mp Shall

Their anthems say,

Those strange mysterious sounds Jesus, Who bled,

did hear, Hath left the dead ;

“ The Lord is risen." He rose to-day.

f The Holy Captive's bonds are riven, Ye mortals, catch the sound,

To Him the keys of death are given; Redeemed by Him from hell ;

Be glad, 0 earth, and shout, o And send the echo round

heaven, The globe on which you dwell :

“The Lord is risen." Transported, cry,

this triumphant theme Jesus, Who bled,

inspire Hath left the dead,

Each angel's song, each seraph's No more to die.

lyre, ff All hail ! triumphant Lord, cresAnd I not sing with such a choir Who sav'st us with Thy blood ; f

6 The Lord is risen" ? Wide be Thy Name adored,

p Yet not for them His life He gave; Thou rising, reigning God !

He did not die their souls to save ; With Thee we rise,

It is for man that from the grave
With Thee we reign,

6. The Lord is risen."
And empires gain
Beyond the skies.

p For man He left His glorious P. Doddridge.


For man to death's dark realm 159

went down; mf HAIL, holy day, most blest, most cresAnd now to heaven, for man alone, dear!

6 The Lord is risen."


[and drear, When death's dark region, sad

Charlotte Elliot.'

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78. f Though returning to His throne, f Hail the day that sees Him rise p Still He calls mankind His own.

To His throne above the skies; p Christ, awhile to mortals given, mpSee! He lifts His hands above; f Re-ascends His native heaven.

See! He shows the prints of love;

Hark! His gracious lips bestow f There the glorious triumph waits ;

Blessings on His Church below. Lift your heads, eternal gates ; Wide unfold the radiant scene;

Still for us His death He pleads, Take the King of Glory in.

Prevalent He intercedes, f Him though highest heaven receives cresNear Himself prepares our place, p. Still He loves the earth He leaves; f Firstfruits of the human race,

presLord, though parted from our mf Till all the earth, renewed sight

In righteousness divine, f High above yon azure height, cres With all the hosts of God

Grant our hearts may thither rise, In one great chorus join ; f Following Thee above the skies. ff Join all on earth, rejoice and sing : C. Wesley, v. 1, l. 2, v. 2, l. 1,

Glory ascribe to glory's King. v. 5, l. 4, v. 6, 1. 4 altd.

C. Wesley. 161


S.M., double. f God is gone up on high,

f Thou hast gone up on high! With a triumphant noise :

Triumphant o'er the grave,
The clarions of the sky

And captive led captivity,
Proclaim the angelic joys.

Thy ransomed ones to save.

Thou hast gone up on high ! ff Join all on earth, rejoice and sing ;

dim Oh! help us to ascend, Glory ascribe to glory's King.

cresAnd there with Thee continually f God in the flesh below,

In heart and spirit blend.
For us He reigns above :

f Thou art gone up on high ! Let all the nations know

To mansions in the skies,
Our Jesus' conquering love.

And round Thy throne unceasingly ff Join all on earth, rejoice and

The songs of praise arise. sing ;

P But we are lingering here, Glory ascribe to glory's King.

With sin and care oppressed ; f All power to our great Lord

Oh ! let the Comforter be near,
Is by the Father given ;

To lead us to our rest.
By angel-hosts adored,

Thou art gone up on high ! He reigns supreme in heaven : dim But Thou didst first come down, f Join all on earth, rejoice and

p Through earth's most bitter agony, sing;

To pass unto Thy crown. Glory ascribe to glory's King.

And girt with griefs and fears mf High on His holy seat,

Our onward course must be, He bears the righteous sway ;

But only let that path of tears His foes beneath His feet

Lead us at last to Thee.] dim Shall sink and die away :

Thou art gone up on high ! ff Join all on earth, rejoice and sing ; But Thou shalt come again, Glory ascribe to glory's King.

With all the bright ones of the sky mnf His foes and ours are one,

Attendant on Thy train.

Oh! by Thy saving power,
Satan, the world, and sin ;
But He shall tread them down,

So make us live and die, [hour, And bring His kingdom in : That we may stand, in that dread F Join all on earth, rejoice and sing ;

At Thy right hand on high. Glory ascribe to glory's King.

Emma Toke.



Up to Thine endless rest,

Up to Thy cloudless day. f The golden gates lift up their [of Up to that glowing life, heads,

Up to that perfect peace,
The doors are open wide ;

Unvexed by doubt or strife, The King of Glory is gone in dim Where care and conflict cease ; Unto His Father's side.

cres Up, up to where Thou art, mf Thou art gone up before us, Lord,

Fount of unwasting Love ;
To make for us a place, (art, | f Up to that mighty Heart,
That we may be where now Thou f All its great power to prove.}
And look upon God's face.

mp Not now for distant Heaven cresAnd ever on our earthly path

Or future life we pray ;
A gleam of glory lies ;

Lord, let Thy grace be given
A light still breaks behind the

To make us Thine to-day.
That veiled Thee from our eyes.

p Here hold us in Thy hand,

Here by the Spirit guide; f Lift up our hearts, lift up our cresSo shall our hearts ascend, minds,

And still with Thee abide.
Let Thy dear grace be given,

Eliza Scudder. dimThat, while we linger yet below, cres Our treasure be in Heaven.


L.M. f That, where Thou art at God's

f Our Lord is risen from the dead; right hand,

Our Jesus is gone up on high; Our hope, our love may be ;

The powers of hell are captive led, Dwell now in us, that we may

Dragged to the portals of the sky. dwell For evermore in Thee.

mf There His triumphal chariot waits,

And angels chant the solemn lay C. Frances Alexander.

.ff Lift up your heads, ye heavenly 164

gates ;

Ye everlasting doors, give way. f Thou hast gone up again,

f Loose all your bars of massy light Thou Who didst first come down,

And wide unfold the ethereal Thou hast gone up to reign,

[right Gone up, from Cross to Crown.

ff He claims these mansions as His Beyond the opening sky

Receive the King of Glory in. No more Thy face we see ;

- mp Who is the King of Glory? who? Yet draw our souls on high,

f The Lord, that all our foes o'ercame That we may dwell with Thee.

The world, sin, death, and help Up to those regions blest,

o'erthrew; Where faith has fullest sway ;

And Jesus is the Conqueror's Name

scene :

mf Lo! His triumphal chariot waits, When Thou on Sinai didst abide,

And angels chant the solemn lay ; The rocks beneath were rending, f Lift up your heads, ye heavenly Thou, Lord, didst send a plenteous gates ;

rain, Ye everlasting doors, give way. And didst Thy heritage sustain, mp Who is the King of Glory? who?

Their weariness refreshing. f The Lord, of boundless power f Thou hast gone up, O God, on high, possessed,

With angel hosts attending ; The King of saints and angels too; Thou captive ledd'st captivity, God over all, for ever blest !

Το Heaven's high throne C. Wesley.


Thou hast received gifts for men, 166

8.7., That God might dwell with them mf Let God arise, and let His foes

again ; Be scattered now before Him;

dim E'en with our race rebellious. Let all on Him with joy repose, f Blest be the Lord for all His love, р In worship who adore Him.

The God of our salvation ; cresBefore the Lord let them rejoice, He daily blesseth from above f And in His praise lift up their His own--His ransomed nation. voice

ff The Father, Son, and Spirit bless, Who rideth on the heavens.

One God of Power and Holiness; mf When Thou, O God, Thy flock

Eternal be our praises. didst guide,

Tr. New Congregational Hynin Book, Earth shook at Thy descending :

1859, v. 1, 1. 4 altd.

17.-HIS REIGN. 167

S.M., double.

PP No angel in the sky f CROWN Him with many crowns,

Can fully bear that sight, The Lamb upon His throne; But downward bends his burning Hark! how the heavenly anthem

eye drowns

At mysteries so bright. All music but its own. p Awake, my soul, and sing

[of Crown Him, the Lord of Peace : Of Him Who died for thee,

Whose power a sceptre sways cresAnd hail Him as thy chosen King

From pole to pole--that wars may

cease, Through all eternity.

dim Absorbed in prayer and praise : mf Crown Him, the Lord of Love! His reign shall know no end, P Behold His Hands and Side,

And round His piercèd Feet Rich Wounds, yet visible above Fair flowers of paradise extend In beauty glorified ;

Their fragrance ever sweet.]



of Crown Him, the Lord of Heaven,

One with the Father known, And the blest Spirit, through Him


From yonder glorious chrone ! f All hail ! Redeemer, hail ! р.

For Thou hast died for me : f Thy praise shall never, never fail Throughout eternity.

4. Bridges. 168

C.M. mf BEYOND the glittering starry skies,

Far as the eternal hills, [light. There, in the boundless worlds of

Our Great Redeemer dwells.
Legions of angels round His throne

In countless armies shine ;
At His right hand, with golden


They offer songs divine. f Hail, Prince !-they cry,-for ever

hail ! Whose unexampled love [realms Moved Thee to quit these glorious

And royalties above. p Whilst He did condescend on earth

To suffer rude disdain, cresThey cast their honours at His feet,

And waited in His train.] Through all His travels here below,

They did His steps attend ; p Oft gazed and wondered where at


The scene of love would end. pp They saw His heart, transfixed with


With love and grief run o'er : f They saw Him break the bars of

Which pone e'er brake before.

They brought His chariot from


To bear Him to His throne ; .f Spread their triumphant wings

and cried, The glorious work is done! J. Fanch, v. 1, l. 1, v. 6, 1. 2.

v. 7, 1, 3 altd. 169 f REJOICE, the Lord is King :

Your Lord and King adore :
Mortals, give thanks and sing,

And triumph evermore. (voice : f Lift up your heart, lift up your Rejoice ; again I say, rejoice.

Jesus, the Saviour, reigns,

The God of truth and love ; P When He had purged our stains, cres . He took His seat above. [voice : ff Lift up your heart, lift up your

Rejoice ; again I say, rejoice. f His kingdom cannot fail :

He rules o’er earth and heaven:
The keys of death and hell

Are to our Jesus given. (voice: f Lift up your heart, lift up youi

Rejoice ; again I say, rejoice. f

He sits at God's right hand
Till all His foes submit,
And bow to His command,

And fall beneath His feet. (voice: f Lift up your heart, lift ur your

Rejoice ; again I say, rejoice. cres Rejoice in glorious hope :

Jesus, the Judge, shall come,
And take His servants up

To their eternal home. (voice ; f We soon shall hear the archangel's ff The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice.

C. Wesley.

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