The autobiography of P.T. Barnum

Ward and Lock, 1855 - 160 sider

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Side 160 - The measure of choosing well is whether a man likes what he has chosen, which, I thank God, has befallen me; and though among the follies of my life, building and planting have not been the least, and have cost me more than I have the confidence to own; yet they have been fully recompensed by the sweetness and satisfaction of this retreat, where, since my resolution taken of never entering again into any public employments, I have passed five years without ever once going to town, though I am almost...
Side 56 - Riehm and his heirs, and against all and every other person and persons whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim by from or under him them or any of them...
Side 21 - And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things : but one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.
Side 97 - We were ushered into this gorgeous drawing-room before the Queen and royal circle had left the dining-room, and, as they approached, the General bowed respectfully, and remarked to Her Majesty that " he had seen her before," adding, " I think this is a prettier room than the picture gallery ; that chandelier is very fine.
Side 89 - Islands, and preserved in China, where the Doctor had bought it at a high figure for the Lyceum of Natural History. A week or ten days afterwards, a letter of similar tenor, dated and mailed in Charleston, SC, varying of course in the items of local news, was published in another New- York paper.
Side 156 - counting the chickens before they are hatched " is an error of ancient date, but it does not seem to improve by age.
Side 117 - Havana,) she expressly reserves the right to give charitable concerts whenever she thinks proper. " Since her debut in England, she has given to the poor from her own private purse more than the whole amount which I have engaged to pay her, and the proceeds of concerts for charitable purposes in Great Britain, where she has sung gratuitously, have realized more than ten times that amount.
Side 156 - Many a man acquires a fortune by doing his business thoroughly, while his neighbor remains poor for life because he only half does his business.
Side 3 - He would go farther, wait longer, work harder and contrive deeper, to carry out a practical joke, than for anything else under heaven. In this one particular, as well as in many others, I am almost sorry to say I am his counterpart ; for although nothing that I can conceive of delights me so much as playing...
Side 90 - Kiyemon, to make money out of his countrymen's passion for whatever is odd and strange. He contrived to unite the upper half of a monkey to the lower half of a fish, so neatly as to defy ordinary inspection. He then gave out that he had caught the creature alive in his net, but that it had died shortly after being taken out of the water; and he derived considerable pecuniary pi-oflt from his device in more ways than one. The exhibition of the...

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