O the sweet wonders of that cross, dimWhere Christ my Saviour loved

and died ! rres Her noblest life my spirit draws From His dear wounds and bleed

ing side. f I would for ever speak His Name,

In sounds to mortal ears unknown ; f With angels join to praise the

Lamb, And worship at His Father's throne.

I. Watts, v. 3, 1. 2 altd. 148 mf ALL ye that pass by,

To Jesus draw nigh :
To you is it nothing that Jesus

should die ?
Your ransom and peace,

Your surety He is : dimCome, see if there ever was sorrow

like His.
He dies to atone

For sins not His own;
Your debt He hath paid, and your

work He hath done.

Ye all may receive

The peace He did leave,
Who made intercession,

Father, forgive!”
For you and for me

He prayed on the tree : [free. The prayer is accepted, the sinner is

That sinner am I,

Who on Jesus rely,
And come for the pardon God can.

not deny.
My pardon I claim,

For a sinner I am,
A sinner believing in Jesus' Name.

He purchased the grace

Which now I embrace :
O Father, Thou know'st He hath

died in my place. f

His death is my plea;

My Advocate see,
And hear the blood speak that hath

answered for me.
My ransom He was

When He bled on the cross ; And by losing his life He hath carried my cause.

C. IVesley.


78., 3 lines. pp All is over-fought the fight;

Heaviness is for a night, p WEEPING as they go their way, Their dear Lord in earth to lay,

Joy comes with the morning light. cresLate at even who are they? cresLeave we in the grave with Him,

Sins that shameand doubts that dim These are they who watched to see If our souls would rise with Him. Where He hung in agony,

f Glory to the Lord Who gave Dying on the accursèd tree.

His pure Body to the grave, p All is over-in the tomb

Us from sin and death to save. Sleeps He, 'mid its silent gloom,

W. S. Raymond, v. 3, 1. 2 altd. Till the dawn of Easter come.

G. Thring.


Passing from the Cross of sorrow

To the mansions of the dead. p It is finished ! Blessèd Jesus, Thou hast breathed Thy'latest f Lol the heavenly light around

Him sigh, Teaching us, the sons of Adam,

As He draws His people near ; How the Son of God can die.

All amazed they stand rejoicing

At the gracious words they hear. Lifeless lies the broken Body, Hidden in its rocky bed,

For Himself proclaims the story Laid aside like folded garment :

Of His own Incarnate life,
Where is now the Spirit fled ?

And the death He died to save us,

Victor in that awful strife. cresIn the gloomy realms of darkness

Shines a light unknown before, p Jesus, Lord of dead and living, For the Lord of dead and living

Let Thy mercy rest on me ;
Enters at the open door.

Grant me, too, when life is finished,

Rest in Paradise with Thee.
See! He comes, a willing Victim,
Unresisting hither led ;

W. D. Maclagan.


7s. cres Made like Him, like Him we rise ; f CHRIST the Lord is risen to-day,

Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. Sous of men and angels say : f Hail the Lord of Earth and Raise your joys and triumphs high, Heaven! Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply. Praise to Thee by both be given ! Love's redeeming work is done,

Thee we greet triumphant now! Fought the fight, the battle won :

Hail, the Resurrection Thou! Lo! our Sun's eclipse is o'er ;

C. Wesley, Lo! He sets in blood no more.


11s., 5 lines. f Vain the stone, the watch, the seal ; Christ hath burst the gates of hell !

f “WELCOME, happy morning !” age Death in vain forbids His rise ;

to age shall say ; Christ hath opened Paradise !

Hell to-day is vanquished ; Heaven

is won to-day; Lives again our glorious King :

Lo! the Dead is living, God for Where, O Death, is now thy sting ?

evermore! p Once He died, our souls to save :

Him, their true Creator, all His cres Where thy victory, O Grave ?

works adore ! mf Soar we now where Christ has led, if “Welcome, happy morning 1" Following our exalted Head ;

age to age shall say.

[Earth with joy confesses, clothing Show Thy face in brightness, bid her for Spring,

the nations see ; All good gifts returned with her Bring again our daylight: day returning King :

returns with Thee ! Bloom in every meadow, leaves on ff Hell to-day is vanquished ! every bough, (triumph now.

Heaven is won to-day !
Speak His sorrows ended, hail His

V. Fortunatus, tr. J. Ellerton.
Hell to-day is vanquished;
Heaven is won to-day! 153

L.M. Months in due succession, days of f Light's glittering morn bedecks lengthening light,

the sky;

[cry; Hours and passing moments praise Heaven thunders forth its victorThee in their flight;

The glad earth shouts her triumph Brightness of the morning, sky and


[reply ; fields and sea, [praise to Thee.

And groaning hell makes wild Vanquisher of darkness, bring their f

“Welcome, happy morning ! While He, the King, the mighty age to age shall say.]

King, Maker and Redeemer, Life and

Despoiling death of all its sting,

And trampling down the powers Health of all,

of night, Thou from Heaven beholding human nature's fall,

Brings forth His ransomed saints

to light. Of the Father's Godhead true and only Son,

[put on. [mf His tomb of late the threefold Manhood to deliver, manhood didst guard

Hell to-day is vanquished ; Of watch and stone and seal had
Heaven is won to-day!

barred ; > Thou, of Life the Author, death cresBut now, in pomp and triumph didst undergo,

high, Tread the path of darkness, saving

He comes from death to victory.] strength to show ;

The pains of hell are loosed at last; resCome, then, True and Faithful,

The days of mourning now are past; now fulfil Thy word ;

An angel robed in light hath said, 'Tis Thine own third morning ! ff The Lord is risen from the dead.” Rise, O buried Lord ! “Welcome, happy morning!”

p Jesu, the King of Gentleness, age to age shall say.

Do Thou Thyself our hearts possess, wf Loose the souls long prisoned,

cresThat we may give Thee all our days

The tribute of our grateful praise. bound with Satan's chain ; All that now is fallen raise to life mf O Lord of all, with us abide again ;

In this our joyful Easter-tide ;


mence :

From every weapon death can wield This shall calm my trembling Thine own redeemed for ever shield.

breath, f All praise be Thine. O risen Lord,

p When I pass its gloomy portal : From death to endless life restored ;

Faith shall cry, as failseach sense, All praise to God the Father be

Lord, Thou art my confidence. And Holy Ghost eternally.

C. F. Gellert, tr. F. E. Cox. Latin, 6th century, ir. J. M. Neale,

155, double. 154

f The Day of Resurrection !

Earth, tell it out abroad ; f Jesus lives! no longer now

The Passover of gladness, Can thy terrors, Death, appal me ; The Passover of God: Jesus lives! by this I know

From Death to Life Eternal, From the grave He will recall me ; From earth unto the sky, Brighter scenes at death com ff Our Christ hath brought us over,

With hymns of victory.
This shall be my confidence.

mf Our hearts be pure from evil, mf Jesus lives ! to Him the Throne That we may see aright High o'er heaven and earth is given;

The Lord in rays eternal
I may go where He is gone,

Of Resurrection-Light; Liveand reign with Him in heaven: cresAnd, listening to His accents, God through Christ forgives

May hear, so calm and plain, offence ;

His own

“All hail!” and hearing, This shall be my confidence.

May raise the victor strain. mp Jesus lives ! for me He died ;

f Now let the heavens be joyful, (resHence will I, to Jesus living,

Let earth her song begin ;
Pure in heart and act abide,

Let the round world keep triumph, Praise to Him and glory giving :

And all that is therein :
Freely God doth aid dispense;

Invisible and visible,
This shall be my confidence.

Their notes let all things blend,
Jesus lives! my heart knows well ff For Christ the Lord is risen,
Nought from me His love shall Our joy that hath no end.

J. Damascenus, tr. J. M. Neale. Life, nor Death, nor powers of hell, 156

7s. Part me now from Christ for ever : God will be a sure Defence ;

f Christ the Lord is risen again! This shall be my confidence.

Christ hath broken every chain !

Hark, the angels shout for joy, f

Jesus lives! henceforth is death Singing evermore on high, Entrance-gate of life immortal ;



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mf He Who gave for us His life, p Deep in the shades of gloomy death Who for us endured the strife,

The almighty Captive prisoner lay : Is our Paschal Lamb to-day! f The almighty Captive left the We too sing for joy and say :

earth, Hallelujah.

And rose to everlasting day. w He Who bore all pain and loss

Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light, Comfortless upon the cross,

Up to His throne of shining grace; cresLives in glory now on high,

See what immortal glories sit Pleads for us and hears our cry : Round the sweet beauties of His Hallelujah

face. p He Whose path no records tell,

f Amongst a thousand harps and Who descended into hell,

songs, Who the strong man armed hath

Jesus, the God, exalted reigns ; bound,

His sacred Name fills all their cresNow in highest heaven is crowned:

tongues, Hallelujah.

And echoes through the heavenly p He Who slumbered in the grave,

plains. mf Is exalted now to save ;

I. Watts. Now through Christendom it rings 158 That the Lamb is King of kings ! Hallelujah.

mf YES! the Redeemer rose; mf Thou our Paschal Lamb indeed,

The Saviour left the dead,

And o'er our hellish foes
Christ, to-day Thy people feed ;
Take our sins and guilt away,

High raised His conquering head ; cresThat we all may sing for aye,

In wild dismay,

The guards around

Fell to the ground,
M. Weisse, tr. C. Winkworth.

And sank away. 157

L.M. p Lo! the angelic bands f Now for a tune of lofty praise

In full assembly meet, To great Jehovah's equal Son !

To wait His high commands, Awake, my voice, in heavenly lays,

And worship at His feet ; Tell loud the wonders He hath

Joyful they come, done.

And wing their way

From realms of day Sing how He left the worlds of

To such a tomb. light,

[above; And the bright robes He wore f Then back to Heaven they fly, How swift and joyful was His And the glad tidings bear. flight,

Hark! as they soar on high, On wings of everlasting love.

What music fills the air !

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