Througn each perplexing path of Blind unbelief is sure to err, life

And scan His work in vain ; Our wandering footsteps guide : f God is His own interpreter, Give us, each day, our daily bread, And He will make it plain. And raiment fit provide.

W. Cowper. o spread Thy covering wings around,


L.M., double Till all our wanderings cease, f Sing to the Lord a joyful song, dimAnd at our Father's loved abode

Lift up your hearts, your voices P Our souls arrive in peace.

raise, mp Such blessings from Thy gracious To us His gracious gifts belong, hand

To Him our songs of love and Our humble prayers implore,

praise. f And Thou shalt be our chosen God

For He is Lord of heaven and And portion evermore.

earth, P. Doddridge and J. Logan.

Whom angels serve and saints

adore, 47

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, C.M.

To Whom be praise for evermore. mp God moves in a mysterious way

f For life and love, for rest and food, His wonders to perform ;

For daily help and nightly care, f He plants His footsteps in the sea,

Sing to the Lord, for He is good, And rides upon the storm.

And praise His Name, for It is fair. mp Deep in unfathomable mines

For He is, etc. Of never-failing skill, cresHe treasures up His bright designs,

f For strength to those who on Him

wait, And works His sovereign will.

His truth to prove, His will to do ; mp Ye fearful saints, fresh courage Praise ye our God, for He is great ; take;

Trust in His Name, for It is true. The clouds ye so much dread

For He is, etc. (resAre big with mercy, and shall

f For joys untold that from above break

Cheer those who love His sweet In blessings on your head.

employ, mp Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, Sing to our God, for He is love ;

But trust Him for His grace ; Exalt His Name, for It is joy. Behind a frowning Providence

For He is, etc. cres He hides a smiling face.

f For life below, with all its bliss, mf His purposes will ripen fast,

And for that life, more pure and Unfolding every hour;

high, The bud may have a bitter taste, That inner life which over this But sweet will be the flower.

Shall ever shine, and never die;

Sing to the Lord of heaven and 50

Whom angels serve and saints f The Lord is King! lift up thy
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, voice,
To Whom be praise for evermore. O earth, and all ye heavens, rejoice!
J. S. B. Monsell. From world to world the joy shall

ring, 49

C.M. The Lord Omnipotent is King. mf THROUGH all the changing scenes.

f The Lord is King! who then shall In trouble and in joy, (of life, dare cresThe praises of my God shall still Resist His will, distrust His care,

My heart and tongue employ. Or murmur at His wise decrees, Of His deliverance I will boast, Or doubt His royal promises ?

Till all that are distressed, From mine example comfort take, mf The Lord is King! Child of the

dust, And soothe their griefs to rest.

The Judge of all the earth is just : f O magnify the Lord with me, Holy and true are all His ways : With me exalt His Name;

Let every creature speak His praise. p When in distress to Him I called,

f He reigns! ye saints, exalt your He to my rescue came.

strains ; mf O make but trial of His love,

Your God is King, your Father Experience will decide

reigns ; How blest are they, and only they, And He is at the Father's side,

Who in His truth confide! dimThe Man of Love, the Crucified. cresFear Him, ye saints, and you will f 0, when His wisdom can mistake, then

His might decay. His love forsake, Have nothing else to fear ;

Then may His children cease to Make but His service your delight: sing, Your wants shall be His care. The Lord Omnipotent is King. N. Tate and N. Brady.

J. Conder.



C.M. cresA second Adam to the fight

And to the rescue came. I PRAISE to the Holiest in the height,

mf Oh, wisest love ! that flesh and And in the depth be praise ;

blood, In all His words most wonderful,

Which did in Adam fail,
Most sure in all His ways !

Should strive afresh against their mf Oh, loving wisdom of our God !

foe, dim When all was sin and shame,

Should strive and should prevail !

f And that a higher gift than grace 53

Should flesh and blood refine, God's presence, and His very Self,

f I WILL praise Thee every day, And.essence all-divine !

Now Thine anger's turned away ;

Comfortable thoughts arise f Oh, generous love ! that He, Who In man for man the foe, (smote mf Here, in the fair gospel-field,

From the bleeding sacrifice. p The double agony in man For man should undergo ;

Wells of free salvation yield

Streams of life, a plenteous store, p And in the garden secretly,

And my soul shall thirst no more. And on the Cross on high, Should teach His brethren and mf Jesus is become at length dim To suffer and to die ! (inspire

My salvation and my strength;

And His praises shall prolong,
J. H. Newman.

While I live, my pleasant song. 52


f Praise ye, then, His glorious Name; f O LORD, our Lord, how wondrous Publish His exalted fame!

Is Thine exalted Name! [great Still His worth your praise exceeds : The glories of Thy heavenly state Excellent are all His deeds. Let men and babes proclaim.

f Raise again the joyful sound ; mf When I behold Thy works on high, Let the nations roll it round !

The moon that rules the night, Zion, shout! for this is He: And stars that well adorn the sky God the Saviour dwells in thee, Those moving worlds of light;

W. Cowper. mp Lord, what is man or all his race, 54

S.M. Who dwells so far below, That Thou shouldst visit him with

f My soul repeat His praise And love his nature so ?— [grace, dinWhose anger is so slow to rise,

Whose mercies are so great, mp That Thine eternal Son should bear

"So ready to abate. To take a mortal form ; Made lower than His angels are,

High as the heavens are raised dim To save a dying worm ?

Above the ground we tread,

So far the riches of His grace f Let Him be crowned with majesty Our highest thoughts exceed, Who bowed His head to death ;

His power subdues our sins ; And be His honours sounded high

An His forgiving love,
By all things that have breath.

Far as the east is from the west, f Jesus, our Lord, how wondrous

Doth all our guilt remove. Is Thine exalted Name? [great

The pity of the Lord The glories of Thy heavenly state

To those that fear His Name, Let the whole earth proclaim. Is such as tender parents feel ; 1. Watts.

He knows our feeble frames



Our days are as the grass, 56

L.M. Or like the morning flower ; If one sharp blast sweep o'er the

f O LOVE of God I how strong and It withers in an hour. [field,

Eternal and yet ever new; true,

Uncomprehended and unbought, ex But Thy compassions, Lord. To endless years endure,

Beyond all knowledge and all f And children's children ever find

thought. Thy words of promise sure.

[ f O love of God, how deep and great ! 1. Watts.

Far deeper than man's deepest hate:

Self-fed, self-kindled, like the light, 55

C.M. Changeless, eternal, infinite. f BEGIN my tongue, some heavenly mp O heavenly love, how precious still, theme,

In days of weariness and ill ! And speak some boundless thing, p In nights of pain and helplessness, The mighty works, or mightier cresTo heal, to comfort, and to bless 1] Of our eternal King. (Name,

mp O wide-embracing, wondrous love, f Tell of His wondrous faithfulness,

We read thee in the sky above ; And sound His power abroad,

We read thee in the earth below, Sing the sweet promise of His grace

cresin seas that swell and streams that And the performing God.

flow. mf Engraved as in eternal brass, mp We read thee best in Him Who

The mighty promise shines ; Nor can the powers of darkness To bear for us the cross of shame; Those everlasting lines. [rase cresSent by the Father from on high,

f Our life to live, our death to die. f His very word of grace is strong

As that which built the skies; mf We read thy power to bless and The voice that rolls the stars along Speaks all the promises.

dimE'en in the darkness of the grave;

cresStill more in resurrection light Ohl might I hear Thy heavenly

f We read the fulness of thy might. tongue But whisper, “Thou art mine”; mf O love of God I our shield and stay (resThose gentle words should raise Through all the perils of our way ; my song

f Eternal love, in thee we rest, To notes almost divine.

For ever safe, for ever blest!

H. Bonar, mt How would my leaping heart

And think my heaven secure !

57 If I'd trust the all-creating voice,

mf MIGHTY God, while angels bless And faith desires no more.

I. Watte,

May a mortal sing Thy Name?



Lord of men as well as angels, cres Flow my praise, for ever flow.
Thou art every creature's theme.


Hallelujah, Amen.
Hallelujah, Amen.

f Go-return, immortal Saviour, [Lord of every land and nation,

Leave Thy footstool, take Thy Ancient of eternal days,

throne, Sounded through the wide creation

Thence return and reign for ever, Be Thy just and lawful praise.

Be the kingdom all Thine own.

Hallelujah, Amen.]

Hallelujah, Amen. nf For the grandeur of Thy nature

R. Robinson, v. 1, l. 2 altd. Grand beyond a seraph’s thought; 58 For created works of power, Works with skill and kindness f God is love ; by Him upholden, Hallelujah! [wrought;

Hang the glorious orbs of light, Hallelujah, Amen.

In their language glad and golden

Speaking to us day and night For Thy providence that governs

Their great story,
Through Thine empire's wide

God is Love, and God is Light. domain, Wings an angel, guides a sparrow ;

f And the teeming earth rejoices
Blessèd be Thy gentle reign.

In that message from above,

With ten thousand thousand voices

Telling back from hill and grove, Hallelujah, Amen.

Her glad story, mf But Thy rich, Thy free redemption, God is Might, and God is Love.

Dark through brightness all

f With these anthems of creation, Thought is poor, and poor expres

Mingling in harmonious strife,

Christian songs of Christ's salvation sion; Who dare sing that awful song ?

To the world with blessings rife,

Tell their story ;

God is Love, and God is Life.
Hallelujah, Amen.

mf Through that precious love H [Brightness of the Father's glory,

sought us, Shall Thy praise unuttered lie ?

Wandering irom His holy ways; Fly, my tongue, such guilty silence,

With that precious life He bought Sing the Lord Who came to die.

cres Then let all our future days [us : Hallelujah!


Tell this story :
Hallelujah, Amen.]

Love is Life-our lives be praise. mf From the highest throne of glory, f Gladsome is the theme and glorious, To the cross of deepest woe,

Praise to Christ our gracious All to ransom guilty captives,

Head :

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