Hymns of Worship, Praise, and Prayer,









NOTE.-The verses enclosed within brackets may be omitted it the

hymn be thought too long for public worship.

Medium 167o. Brevier.-6.1906.

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BV 395 .C6 1906


THE Editor of this Hymnal, and the Committee of the Congregational Union of
England and Wales, beg to tender grateful acknowledgments to the following
Authors or owners of Copyright Hymns or Translations for permission kindly
given to use them in this book:
Rev. Canon Baynes, 488:

Miss Irons, 268;
Rev. A. G. W. Blunt, 625;

Rev. J. Julian, 79; The late Rev. J. E. Bode, 380;

The Bishop of Lichfield, 150, 505; Rev. Canon Bright, 555, 679;

Miss Livock, 677; Mrs. Bubier, 372;

Dr. G. Macdonald, 680; The Archbishop of Canterbury, 713; Rev. Dr. Martineau, 137; Mrs. Charles, 269, 489;

Mr. G. Massey, 665; Rev. Dr. Conder, 740;

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Thciate Re 7. B. Robertson, 472 The late Bishop of Ely, 102;

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Mrs. W. Robinson, 274; Mrs. Faussett, 350;

Mr. W. H. Scott, 759; Mr. C. L. Ford, 483 ;

The Representatives of the late Dean The late Rev. W. Gaskell, 379;

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Rev. B. Waugh, 749; Rev. J. P. Hopps, 766;

The Dean of Wells, 622; Mr. T. Hughes, 403;

Mr. W. Whiting, 639; Miss Ingelow, 127;

Mr. H. H. Wyatt, 648;

And to the following Authors or Translators for the Hymns bearing their names, which are too numerous to specify in detail :Mrs. C. F. Alexander; The Representatives of the late Dean Alford;

E. S. A.; Rev. S. Baring-Gould; The Bishop of Bedford ; Rev. Dr. Bonar; Miss Borthwick, for Hymns from the Land of Luther; The Representatives of the late. Sir J. Bowring; Bishop A. C. Coxe, of Western, New York; Mr. W. C. Dix; Mrs. Downton, for Hymns by the late Rev. H. Downton; Rev. J. Ellerton; The Bishop of Exeter; The Rev. Canon Furse, for the hymns of the late Rev. Dr. Monsell; Mr. Redland Furse ; Mr. T. H. Gill; Rev. J. Hamilton is Miss Havergal, for the hymns of the late Miss F. R. Havergal; The Proprietors of " Hymns Ancient and Modern"; Rev. Dr. Littledale; H. L. L. Mrs. Lynch; Rev. W. T. Matson; The Rev. H. A. Mills, for the use of the late Rev. E. Caswall's

hymns; The Representatives of the late Dean Milman; Cardinal Newman; Mr. F. T. Palgrave; Rev. T. B. Pollock; Mr. G. Rawson: Rev. S. J, Stone; Rev. G. Thring; Rev. L. Tuttiett; Miss A. L Waring; Rev. Chr. Wordsworth, for the hymns of the late Bishop of Lincoln;

And to the following Publishers for leave to use hymns which are their Copyrights, and which in some cases have been purchased :Messrs. G. Bell & Sons, for the use of Miss Procter's hymns ; The Proprietors of Mrs. A. Cross's “Hymns on the Holy Communion,” for Hymns 482 and 514, taken from that work; Messrs. J.T. Hayes, for Dr. Irons' hymn, 430; Messrs. Longman, for the use of the translations by Miss Winkworth from the “Lyra Germanica" Messrs. Macmillan, for Hymn 109, from Lord Tennyson's “ In Memoriam"; Messrs. J. Masters, for certain of Mrs. Alexander's and of the late Dr. Neale's hymns; Messrs. Morgan & Scott, for Dr. Bonar's hymn, 239; Messrs. Novello, for the use of the following hymns by the late Dr. Neale, published in the Hymnal noted, 85, 135; Messrs. Oliphant, Anderson, & Ferrier, for the use of the late Rev. R. M. McCheyne's hymn, 305; Messrs. Parker, for the use of the hymns of the Rev. J. Keble, from “The Christian Year," and of the Rev. J. Williams; Messrs. Richardson, for the hymns of the late Rev. F. W. Faber; The R. T. S., for Mr. T. Kelly's nd Elliott's hymns.

All further acknowledgments will be found in the full Preface to the Crown 8vo, Edition of the Hymns, and to the Editions of the Hymns with Tunes.

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