cres Till Thou cam’st in mercy,

Seeking young and old,
P Lovingly to bear them,

Saviour, to Thy fold. mp Nearer, ever nearer,

Christ, we draw to Thee,
Deep in adoration

Bending low the knee.
Thou, for our redemption,

Cam'st on earth to die;
f Thou, that we might follow,

Hast gone up on high. {cres Great, and ever greater,

Are Thy mercies here;
True and everlasting

Are the glories there ;
Where no pain nor sorrow,

Toil nor care, is known;
Where the angel-legions

Circle round Thy throne.
P Dark, and ever darker,

Was the wintry past; f Now a ray of gladness

O’er our path is cast ;
Every day that passeth,

Every hour that flies,
Tells of love unfeignèd,

Love that never dies. mf Clearer still, and clearer,

Dawns the light from heaven, In our sadness bringing

News of sins forgiven ; cres Life has lost its shadows,

Pure the light within ;
Thou hast shed Thy radiance

On a world of sin.]
f Brighter still, and brighter,

Glows the western sun, dım Shedding all its gladness

O’er our work that's done ;


Time will soon be over,

Toil and sorrow past ;
May we, Blessed Saviour,

Find a rest at last! cres Onward, ever onward,

Journeying o'er the road
Worn by saints before us,

Journeying on to God;
Leaving all behind us,

May we hasten on,
Backward never looking

Till the prize is won.
f Higher then, and higher,

Bear the ransomed soul,
Earthly toils forgotten,

Saviour, to its goal ;
ff Where, in joys unthought of,

Saints with angels sing,
Never weary, raising
Praises to their King.

G. Thring. 72

C.M. f O FOR a thousand tongues to sing

My great Redeemer's praise ;
The glories of my God and King,

The triumphs of His grace.
mf My gracious Master and my God,

Assist me to proclaim, cresTo spread through all the earth


The honours of Thy Name. p Jesus, the Name that charms our

That bids our sorrows cease,
'Tis music in the sinner's ears ;

'Tis life and health and peace. mf He breaks the power of cancelled

He sets the prisoner free ; [sin; His blood can make the foulest

His blood availed for me. [clean:

mf He speaks, and, listening to His mf All begins in Jesus,

And in Him I see
New life the dead receive;

All the eternal Godhead
The mournful, broken hearts

Coming down to me.

cres I climb to His brightness, The humble poor believe.

Up my steps of praise ; *f Hear Him, ye deaf; His praise, ye

And a sudden lightness

Gilds my darkened days.
Your loosened tongues employ ;

cres So I sing to Jesus,
Yeblind, behold your Saviour come;

When my heart is faint;
And leap, ye lame, for joy.]

So I tell to Jesus, f Look unto Him, ye nations ; own

Comfort or complaint.
Your God, ye fallen race ; (alone; mp

All His words are music,
Look, and be saved through faith

Though they make me weep,
Be justified by grace.

Infinitely tender,
C. Wesley.

Infinitely deep.
Time can never render

All in Him I see;
6.5., 12 lines.

Infinitely tender,
SING a hymn to Jesus,

Human Deity.
When the heart is faint ; cres Sing a hymn to Jesus,
Tell it all to Jesus,

When thy heart is faint;
Comfort or complaint;

Tell it all to Jesus,
P If the work is

Comfort or complaint.
If the way is long,

mp Jesus, let me love Thee,
If thou dread'st the morrow.

Infinitely sweet!
Tell it Him in song ;

What are the poor odours
Though thy heart be aching

I bring to Thy feet ?
For the crown and palm,

cres Yet I love Thee, love Thee; cres Keep thy spirit waking

Come into my heart !
With a thankful psalm.

And ere long remove me imp Jesus, we are lowly,

To be where Thou art.
Thou art very high;

f Thus I sing to Jesus,
We are all unholy,

When my heart is faint;
Thou art purity.

So I tell to Jesus,
We are frail and fleeting,

Comfort or complaint.
Thou art still the same,

E. P. Hood.
All life's joys are meeting
In Thy blessed Name.


C.M. res Sing a hymn to Jesus,

When thy heart is faint: f COME, let us join our cheerful Tell it all to Jesus,

songs Comfort or complaint.]

With angels round the throne;

Ten thousand thousand are their mf At His voice creation

Sprang at once to sight,
But all their joys are one.

All the angel faces, f Worthy the Lamb that died,--they

All the hosts of light;

cresThrone and dominations,
To be exalted thus :

Stars upon their way,
Worthy the Lamb, our lips

All the heavenly orders reply,

In their great array. р For He was slain for us.

p Humbled for 1 season, mf Jesus is worthy to receive

To receive a Name
Honour and power divine ;

From the lips of sinners cresAnd blessings more than we can

Unto whom He came, give,

cresFaithfully He bore it Be, Lord, for ever Thine.

Spotless to the last,

Brought it back victorious f Let all that dwell above the sky, When from death He passed.

And air and earth and seas, Conspire to lift Thy glories high,

f Bore it up triumphant And speak Thine endless praise.

With its human light,

Through all ranks of creatures, f The whole creation join in one,

To the central height;
To bless the sacred Name

To the Throne of Godhead,
Of Him that sits upon the throne, To the Father's breast,
And to adore the Lamb.

Filled it with the glory 1. Watts.

Of that perfect rest. 75

6.5., 8 lines. [mfIn your hearts enthrone Him ;

There let Him subdue inf At the name of Jesus

All that is not holy,
Every knee shall bow,

All that is not true : rres Every tongue confess Him

cresCrown Him as your Captain King of glory now.

In tem tation's hour, 10f 'Tis the Father's pleasure

Let His vill enfold you
We should call Him Lord,

In its light and power.]
CresWho from the beginning
Was the mighty Word :-

f Brothers, this Lord Jesus

Shall return again, inf Mighty and mysterious

With His Father's glory,
In the highest height,
God from everlasting,

With His angel-train ;
Very Light of light.

f For all wreaths of empire In the Father's bosom,

Meet upon His brow,
With the Spirit blest,

And our hearts confess Him dimLove, in Love Eternal,

King of glory now. 'P Rest, in perfect rest.

Caroline M, Noel.

76 of YE servants of God,

Your Master proclaim,
And publish abroad

His wonderful name;
The name all-victorious

Of Jesus extol ;
His kingdom is glorious

And rules over all. f God ruleth on high,

Almighty to save;
And still He is nigh,

His presence we have ;
The great congregation

His triumph shall sing,
Ascribing salvation

To Jesus our King.' s Salvation to God,

Who sits on the throne,
Let all cry aloud,

And honour the Son ;
The praises of Jesus

The angels proclaim,
Fall down on their faces,

And worship the Lamb. f Then let us adore,

And give Him His right:-
All glory and power,

All wisdom and might
All honour and blessing,

With angels above,
And thanks never ceasing,
For infinite love.

C. Wesley.

f Worthy, 0 Lamb of God, art Thou, That every knee to Thee should

bow. f In Thee, most perfectly expressed,

The Father's glories shine :
Of the full Deity possessed ;

Eternally divine. .f Worthy, O Lamb of God, art Thou, That every knee to Thee should

[f True Image of the Infinite,

Whose Essence is concealed ;
Brightness of Uncreated Light;

The heart of God revealed. ff Worthy, O Lamb of God, art Thou, That every knee to Thee should

But the high mysteries of Thy

An angel's grasp transcend :
The Father only-glorious claim-

The Son can comprehend. f Worthy, 0 Lamb of God, art Thou, That every knee to Thee should

bow. mp Yet, loving Thee, on whom His love

Ineffable doth rest, cresThy glorious worshippers above,

As one with Thee are blest. of Worthy, 0 Lamb of God, art Thou, That every knee to Thee should

bow. of Throughout the universe of bliss

The centre Thou, and sun,
The eternal theme of praise is this,

To Heaven's Beloved One :f Worthy, 0 Lamb of God, art Thou, That every knee to Thee should bow.

J. Conder.

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mf Bright the world and glorious,

Calm both earth and sea, f AWAKE, and sing the song

Noble in its grandeur
Of Moses and the Lamb:

Stood man's purity :
Wake every heart and every tongue. dimCame the great transgression,
To praise the Saviour's name.

Came the saddening fall,
Sing of His dying love ;


Death and desolation cres Sing of His rising power ;

Breathing over all. Sing how He intercedes above, cres Still in regal glory, For those whose sins He bore.

'Mid eternal light. mf Sing, till we feel our hearts

Reigned the King Immortal, Ascending with our tongues ;

Holy, Infinite. cresSing, till the love of sin departs,

mf Long the nations waited, And grace inspires our songs.

Through the troubled night, mp Ye pilgrims on the road

Looking, longing, yearning
To Zion's city, sing :

For the promised light. cres Rejoice ye in the Lamb of God, cresProphets saw the morning In Christ the eternal King.

Breaking far away, of Soon shall we hear Him say,

Tinstrels sang the splendour
Ye blessed children, come;

Of that opening day. p Soon will He call us hence away,

Whilst in regal glory, cres And take His wanderers home.

'Mid eternal light, f There shall each raptured tongue

Reigned the King Iminortal, His endless praise proclaim ;

Holy, Infinite. And sing in sweeter notes the song f Brightly dawned the Advent Of Moses and the Lamb.

Of the new-born King, W. Hammond, altd. M. Madan, A. M.

Joyously the watchers

Heard the angels sing.
Toplady, and W. J. Hali.

dimSadly closed the evening
6.5., 12 lines.

Of His hallowed life, f HARK! the voice eternal

p As the noontide darkness

Veiled the last dread strife. Robed in majesty,

Lol again in glory, Calling into being

'Mid eternal light, Earth and sea and sky ; Hark! in countless numbers

Reigns the King Immortal, All the angel-throng

Holy, Infinite. Hail Creation's morning

inf Lol again He cometh,
With one burst of song.

Robed in clouds of Light,
High in regal glory,

As the Judge Eternal,
'Mid eternal light,

Armed with power and might. f Reign, O King Immortal,

Nations to His footstool
Holy, Infinite.

Gathered then shall be ;



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