By His Excellency Sir EDMUND WALKER HEAD, Baronet, Lieutenant

Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick,

&c. &c. &c. EDMUND HEAD, It. Governor.


HEREAS the General Assembly of this Province stands prorogued to Thursday

the twelfth day of December instant, I have thought fit to prorogue the said General Assembly, and the same is hereby prorogued to Thursday the sixth day of February next, then to meet at Fredericton for dispatch of business.

Given under my Hand and Seal, at Fredericton, the seventh day of

December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and fifty, and in the fourteenth year of Her Majesty's Reign.
By His Excellency's Command.


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His Excellency Sir Edmund Walker Head, Baronet, Lieutenant Governor and

Commander in Chief, &c. &c. &c.

Fredericton, Thursday, 6th February, 1851.


IS Excellency the Lieutenant Governor having been pleased, by Proclamation

bearing date the thirty first day of May last, to dissolve the late General Assembly, and to order that new. Writs issue for electing Members to form a House of Assembly; and having by further Proclamation, bearing date the seventh day of December last, summoned a meeting of the General Assembly to be holden on this day for the dispatch of business

The Clerk of the Crown in Chancery delivered to the Clerk of the Assembly a Roll containing the names of the Members returned by the Sheriffs of the several Counties as duly elected, and which are as follow :YORK.


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Matthew M‘Leod,

William H. Steves,
George Ryan,

Reuben Stiles.
Henry W. Purdy.

John Earle,

Hon. John R. Partelow,
Thomas Gilbert.

Francis Rice.
A Commission having issued under the Great Seal, bearing date the third day of
February instant, appointing James Carter, Robert Parker, George Frederick Street,
and Lemuel Allan Wilmot, Esquires, Commissioners for the duly qualifying the said
Members, the Honorable George Frederick Street, one of the Commissioners named
in the said Commission, attended, and administered the oath to the following Members,
who thereupon subscribed their names thereto :-
James Taylor,

Thomas Gilbert,
Dans Tout

RREGARKI 1875. George Hayward,
George L. Hatheway,

8 19 William Scoullar,
Thomas Pickard, Junior,
Robert D. Wilmot,

Horace H. Beardsley,
William J. Ritchie, t. If pain relazis Alexander Rankin,

John H. Gray,

John Ambrose Street,
F: Charles Simonds, projesit! poppens. ] }John M. Johnson, Junior,
Do 1. Samuel L. Tilley,--.

John T. Williston, bir William H. Needham,

Robert B. Cutler, Lot 11.1999 William Crane,

Francis M.Phelim, 11891-19. Daniel Hanington, ...}:57Bis 1, Robert Gordon, s. Bliss Botsford,

Joseph Read,
Robert B. Chapman,

John Montgomery,
Robert Thomson,

Andrew Barberie,
William Porter,

William H. Steves,
Bartholomew R. Fitzgerald,

Reuben Stiles,
Matthew M‘Leod,

Hon. John R. Partelow,
George Ryan,

Francis Rice,
Henry W. Purdy,

John James Robinson.
John Earle,

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A Message was then received from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, by Beverley R. Jouett, Esquire, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, requiring the immediate attendance of the House in the Council Chamber.

The House attended accordingly, when the Honorable William Black, President of the Legislative Council, said Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, and

Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, “I am commanded by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor to inform you that he doth not think fit to declare the causes for which he has summoned this General Assembly, until there be a Speaker of the House of Assembly. It is therefore His Excellency's pleasure, that you, Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, do repair to the place where the Sittings of the House of Assembly are usually held, and there choose a fit person to be your Speaker; and that you present the person who shall be so chosen, to His Excellency in this House, forthwith, for His approbation.”

And the House being returned

Mr. Hayward, a Member for the County of Sunbury, addressing himself to the Clerk, said ,

“ Mr. Wetmore, “In obedience to the commands of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, we have now to proceed to the choice of a Speaker, and I rise to address you, as Clerk


of this House, and to nominate a Gentleman to fill that high and important office; one whosel ong experience as a Legislator, and thorough knowledge of Parliamentary usage, fully justify the appointment; and who on a former occasion was unanimously elected to that situation, the duties of which he discharged with great ability and impartiality—I mean the Honorable Charles Simonds, a Member for the County of Saint John, who, I feel confident, will discharge the duties imposed upon him with credit to himself and satisfaction to the Assembly,- I therefore move that the Honorable Charles Simonds do take the Chair.”

Mr. Hanington, a Member for the County of Westmorland, then addressed the Clerk, and said,

“He felt it his duty to add his testimony to the able and impartial manner in which Mr. Simonds had formerly performed the duties of the Chair, to which honorable situation he had been elected by the unanimous voice of the House; and feeling that it would be highly satisfactory to that Gentleman, and of great advantage to him in the discharge of his important duties, to be elected without a division, he had great pleasure in seconding the motion of Mr. Hayward, having full confidence that he would again perform the arduous duties of the Chair with credit to himself and perfect satisfaction to the House."

The Honorable Mr. Simonds being the only person placed in nomination, he was then taken from his seat by Mr. Hayward and Mr. Hanington and conducted by them to the Chair; and when standing on the step, addressed himself as follows :

Gentlemen, “ I thank you for the very flattering mark of confidence which you have extended to me by electing me to one of the most important and honorable situations in the Province.

“ I shall endeavour to discharge my duties impartially.

“ You are aware Gentlemen of the importance of adhering to the Rules of the House ; and in my endeavours to enforce those Rules and preserve good order, 1 feel assured that I shall have the assistance of every Honorable Member of this Assembly."

Mr. Simonds then took the Chair.

A Message from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, requiring the immediate attendance of the House in the Council Chamber.

Accordingly Mr. Speaker elect, with the House, went up to the Council Chamber. And being returnedMr. Speaker reported that he had addressed His Excellency to the effect following:

May it please Your Excellency, " Your Excellency having communicated your pleasure to the Assembly, they returned to the place where they usually deliberate, and iminediately proceeded to choose a Speaker. They have elected me to that important and honorable situation ; and they now present me to be approved of by Your Excellency.”

The Honorable Mr. Black, President of the Legislative Council, then spoke as follows:

"Mr. Simonds, “I am commanded by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor to assure you, that he is fully sensible of your zeal for the Public Service, and of your sufficiency to execute the duties of the office to which you have been elected by the House of Assembly, and that he doth most readily approve of their choice, and allow and confirm you to be their Speaker." That he, Mr. Speaker, then addressed His Excellency in the following words :

May it please Your Excellency, “ Your Excellency having been pleased to approve of the choice which the House of Assembly have made in electing me to be their Speaker, it now becomes my duty


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on their behalf and in the name of the Assembly, to claim and demand that they have all their ancient and accustomed rights and privileges, particularly freedom of speech; freedom from arrest; 'access to Your Excellency at such times as they may think the Public Service requires it; and that the most favourable construction be put upon all their proceedings;—and on my own behalf, I have to request that any error of mine may not be imputed to the House of Assembly.” To which the President of the Legislative Council replied

“ Mr. Speaker, “ His Excellency hath the utmost confidence in the Loyalty and Attachment of this House of Assembly to Her Majesty's Person and Government, and in the wisdom, temper and prudence which will accompany all their proceedings; and he doth most readily and willingly grant and allow them all their privileges in as full and ample a manner as they have at any time heretofore been granted and allowed.

“ With respect to yourself, Sir, though His Excellency is sensible that you do not stand in need of such assurance, His Excellency will ever put the most favourable construction on your words and actions."

The Honorable Mr. Partelow, a Member of Her Majesty's Executive Council, communicated to the House that John Ambrose Street, Esquire, a Member for the County of Northumberland had been appointed to, and accepted of the office of Her Majesty's Attorney General for this Province; whereupon

On motion of Mr. Johnson,

Whereas John Ambrose Street, Esquire, one of the Representatives returned for the County of Northumberland at the last Election, has, since his said return, accepted of the office of Attorney General of this Province, being an office of profit and emolument under the Crown, whereby and by the force of the Act of Assembly, 12 Victoria, cap. 70, the said John Ambrose Street has become incapable of taking or holding his seat in the General Assembly unless re-elected; therefore

Resolved, That the Speaker do issue his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, directing a Writ to issue to the County of Northumberland for the election of a Member to serve in this General Assembly, in the place of the said John Ambrose Street, Esquire.

The Honorable Mr. Speaker then further reported that, when in attendance on His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor in the Council Chamber, His Excellency had been pleased to make a Speech to both Houses, of which Mr. Speaker said he had, for greater accuracy, obtained a copy; which he read to the House, and is as follows:“ Mr. President, and Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council,

Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly,
HAVE 'much pleasure in again meeting the assembled Legislature of New

Brunswick. " It is my duty to announce to you two events which interest us as Loyal Subjects of Her Most Gracious Majesty,—the death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, and the birth of another Prince.

" In the course of the last Season, we have been again blessed by Providence with abundant crops. Our Commerce is improving, and the condition of our Revenue marks a certain progress in the prosperity of the Colony. On all these points I sincerely congratulate you, and I only hope that our Export Trade may be conducted with such caution as to prevent those sudden revulsions to which we have occasionally been subject.

“A conviction that we are advancing ought to stimulate our people to increased efforts, whilst it should encourage those who govern them to do all that a Legislature can to aid the developement of our resources.

Among the most powerful means for affording such aid are improved facilities for communication. I know that this topic need scarcely be urged on your attention. You

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