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MARTIN REGENSBURGER, M.D., President, F. K. AINSWORTH, M.D. -------- San Francisco
San Francisco A. C. HART, M.D.'

....Sacramento WALLACE A BRIGGS, M.D., Vice-President, O. STANSBURY, M.D....

....Chico Sacramento W. LE MOYNE WILIS, M.D. ..........Los Angeles

N. K. FOSTER, M.D., Secretary ....... Sacramento
Hon. W. I. FOLEY, Attorney ......

...........Los Angeles
N. K. Foster, M.D., State Registrar. Sacramento | GEORGE D. LESLIE, Statistician....... Sacramento

ARCHIBALD R. WARD, Ph.D., Director ...... ............. University of California, Berkeley

The Monthly Bulletin will present in each number a synopsis of the important results developed by tabulating the statistics of births, marriages, and deaths, especially the latter. The Bulletin is the official means of communication between the Secretary of the State Board of Health and County and City Health Officers, as well as between the State Registrar and Local Registrars and Subregistrars, and will present from time to time matter of interest to these officials. For the benefit of the general public, reports will also be given of food analyses made in the State Hygienic Laboratory at Berkeley.

VITAL STATISTICS FOR JUNE. It was hardly expected that the registration of vital statistics under the new law would be begun generally before July 1, but returns of varying completeness were received from some counties even for June. The data on the certificates have been tabulated and the main results are now presented without special comment, as the numbers are too small for positive conclusions to be drawn.

Births.-Returns from eight counties, three fifths being from two counties, show a total of 91 living births registered in June, of which 46 were male and 45 female. All except a Chinese girl and a Japanese boy belonged to the white or Caucasian race. The parent nativity of the 89 white children was as follows: both parents born in California or one born here and the other elsewhere in the United States, 41; other native or unknown, 23; one born in California and the other in a foreign country, 5; and other mixed or foreign, 20. Stated proportionally, 461 of each 1,000 were of pure California or mixed California and native parentage, 258 'of other rative parentage, 56 of mixed California and foreign parentåge, and 225'07 other foreign parentage. Altogether

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