passages in Childhood, Remarks on the Causation

and Prevention of Acute Iuflammation of the, T.

C. Christy-176, November. Aneurism, Traumatic. R. T. Morris-196, November. Abscess, A Case of Cystic Ovary and Pelvic, E. B.

Jackson-196, November. Abdominal Section with Technic of Operatiou, A. F.

Cleveland_-44, November. Ataxia, Locomotor, Syphilis ag an Etiological Factor

in the Production, C. Travie Drennen-75, Novem

ber. Ascetis, The Differential Diagnosis of, George W.

Webster-161, November 15. Aneurism of tue Aortic Arch. James Stewart and J.

G. Adami-143, November. BILENA Composition and offices in the Human Bile Ducta Bendiug of the Christian Fenger--128,

November. Biliary Calculi, Henry Landis, 109, November 7. Biliary Obstruction, Cholecystenterostomy for, J. F.

Binnie-20, November. Blepharoplasty, Successful Operation for, Charles A.

Oliver-205, November. Breast, Amputation of, During Labor, J. Ives Edger

ton-152, November 14. Bibd Uvala with Degeneracy, Lewis S. Sumers-152,

November 21. Burns, The Modern Treatment of, Henry J. Kelly

128, November, Blindness, Causes of Sudden, John H. Claiborne-207,

November 27. Blood, The, in Health and Disease, A. C. Halphide

47, November. Brain. Duality of the, C. W. Smith-45, November. Bowel Obstruction by a Gall Stone, Simulating Ap

pendicitis, J. H. Hardcastle-104, November 28. Blind, Restoring Sight to the, Chas. H. Stowell—113,

HLOROFORM Narcosia, A Narrow Escape from

Death During, Eugene Lee Crutchfield-104,
November 21.

Chloroform and Ether, A Few Ideas Concerning, Delos

L. Parker-175, Norember. Cbolera Nostras, C. D. Chalfant-172, Norember. Cholera Infantum, Geo. H. Rice--208 November 7. Chorea Rheumatica, Report of Two Typical Cases, A.

J. Guck-1., November 14. Chorra, Minor A Cave of. Involving also the Ciliary

Muncle, Herman B. Sheffield-14, November 14. Consumption, A Contributi. n to the Study of the

Treatment of, H. G. Signian -120. November. Cysts, Ingvinal and Scrotal, Thomas A. Manly-186,

November. Cystoscopy and Ureteroscopy, J. W. Long-207,

Noveiuber 13. Corpuscle. The Red Blood, Its Value in Juricial In

vestigations, W. S Thorne--109, November. Celioh ysteropexy in Gyuecology, The Propor Position

of. Frank W. Talley-174. Norenber 7. Cancer, Notes on the Management of Incurable Cases

of, Daniel Lewis--123, November 7. Cataphoresis, A. I. F. Buxbaum-42, November 21. Cesarean Section, A Case of, Siccessful for Mother and

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Briggs--26, November 7. Cornea, Ulcers of the, J. W. Bullaril-225, November. Croup. Twenty-seven Cases of, E. W. Saunders-118,

November 16. Catarrbal Otitis, Concerning the Local Treatment of

Acute, Adolph Ropp---62, November. Constipation, Lycopodium in, H. V. Halbert-47,

November. Choroid Coat. Rupture of the, James H. Buckner

3*, November. Cutaneous Manifestations, Some Unusual, J. Abbott

Cantrell-55, November. Contagious Diseases, A Reasonable Philosophy for

Immunism in Certain, J. T. Moore-161, Novem

ber 15 Children, Diseases of, Post Graduate Teaching in, John

Madison Taylor-174, November 28. DI .

toxin, Arthur Irving Boyer-133, November. Diphtheria, Antitoxin in, Louis Fischer-133, Novem.

ber. Diphtheria with and Without Antitoxin, Wm. Leland

Stowell-110, Norenber. Diphtheria. Job D Scott-110. November. Diphtheria Antitoxin in, B. F. Dake-110, November. Diphtheria, Experience with Anti Toxin in, Louis G.

Nolte-115, Novo uber. Diphtheria, A Report of Forty Cases of, Treated witb

Antitosin. Andrew B Eadie_37, November. Diphtheria. Treatruent of Laryngeal, Edward Ander

801-104, Noren,ber 28. Dipatheria, The Antitoxin Treatment of, Guy L. Kiefer

-175. November. Dacryocystitis and Its Treatment, A. E. Davis

180, Norember. Duodenum, Chronic Inflammation and Ulceration of

the, Elwin W. Aweg-133, Vovember. Digestive Organs, Disease of ihe, James T. Whittaker

165, November, Death, Sudden, Canses and Prevention of, D. Ray

106, November. Digitalis, Facts About, E. F. Holbrook-110, Novem.

ber Delivery, Irregularities in, Due to Short Umbilical

Cord, Guido Bell-77, November. Diarrhea, The Treatment of, and High Temperature in

Young Infants by the Use of the Cool Bath, W. F.

Mitchell-208, Norember 21. Diathesis, The Insave, Ilusions, Hallucinations and

Delusions, W. Brown Irwin-109, November 21.

YE, As an Aid in Diagnosis, W. P. Biles—13, Eye, Penetrating Wounds of the, Archibald C. Thom

son-205, November.

E Hovember.

Eye Disease. Internal Medication in, H. P. Nottage

110, Noveinber. Ear Affections, Treatment of Ordinary, F. Pierce

Hoovor-25, November. Ear, Middle, the Radical Cure of Chiropic Suppurations

of the. Max Treplit1.-180, November, Epilepsy or Falling Sickness, T. E. Lee-129, Norem.

ber. Epilepsr, Treatment of, J. Allison Hodges-207,

November 13. Epilepsy, The Surgical Treatment of, J.C. Oliver-42,

November 7. Epilepsy. Treatment of. Meilical and Surgical, J. Alli.

son Hodges_93, November Empyema. Three Cases of, E. R. Swinburno—133,

November. Erysipelas, F.J. Bridgeg-110, Xorember. Electricity as Applied to Medicine and Surgery,

Frederic Schal'vir-51, November. Erythema Multiforme-Report of Case Following Cir.

cumcision, R. W. Knox-201, November.

Gall Stone. Enormous, A. Morgan Cartledge-113,

November. Gout, The Rationale of the Acceptad Treatment of

Archibald E Garrod_53, Norember. Gastrostomy According to Kader's Method, Willy

Meyer-152, November 7. Gastric and Intestinal Disorders, Hydrogen Dioxide in,

John Auldı-49, November. Ganglion, Gasserian, Surgery of the, with Demonstra

tion, J. B. Murphy-196, Norember. Goitre, Esophthalmic, Treated by Galvanism, Ralph R.

Spencer-123, November 28.
Goitre, C. E. Ruth-208, November 28.

FEVER, J. D. Chittum—110, Norember.
Ferer, Typhoid, Temporary Insanity Following, Sam.

uel S. Adams-24, Norember. Fever, Typhoid, Treatment of, Morris Manges--123,

Nortwber 14. Fever, Typhoid, Diagnosis of, W. C. Chapman-44,

Norenber Fever, Typhoid, Malarial Organisms in close Connec.

tion with, John P. Sawyer-14, November. Fever. Tsplvil. The Diagnosis of, Jolın Eliut Wood

bridge-225, November Fever, Typhoid, and its Rational Treatment, F. G.

Kirkecey-201, November. Fever, Typliid, Some Points in Mod in Treatment of,

Beverley Drake liarrison-173, Norember. Fever, Tynbo-malarial. I. T. Davi-13, November. Feier, Typhoia, Preveded by Malaria, W. G. Haning

120, Noveinber. Fever, Typhoid, Specific Treatment of, John Inglis–

57, November Fever, Typhoid, Useful Medication in, Henry R. Slack

-25. November. Ferer, Ty phoid, W.J. Wilson -- 36, November. Fever, Touloid. Bemorrhage from the Bowels in, Wil.

liam Osler-104, November 14. Fever, Typhus, I. J. M. Goss-110, November. Fever, Scarlet, Prevention and Disinfection, Augustus

Caille—24, November. Fever, Scariet, The Ilygienic Manarement and General

Treatment of Geo. N. &cker-24, November. Ferer, Scarlet, The Treatmunt of the Throat, Nose and

Ear in, Henry Jackson -24, November. Ferer, Scarlet, À Contagious Disease, or is it of En.

demic Origin? T. B. Greenler-13, November. Fever, Slow Continued, S. 0. Hayes-138, November. Fever, Enteric, I. J. N. Gong-110, Noreinber. Fevers, Remittent and Enteric, The Differential Diag.

nosis of, E. W. P Dowcing-110, November. Fistula in Ano, A New Operation for, George W. Ely

176, Novemler Fistula. Rectal The Operative Treatment of, A. B.

Cooke-123, November. Fibula. Excision of the, James E. Moore-20, Novem

ber. Favus in American Subjects, Two Cases of, J. Abbott

Cantrell-174, Norenib. r 14. Face Presentations and Their Management, A. D. Wil.

kinson-208, November 21,


ERNIA, The Treatment of, W. Blair Stewart--14,

November 21. Hernia and Peritoneal Pockets, Byron Robioson–45,

November Hernia, Th- Radical Cure of Inguinal and Femoral, J.

Coplin Stins 0 - 38. November. Hemorrhoids. The Radical Cure of, E. Weldon-168,

Normber. Hemorrhoidl., G. E. Cole-209, Norember. Hemorrhoids, The Etiologs and Treatment of, Charles

H. Cole--26, Noreinber 7. Hemorrhoids, Interual, Thie Comparative Treatment of,

Johu L. Jelks 78, November. Hip Joint, A New Method 10 Retaip in Position after

Reduction at thr, J. R. Stuart--196. November. Hip. The Management of Cougenital Dislocation of the,

Byron B. Davis-225, November. Hip Joint, A Note on Amputation at the in Advanced

Tuberculosis Disease, A, Primerose-37. Xos. Hip, Amputation at the, by the Wyeib Method, H.

Horace Grant-113, November. Hydrophobia, or Rabies. I. J. M. Goss- 57. November. Hair, Unusual Length of, upon Portions of the Ear, J.

Abbott Cantrell-123, November. Hypopron Koratitis, A Case of, Jobu Dunn-207,

November 13. Hystoria, The Treatment of, B. F. Turner - 138,

November Hematocele. Pudendal, M. A. Tate-208, Nov. 14. Hemiplegia, A Lesson in, J. Lue Sutherlaod-223,

November Harelip and Cleft Palate, E.J. Farnum-41, November, Hypnutism and the Magnet ip Cuges of Mutes, Frede

rick C. Thompson-43, November.

NTESTINE, Large Conditions which may Simulate

Organic Obstruction of, Thomas H. Manley-80,

November Intestival Autotoxis and. Insanity, Allan McLane

Hamilton-152, November 14. Intestinal Digestion, Frank H. Murdoch-14, Nov. 28. Intostipal Disorders, Hydrozone in Gastric and, Jobp

Aulde-122, November. Intestinal Polypus as Cause of Death, R. C. Hill—42,

Novenber 14. Intestinal Obstruction, A. N. Collins-175, November. Infants, The Artificial Feeding of, Henry A Bunker

30, November. Indigestion, Chronic Duodenal, John B. Shober-109,

Novena ber 14. Irritis. Diabetio, Herschel Fisher-12, November 21. Inoculation, Serum-Therapy and Protective, John

Ruhrah-123, November 14. Insanity, Medical Jurisprudence of, E. C. Mann-130,

November 21.

GANGFOLD with Speciale

beforenco terthe Sapro

KBCo0o-137. Norenber 21.

NEE Joint, Traumatic Hemarthrosis of the, J. Knee Joint Note on Excision of the, Sir James Grant

143, November. Keloid, Some Remarks upon, Mark H. Sears-49,

November Kidney, Anchoring the, A Review of the Author's

Method of, Harvey Reed - 113, November.

, La kiu , . Gangrene in the Kight Liing. Some Salient Points from

Notes of a Complicated Case of, Edgar W. Robert

801-62, November. Gonorrhea, Crede's Antiseptic in, O. Werler–145,

November Gonorrhea, Crede's Antiseptic in, 0. Werlor-149,

November Gonorrboa, Permanganate of Zinc in, A. S. Hotaling

123, November 7. Gonorrhea, One Way of Treating, in the Male, A. J.

Gallison-26, November 28. Gall Bladder, Empyema of the, H. Beeckman Delatour

--30, November.


A BOR, A Case of Protracted, J. N. Upshur-159,

November 5. Labor, Something About Instrumental, F. Damour

225, Norember. Lirer, Cirrhosis of the, J. A. Shreck-172. November. Leprosy of the Nerve Trunk, James C. Kellogg-188,

Leucocytes, George S. Liggett-209, November.


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Larynx, Intubation of, Report of Cases, H. D. Hughes Pleurisy, Plastic or Acute, Owen B. Demareo-208, –97, November 7.

November 28. La Grippe-Influenza, Dr. D'Olivera Castro-54, No. Purpura, E C. Evans-38, November. vember

Pleuritic Effusions and Their Treatment, Gustav FutLaryngitis, Notes on, Howard S. Straight-44, Novem. terer-55, November. ber.

Parisitism, A General Consideration of, James W. Kei. Lip, Cancer of the, E. J. Farnum_41, Novenı ber.

ser-109, Norember 21, Pharynx, The Use of Nitrate iu the, Lewis S. Somers

109, November 21. tween, W. Mazyck Memminger--53, November. Malaria in Children, Walter G. Murphy-2, November, UININE, Therapeutics of, W.F. Kuhne-95, NoMiscarriage, A. B. Lichtenwalder-129, November.

vember. Monstrosity. A Dipiosopic, W. A. Nowman Dorland205, November.

Quinine Not a Specific in Malaria as Claimed, S. HerMasturbation and Epilepsy, J. H. Lowrey-110, No

bert Britton-129, November. vember.

R ROMA SEISM, How to Cure, Elmer Lee-52, to Diseases of the, C. E. Grore-168, November.

Rheumatism. Successful Treatment for, M. T. RichardNervous Diseases, The Influence of Inheritance of, J. son–133, November. W. Hitchcock-106, November.

Rheumatism, The Treatment of Chronic Articular, by Nasal Synecbiæ, Tbe Use of Friction in tbe Treatmont

Fixation in Plaster of Paris Dressing, W. E. Burt. of, Arthur W. Watson-174, November 7.

lese-14, November 28. Nasal Obstruction, A Case of, E. Laure Vansant-174, Rbeumatismi, Acute Relapsing, W. W. Hunt-118, November 28.

November 16. Neuritis Associated with Typboid Fever, A Report of

Rhinitis, Therapy in Acute, A Study, Henry J. Mul. Three Cases of, George J. Preston-104, Novem

ford--14, November 21. ber 7.

Ruiuitis. A trophic. Some Recent Advances in tho Neuralgia, Operation for Facial, Louis McLane Tiffany

Treatment of, Ralph W. Seisg—123, November 28. -20, November.

Rectum aud Anus, Diseases of tbe, Geo. K. Simg-159, Nitrites. The Therapy of The, John B. McGee-43, No.

November 5. vember.

Rectum, Extirpation of the, Henry T. Byford-20, Neoplasms, Maliguant, R. Harvey Reed-175, Novem

November. ber.

Roentgeu Raya, Philip Mills Jones—169, November.

Repal Pathology, Wm. Krauss--138, November. OBSTETRIES The Best Metbal of Teaching, James

Retina, Detachment of the, William B. Meany–188,

November. Obstetrics, Teaching, Aids in, Janies Clinton Edgar

Rape, Castration for, J, W. Lockhart-110, November. 132. November 21.

Rhachitis, Nervous Symptonis in. A. Jacobi-24 Nov. Ocular Muscles, Shortening the, Francis Valk-152, Rickets, A Case of, John Tbomson-113, November.

Noveuiber 7. Osteo-M yelitis, Its Etiology and Treatment, Alfred KIN, Electrolysis in the Treatment of Diseases of C. Godfrey-49, Nose, ber.

the, James C. McGuire-207, Xoromber 13. Otorrhea. The Treatment of, Edward B. Dench-14, Skin, Influences of Climatic Conditions and Weather November 14.

Changes on the Functions of the, Isaac M. Kline

--201, November. PELIS, Diseases of the, Homer I. Ostrom—153, Shock as Relative to Surgical Conduct, Orando S. Ritch

-193. November. Pelvic Surgery. Evolutiou and Revolution in, H. D. Sexual Function, Talks with Young Ven on the, W.F. Niles--), Novelu ber.

Morgan--153, November. Pelvic Troubles, Certain Causes of Mujor, Traceable to Septum. 1 he Deflected, and its Surgical Treatment,

Minor Gynecology, Joseph Price-122, November. John James James-186, November. Pelvic Inflammation. Remarks on Chronic, John C. Mc. Spleell. Successful Extirpation of the, Prof. Waldo Evitt-115, November.

Briggs--186, November. Puerpe: al Infection, Symptoms and Diagnosis of, Bar. Sprains, C. R. P. Fisher-100, November. ton Cooke Hirsi-205, November

Salpingitis, Suppurative, The Patholo’y and Treatment Puerpera] Convulsions and its Treatment, Thos. Bur. of, Florus F. Lawrence-80 November. gess-208. Nevember 7.

Sympathetic Disturbances, George E. Bill — -- 152, Peritoneum, Thu Examination of the, Byron Robinson November 21. -118 November 2.

Stomach. Dilation of the, in Infants, Thomas H. Peritoneum, The Use of Dry Sponges in the Toilet of Buckler-26, November 14. the, Homer I. Ostrom-113, November.

Sarcoma. Renal in an Infant Nine Months Old, OperaPregnancy. Symptoms, Diagnosis and Time for Opera tion, Recovery, John C. Cotton-109, November 14.

tions in Ruptured Tubal, Joseph Price-210, No. Subinvolution, Theo. A. Erek-174. November 21. vember.

Syphilis of the Bone, Tardy Hereditary, H. N. Potter Pregnancy, Measles During, E. H, M. Parbam-110, -110, November. November.

Skull, Extensive Surgery to tbe, With Recovery, T. L. Pregnancy, Extra-uterine, Lester E. Frankenthal Armitage-128, November. 128, November.

Spide, Fracture of the, B. R. Blair–42, November 7. Puerperium. The, J. R. Buist-145, November.

Skiascopy, The Practical Use of, H. 0. Reik-104, Phthisis, Iubalations in, with a New Form of Inbaler. November 28.

A. J. Dower-30, November,
Pterygium Operations, A New Plan for, M. F. Wey. T Paquin=207, November 13.

, Modern Treatment of, Paul mann-130, Noven ber. Peritonitis, Septic, Report of a Case of, Eliza Mitchell Tuberculosis, or the Great White Plague, G. W. Bur. -95, November.

leigh-64, November. Pneumonia, Pleurisy, etc., The Treatment of, W. C. Tuberculosis, The Prophylaxis of, Dr. Galopin–54, Buckley-129, November.

November. Pylorus, Congenital Hypertrophy of the, F. Schwyzer Tuberculosis, The Dietetic Treatment of, William -152, November 21.

Henry Porter-14, November 7. Placenta Previa, A Case of, Arch Dixon-149, Novem. Tuberculosis, The Surgery of Intrathoracic, George ber.

Ryerson Fowler-20, November. Poisoning, Acute Lead, in an Infant, R. Abrahamg Tuberculous Glands of the Neck, G. S. Hicks-127, 14, November 7.

November. Psychiatry, Practical, Eugene G. Carpenter-44, No. Tuberculosis, Its Prevention and Cure, John William vember.

Moore-199, November. Pertussis, Its Treatment, F. Gundrum–199, Novem. Tuberculosis of Man and Beast, Specific Medication in, ber.

Paul Paquin-161, November 15.

Uteri, Suspensio, The Indications for, Augustin H.

Goelet-159, November 5. Utorino Fibroids, Lilium Tigrinum in, C. Sigmund Rajo

-74, November. Urethritis, Posterior, J. W. Handly–228, Novem

ber. Uteri, Retrorerrioflexio, The Treatment of, Geo. Tucker

Harrison-207, November 27. Uterus, Treatment of Retrodisplacements of the, E. E.

Montgomery-55, November. Uteri, Prolapsus, Its Cause and Treatment, C. E. Pon

tiug-113, November. Urethritis in the Malo. Its Antiquity. Etiology and

Treatment, T. G. Stephens-111, November.

Tonsils, Treatment of Enlarged, G. Holmes-13,

November Tonsil, Papillomata of the, Macleod Yearsley-14,

November 14. Tubercular Lesions of Bone, The Patbology and Treat

ment of, J Herbert Austin-96, November. Thoracic Cavity, Method of Exploring the, J. McFad

den Gaston-123, November 7. Teeth, Congenital, E. S. M'Keo-208, November 14. Toe Nail, Ingrowing, Relapseless Cure of, Evan O'Neill

Kano-109, November 14. Tetany aud Laryngisnius Stridulus, A Note on Faecal

Irritability in, John Abercrombie--24, November. Thigh Friction in Infants under One Year of Age,

Charles W. Townsend-24, November. Tabes Dorsalis, Spasmodic, N. A. Graves-41, Novem

ber Tabes, Vomited Matters in Gastric Crises of, J. Hnatek

45, November. Typhoid Perforations, Surgery for, Joseph Price-97,

November 21. Throat Case, A, A. W. Howe_215, November. TERUS, Displacements of the, R. C. Wintermuto

-57, November. Uterine Hemorrhage following Abortion, Wm. H. Van

Doren-57, November, Uterine Curettage, Richard C. Norrig-205, Novem.

ber. Uterus, Vaginal Extirpation of the, for Pelvic Suppur

ation. I. S. Stone_207, November 13. Uterus, The Indications for Ventral Suspension of the,

Augnatu H. Goelet-80, November.
Uterus, The Relation of the Pregnant, to the Reflex

Nausea and vomiting Accompanying Gestation,
Edward Nicholas Liell-14, November 21.

V AGAMA 145XSTERECTOMY, William D. Hag. Vaginal Hysterectomy, Applications of, H. C. Crowall

-95, November Vaginal vs. Abdominal Hysterectomy, Edward Nicho

las-54, November. Vaginal Hysterectomy and its Results, A. E. Neumeis.

ter-221, November Vaginal Cystotomy, with Report of Three Cases for

Removal of Stones, P. Hørup Pedersen–49, No

vember. Vaccination, Value of, F. H. Paype-169, Novem.

ber. Vaccinia, William S. Gottheil-24, November.



" RAYS, Skin, Hair and Nail Lesions Produced

by the Action of, Edmund E. King-37, No. vember. Xanthelasma Tuberosum, or Molluscum Contagiosum,

Adolf Alt-9, November.


Palliative Treatment of Carcinoma of the Uterus with Sodium Chlorate.-In the treatment of malignant disease of the uterus, the employment of sodium chlorate is recommended both by internal administration and applied topically. For internal use the following formula may be employed : B. Sodium chlorate

4 fluid drams. Syrup of orange-flower.. 6 fluid drams. Distilled water

5 fluid ounces. Mix.

Dose: A tablespoonsul or two, from two to four times a day.

As a local application a small amount of the following powder may be dusted upon the diseased surface: R. Sodium chlorate

ãã Bismuth subnitrate.

4 drams. Iodoform

2 drams. Mix.

One may also employ tampons of sterilized gauze saturated with a mixture of:

R. Iodoform

I part.
Sodium chlorate


20 parts. If iodoform be badly borne and give rise to toxic symptoms, cotton impregnated with salol may be used, being first immersed in a twenty-per-cent. aqueous solution of sodium chlorate.

Under the influence of the foregoing treatment metrorrhagia and fetid discharge diminish, the pain lessens, the turgescence of the cervix subsides, ulceration disappears, appetite and digestion are restored, and the general state is improved. Semaine Médicale, 1896, No. 35, p. 278. The Treatment of Neuralgia : R. Menthol.

} of each: 15 grains. Guaiacol

Absolute alcohol........ 5 drams. A small quantity of this mixture is gently rubbed over the painful spot, which is then covered with a piece of cotton. This can be repeated two or three times in the twenty-four hours.—Journal de Médecine de Paris, Juue 14, 1896.

tuberculosis presenting evidence of breaking down of tissue, or in which signs or symptoms of catarrhal processes in any portion of the airpassages are present. or in which there is continuous elevation of temperature or intermittent or remittent fever, exceeding 9.950 F.:

The Comparative Safety of Trional as a Hypnotic.–Beyer (Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrift, 1896, No. 1; Fortschritte der Medecin, October 15, 1896) remarks that, in spite of the widespread employment of trional, only six cases of poisoning with that drug are known. One was an instance of acute poisoning; more than one hundred and five grains were taken at a single dose, with suicidal intent, but the person survived. Of the cases of chronic trional poisoning, only one, Hecker's, can be accepted as purely the result of taking the medicine. The patient recovered after discontinuing the use of the trional, which he had taken in daily amounts of twenty-two grains for thirty-six consecutive days. It may therefore be said that trional is one of the best hypnotics, if not quite the best, for unpleasant effects are readily avoided if it is used properly.

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A Cool Bed :

Those who sigh for cool resting places in warm weather, and yet cannot give up their soft beds, can gain what they want by laying heavy white awning canvas under the sheets. So cooling is the effect that those who try it will be obliged to remove it on a cool night.-New Albany Med. Herald.

For Sweating Feet:

Nodern Medicine says that a French authority recommends the following: R. Argent, nit....

gr. 96. Alcohol....


Heart-strain :

Pawinski regards caffeine as of special use in functional and degenerative disease of the heartmuscle, and especially in the early stages. Sudden heart-strain from emotion or during fevers is particularly benefited by caffeine.- Medical Times and Hospital Gazette.

M. Sig. : Bathe soles and between toes every morning until the horny bed found upon these parts falls off,

The Sweating of Phthisis :

In the Presse médicale we find the following formula for the sweating of phthisical patients :

Sodium tellurate.... from 1.5 to 3 grains.



The dose is a teaspoonful every night and morning, in a little sweetened water.

The most frequent forms of diseases of the eye are those located in the mucous membrane of the eyelids (conjunctiva). When left alone they are not only a fruitful source of annoyance and suffering. but they often endanger the existence and usefulness of the eye as an organ of sight. The frequency of these external affections of the eye has made their treatment one of the richest mines for quacks from the oldest times. All practitioners of medicine being called upon to treat these diseases, especially those in the country, recognize from the formula of Palpebrine a product of no untried remedies, but entirely reliable in the treatment of external eye diseases. The Dios Chemical Co., of St. Louis, Mo., will mail free samples and literature on application.

For Pulmonary Tuberculosis :

S. Solis-Cohen ( Philadelphia Polyclinic, vol. iii. No. 28, p. 276 and No. 39, p. 386) recommends the following formula in cases of pulmonary

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