FEBRUARY 20, 1932. Subject: G-4000-7—New Jersey State Highway-Trial of Ralph Golden, Guara.

(Initialed G) Mr. W. AVERELL BROWN,

Assistant General Solicitor, New York City. DEAR MR. BROWN: I expect to be in Mr. Gemberling's office in Philadelphia all day Tuesday of next week and will be in New York Wednesday morning and will come to your office with Mr. Van Hook, our Casualty Manager, where we will be joined by Mr. Gemberling.

We would like to discuss with you briefly the case of Golden on the Jersey City Job. Mr. Van Hook has had a good deal to do with this case and I believe he would like to go over it briefly with you. We would also like to go over and talk to Mr. Faulks later in the day, after we have talked with you. If you are not too busy Wednesday morning, we will try to see you around 10 o'clock, which will give Mr. Gemberling time to reach the New York office. Yours truly,

General Manager of Erection. CSG:W Copy-Mr. J. B. Gemberling


FEBRUARY 20, 1932. SUBJECT: G-4000–7—New Jersey State Highway-Trial of Ralph Golden, Guard

(Initialed G) Mr. J. B. GEMBERLING,

Division Erecting Manager, Philadelphia, Penna. DEAR SIR: I am enclosing herewith copy of a letter I wrote to Mr. Brown today in connection with the Golden case. I expect to spend most of the day Tuesday with you in your office at Philadelphia in the afternoon will go to New York.

I wish you would please arrange to meet Van Hook and myself in Mr. Brown's office Wednesday morning around 10 o'clock, so that we can go over the Golden case with him, as I would like for him to have our opinion in regard to certain features relating to this case. Yours truly,

General Manager of Erection. CSG:W



1 Exchange Place, Jersey City, N. J. DEAR SIR: Absence from the office has prevented an earlier acknowledgement of your kind favor of February 20th, which was to the effect that all bonds in connection with the disturbance at the foot of Broadway November 14th have been released except in the case of Ralph Golden.

I realize that it is not likely there will be any additional premium for the Golden bond for the reason that the charge in the indictment is no greater than the original charge when he was arraigned.

I know that you did everything possible to obtain a reduction in this bond and it probably could have been arranged under circumstances where certain elements were not involved. With kindest regards, I am Yours very truly,

Casualty Manager. HBV:S

(Pencil initial: HBV) (Pencil notation: Talked with Capt. Foster 6/22/32. Says trial will come up this fall. Bergen is 0. K. but Foster will check further and let me know. HBV.)

EXHIBIT 2986 Private

Secret Commercial

Service Industrial

Cable Address Investigations

Fosteck, New York
33 West 42nd Street, New York City
Telephone: Lackawanna 2255

APRIL 27, 1932.
Division Erection Manager, American Bridge Company,

1712 Widener Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. MY DEAR MR. GEMBERLING: I am writing you in reference to Mr. Ralph Golden, now under indictment in Jersey for alleged shooting of Bergen, who was the leader of a mob that attacked your employees and property in Jersey City last November. This man is now under a great handicap through this indictment. It is impossible for him to secure the class of work he has been used to doing at a fair wage due to this indictment. He must stay in the jurisdiction of the court, so in case he is called at any time he will be present.

I feel that he should be paid at least $50.00 a week until final disposition is made of his case by the court. If you wish to send this to him direct by check, it is all right with me; or if you wish me to pay him weekly and bill you monthly for this amount, that will be all right with me.

I hope to see you when you are next in New York, and do not hesitate to call upon me. With my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for your cooperation on the work just completed, I am Yours respectfully,

ROBERT J. FOSTER [(Stamp:) American Bridge Co. Erection Dept. E. D. Philada., Rec'd Apr 28 1932; ansd ; copy





Pittsburgh, Pa., April 29, 1932. Subject: G-4000–7-New Jersey State Highway— Wages of Ralph Golden, Guard. Mr. J. B. GEMBERLING,

Division Erecting Manager, Philadelphia, Penna. DEAR Sir: I return herewith copy of Captain Robert J. Foster's letter to you of the 27th relating to payment to Ralph Golden of $50.00 per week until final disposition of his case in Court, the case being on account of the riot on our work in Jersey City when one of the pickets was shot.

Sometime ago when I discussed this subject with you, I was wondering what disposition would be made of Ralph Golden, whose case in connection with the shotting has not been disposed of and this letter of Captain Foster's brings the subject to a head.

I feel that we are under an obligation but do not like the idea of paying him $50.00 per week until final disposition of the case by the Court, as it may be a good many months before this case is disposed of.

I think we should see Mr. Lane during the next few days and make an effort to find out about how long it will be until the case will be disposed of. In the meantime you can take care of Golden at the rate of $50.00 a week or less, but we ought to know definitely, if it can be determined, what is ahead of us toward carrying this man on our payrolls.

After you have seen Mr. Lane and discussed this subject with him, I wish you would write me a letter as to what you find out about the case. In regard to paying Golden, it may be that it would be better for us to carry him on our payroll

, as I do not like the idea of having bills come in from Captain Foster after this job at Jersey City has been completed. A copy of Captain Foster's letter has been retained in this office. Yours truly,


General Manager of Erection. CSG:W Encl.

[Stamp: American Bridge Co. Erecting Dept. E. D. Philada. Rec'd Apr 30 1932 Ansd







Cable Address
Fosteck, New York


33 West 42nd Street, New York City
Telephone: Lackawanna 4–2255

May 17, 1932.
Division Erecting Manager, American Bridge Company,

Widener Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. DEAR MR. GEMBERLING: Enclosed find the address of Mr. Golden and the date of his last pay. I would appreciate your attending to this matter as he was in to see me yesterday about the same and assured him he would hear from you within a few days.

I enjoyed meeting Mrs. Gemberling and your daughter and the brief time spent in their company verified all the charming things you had said of them. With my sincere and best wish to you and the family. Respectfully yours,


155 West 84th Street, New York City. Last pay was up to and including April 16th.


(Stamped: Received, Gen. Mgr. of Erection, May 23, 1932; Ans'd 5/23/32; Copy to Atl.)


#1712 Widener Building, Phila., May 21st, 1932. Subject: G 4000–7, Case of Ralph Golden. Mr. C. S. GARNER,

General Manager of Erection, Pittsburgh, Penna. DEAR SIR: Referring to your letter of April 29th, in regard to compensation for Ralph Golden, while awaiting disposition of his case; I have endeavored to get some sort of an idea as to how long payment to Golden would have to be con

tinued, but was unable to get anything very definite on the subject. The plan is to have the case non-suited, and I have been informed the prospects for accomplishing this are very good, but it may drag on until fall before a decision is reached. There is no doubt that a dismissal of the case would be the economical solution of the matter.

While Captain Foster recommends that Golden be paid $50.00 per week, I feel that in view of the drastic reductions in wages that have taken place recently in all industries, $40.00 per week would be a good living wage. This would be about the same rate as we would pay a Bridgeman, but while there is a possibility of Golden receiving a much higher rate for work in his particular line, if he was permitted to leave the jurisdiction of the court, on the other hand, there is a great question whether he would be employed continuously. My recommendation would be that I take the matter up with Golden and arrange to pay him $40.00 per week, without specifying any length of time. In other words, leave the matter open so that payments could be discontinued at any time that circumstances or conditions might warrant, regardless of the disposition of his case.

I discussed this matter at length with Captain Foster, a few days ago, and while he was quite emphatic that $50.00 per week was the least we should pay Golden, I feel that inasmuch as we are spending our Company's money, we should have the final say as to the amount we are willing to allow. Captain Foster writes me that Golden has not received any pay since April 16th. We would carry Golden on our own payroll.

As I have been informed that Golden is in need of money, I wish you would please give me your views in the matter as promptly as possible, and oblige Yours truly,





MAY 23RD, 1932. Mr. Ralph GOLDEN, 155 West 84th Street,

New York City. DEAR SIR: Enclosed find Paymaster's Check No. 2459 in amount of $250.00 in payment of weekly allowance from April 18th to May 21st 1932, inclusive.

Please sign attached receipt and return promptly.
From this date, we will mail you check in amount of $50.00 the end of each week.
Yours truly,

Manager. JFR-P




OCTOBER 6, 1932. Subject: G-4000–7– New Jersey State Highway— Ralph Golden Case. Mr. J. B. GEMBERLING,

Division Erecting Manager, Philadelphia, Penna. DEAR SIR: Referring to Mr. Rittenhouse's letter of the 1st to Mr. Thompson, relating to the closing out of the Jersey City Viaduct work, the Golden case, etc., Captain Foster stopped in my office last Monday for a few moments and I asked him about when he thought Mr. Golden would be taken off our payroll. He told me at that time that he expected to have something for Golden to do on another case and that he saw no reason why he would not be put on other work within the next three or four weeks. Captain Foster promised to write the Bridge Company about this matter during the next two weeks and I wish you would follow it, in case you do not hear from him in the near future. Yours truly,

/S/ G. CSG:W


[Stamped: Received, Gen. Mgr. of Erection, Oct. 3–1937; Ans'd —- -—; Copy to - -]


Philadelphia, October 7th, 1932. Subject: Orders G-4000-7, Jersey City, N. J. Mr. C. S. GARNER,

General Manager of Erection, Pittsburgh, Penna. DEAR SIR: I have your letter of the 6th, with reference to the case of Ralph Golden.

I note what Captain Foster had to say in the matter and will keep the subject in mind for following up. Yours truly,


Manager. JMN/C



JANUARY 4, 1933. Subject: G-4000-7—New Jersey State Highway--Ralph Golden, Guard Mr. J. B. GEMBERLING,

Division Erecting Manager, Philadelphia, Penna. DEAR SIR: I think it is about time we discussed with Captain Foster or Mr. Lane the matter of how long we will be expected to carry Ralph Golden on our payrolls. I wish you would look into this matter within the next week or ten days and write me whether we will have to carry him on our payrolls much longer. Your truly,

(Initialed) G

General Manager of Erection. CSG:11



G-1 CCLM 231

Copy of Letter

JANUARY 5TH, 1933 Subject: G-4000–7, New Jersey State Highway Viaduct, Jersey City, N. J.,

Ralph Golden. Merritt LANE, Fsq.,

Lefcourt Building, Newark, N. J. DEAR MR. LANE: Will you please inform me as to the status of the Ralph Golden case? We are continuing Golden on the American Bridge Company payrolls and I am being very much urged to bring this expense to a termination. I hope you will be able to tell me that this case will soon be disposed of. Yours very truly,



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