[Formerly EXHIBIT JCC-4) (See text, pp. 7246–7247.)

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[Formerly EXHIBIT JCC-5) MEMBERSHIP LIST, JOHNSTOWN CITIZENS' COMMITTEE To the Citizens' Committee of Johnstown, 304 Swank Building, Johnstown, Po.:

I would like to be a member of the citizens' committee, and this will constitute your authority to use my name as a member:

George Feig, Jr., 522 Pine Street.
Carl E. Girs, 504 Tioga Street.
M. Meowiar, 42 Venango Street.
Morton Meyers, 902 Johnstown Bank and Trust Building.
E. H. Hachenan, Johnstown, Pa.
J. H. Brewers, Y. M. C. A., Johnstown, Pa.
Chester Shifflin, Johnstown, Pa.
James M. Foster, Johnstown, Pa.
Geraldine M. Lynch, Johnstown, Pa.
Fred A. Sargent, Johnstown, Pa.
Herbert H. Silverstone, Johnstown, Pa.
D. D. Frazier, Johnstown, Pa.
H. J. Stockton, Johnstown, Pa.
Albert W. Walters, Johnstown, Pa.
F. 0. Martin, Johnstown, Pa..
W. H. Patterson, Johnstown, Pa.
Ralph F. Swank, Johnstown, Pa.
W. W. Moore, Johnstown, Pa.
Earl F. Glocle, 218 Walnut Street, Johnstown, Pa.
J. T. Porinchak, Johnstown, Pa.
H. W. Belzner, 807 Bedford Street, Johnstown, Pa.
George Miller, 802 Bedford Street, Johnstown, Pa.
Harry A. Ling, 305 Market Street, Johnstown, Pa.
Aloysius V. Widmann, 201 Capitol Building, Johnstown, Pa.
Robert S. Waters, Johnstown, Pa.
L. H. May, M. D., Johnstown, Pa.
Oscar 0. Zolbe, 115 Fourth Avenue, Johnstown, Pa.
John Hubert Stanton, 144 Luzerne Street.
Herman D. Baumer, 502 United States Bank Building.
Frank B. Foster, Main and Bedford Streets.
John L. Geis, 141 Clinton Street.1
H. C. Tilley.
D. P. Wenner.
C. M. Harris.
George Tug, Jr.
Art Wolf.
W. J. Harris.
Harry C. E. Poad.
M. Kenny.
Edwin D. Lucas,
Chas. R. Stern.
Fred S. Brosius.
B. R. Knisely, 321 Highland Avenue.
Frank R. Geis, 414 Orchard Street.
Joseph Fries, 724 Diamond Block.
Wm. J. Blimmel, United States Bank Building.
Seymour S. Silverstane, United States Bank Building.
R. G. Stroud, 640 Napoleon Street.

D. W. Lyle, 179 Glenn Street. 1 This is the last listing on the second page of the exhibit. See testimony of Lawrence W. Campbell, p. 7247.

E. F. McGurley, 619 Railroad Street.
D. H. Wendel, Railroad Street.
R. P. Smith, 303 Title Trust Building.
George L. Brown, 12 Iron Street.
C. J. Heagy, 502 Main Street.
Gerald Devaux, 542 Main Street.
0. H. Fogelsanger, 725 Luzerne Street.
Patterson, Johnstown) Office Supply.
Stiffler, Gallagher,
H. T. Andrews, Democrat.
Karl Geis, Gen(eral) Store.
A. M. Custer.
George Schwartz, 427 Vine Street.
Rabbi M. Brill, 427 Vine Street.
H. M. McDowell, 482 Brush Avenue.
C. B. Hammerle, 146 Third Avenue W.
R. J. Hostetler.
Rev. J. N. Boyer, 123 Barron Avenue.
Walter Good, 1316 Good Avenue.
Abram M. Granowitz, 304 Thoburn Street.
Samuel Rapoport.
Rev. Paul Lindberg, 159 F Street.
Oscar T. Wilson, 626 Main Street.
Charles G. Clayton, 600 Ferndale Street.
Robert Mills.
Richard W. Gross, 347 Highland Avenue.
William D. Grady, 126 Venango Street.
S. W. Roudabush, 633 Somerset Street.
R. D. Hershberger, 606 Franklin Street.
Dr. Arthur J. Lynam, 910 U. S. Bank Building.
0. W. Wineman, 1102 Confer Avenue.
George J. Griffith.
Fulton Connor.
Harry Silverstone.
William M. Updegrave, 329 Main Street.
A. A. Walker, 731 Franklin Street.
Edw. J. Burkhard, 546 Third Avenue.
William M. Galliker, 114 Clarion Street.
S. H. Hickman.
Dan R. Schnabel.
George W. Griffith.
LeRoy Bidelman, Harshberger Road.
Rev. N. J. Woloshuk, 606 Maple Avenue.
Rev. F. A. Edmond, 54 Church Street.
Rev. Guy Allen, 1327 Franklin Street.
M. W. Graham, 260 Boyer Street.
Geo. W. Nicely, 114 Leila Street.


[Formerly EXHIBIT JCC-6) (Below is a list, prepared by the committee staff, digesting 268 documents sub

mitted by the Johnstown Citizens Committee. The documents marked by an asterisk were copied from the files of the Johnstown Citizens Committee and are printed following this list.]

LETTERS1 *1. July 1, 1937, Akron Chamber of Commerce to Martin, enclosing speech. 2. July 14, 1937, Allied Boards of Trade, Pittsburgh, to Martin: Regrets, but cheers.

3. L. J. Allison of Chicago, to Martin: Unable to attend meeting, but wishes to be identified with the movement. * Unless otherwise indicated, the documents are letters.

4. July 12, 1937, Charles L. Amos, Syracuse, N. Y., to Martin: Unable to attend; success.

5. August 3, 1937, J. H. Anderson, general manager, the Cooper-Bessemer Corporation, Grove City, Pa., to Mayor Shields: Wants copy of advertisement “Johnstown Plan.”

6. July 13, 1937, Raymond Anderson, Anderson-Little Co., Inc., Fall River, Mass., to Martin: Unable to attend; will support any resolutions passed by committee.

7. C. G. Atwell, 116 John Street, New York City: List of persons to receive pamphlets.

8. July 12, 1937, C. F. Ayer, 1004 Oliver Building, Boston, to Martin: Unable to attend July 15 meeting; have forwarded your letter to Boston Chamber of Commerce.

9. July 17, 1937, A. R. Babcock, 135 South La Salle Street, Chicago, to Rutledge: $i contribution.

10. July 6, 1937, G. W. Bacon, 39 Broadway, New York City, to Martin: Appreciate your letter of July 2. Have spoken to many friends re work.

11. June 25, 1937, John Harmon Baldwin, Mendon, Ill.: Encloses poem entitled “The Soul of Labor."

12. July 12, 1937, G. J. Barcalo, Barcalo Manufacturing Co., Buffalo, to Marton: Unable to attend, etc.

13. July 13, 1937, F. N. Bard, 1801 Winnemac Avenue, Chicago, to Martin: Supports movement.

14. July 13, 1937, George D. Barron, Post Office Box 217, Rye, N. Y.: Unable to attend meeting.

15. July 6, 1937, D. M. Bates, Bates Inc., Philadelphia, to Martin: Sends check for $25 to Rutledge.

16. July 13, 1937, H. M. Bates, 36 Pearl Street, Hartford, Conn., to Martin: Unable to attend meeting; wish you every success.

17. July 9, 1937, Ernest R. Behrend, president, Hammermill Paper Co., Erie, Pa., to Martin: We contributed, believing in your cause.

*18. July 25, 1937, R. C. Bennet, president of Chain Deliveries, Inc., New York City, to Boake Carter 1: Encloses check of $25 for fight on C. I. O.

19. July 13, 1937, S. A. Bennett, president, Wilson & Bennett, Chicago, to Citizen's Committee: Am with you, as my $10 contribution indicates.

20. June 28, 1937, W. M. Bertolet, Reading, Pa., to Martin: Your letter of June 24 has been circulated in Reading. Funds may easily be raised here (Reading).

21. July 6, 1937, E. L. Bevan, 133 Chestnut Street, Montclair, N. J., to Martin: Wants return of his proposed advertising campaign upon learning that John Price Jones has been retained.

22. July 13, 1937, Chas. L. Biederwolf, secretary, Chamber of Commerce of Fort Wayne, Ind: Pledges support.

*23. July 23, 1937, Reginald Boote, chairman, Association of Remington Rand Employees, Ilion, N. Y., to Campbell: Convention of Independent Workers at Hershey; can Barnhart attend; also C. L. Snyder of Industrial Miners' Brotherhood.

24. July 4, 1937, F. R. Bowen, treasurer, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Conemaugh, Pa., to Francis C. Martin—Question: Is your organization fighting C. I. O. alone or all organized labor? Request: Get together or we may have to declare Johnstown unfair in all lodges.

25. July 10, 1937, John J. Bowman, Ezra F. Bowman's Sons, Lancaster, Pa., to Martin: Have sent one contribution; will send more if needed.

26. July 9, 1937, A. W. Boyer, president, Chamber of Commerce of Lebanon, Pa., to Martin: Lists five representatives to be at July 15 meeting.

27. July 12, 1937, T. W. Brewer, president, Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, to Martin: Unable to come, wishes success.

*28. June 22, 1937, a telegram, Senator Bridges to Lawrence Campbell: Acknowledges letters and telegrams; promises to ask Senate Post Office Committee for hearing.

*29. July 9, 1937, Frank R. Brines, secretary, National Association of Hosiery Dyers & Finishers, Inc., to Martin: Wants to help organize a strong employers' association in Johnstown.

30. July 20, 1937, Marie L. Brooke, 1361 Madison Avenue, New York City, to Citizens' Committee: $1.

1 See letter 50, p. 7291.

*31. July 13, 1937, James Emery Brooks, Glen Ridge, N. J., to Martin: Sends 50 copies each of two publications.

32. July 12, 1937, S. P. Broome, Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co., Philadelphia, to Martin: Unable to attend; supports Americanism move.

*33. Undated excerpt: Earl Browder says industrial unionists will take over industry.

34. July 13, 1937, Gordon Brown, sales manager, Bakelite Corporation, New York City, to Citizens' Committee, Steel Workers' Committee: Unable attend; but supports move against C. I. O. "gangsters."

35. July 15, 1937, Percy A. Brown & Co., Wilkes-Barre, Pa., to Rutledge: Brown, a $100 contribution; wants 25 pamphlets.

*36. June 4, 1937, Wm. H. Browning to George Sokolsky: Repeal the sixteenth amendment.

37. July 11, 1937, Norman Brudenell, 2123 W. Pacific Street, Philadelphia, Pa., to Citizen's Committee: Unable to attend.

38. July 12, 1937, Sam Buchwald, New York City to Martin: Unable to attend, but in accord with any action taken.

39. July 13, 1937, a letter, P. E. Burkholder, Bradford (Pa.) Board of Commerce, to Martin: Unable to attend; will confer later.

40. July 12, 1937, J. W. Burnison, president, Camden County Chamber of Cgmmerce, New Jersey: Unable attend; very much interested.

*41. July 14, 1937, Albert G. Burns, president National Inventors Congress Inc., Blum Building, Chicago, to Martin: Unable to attend July 15 meeting. Desirous of assisting movement in every possible way.

*42. July 2, 1937, S. P. Bush, Columbus, Ohio, to Martin: Forwarding contribution to Rutledge.

*43. July 9, 1937, S. P. Bush, 141 North Front Street, Columbus, Ohio, to Martin: Suggests code of principles for the committee.

*44. July 12, 1937, S. P. Bush, 141 North Front Street, Columbus, Ohio, to Martin: Unable to attend; is trying to organize a similar group locally.

*45. August 2, 1937, C. J. Bushnell, chairman, department of sociology, University of Toledo (Ohio), to Citizen's Committee: Wants 100 copies of any literature for his classes.

46. July 11, 1937, Erney C. Byers, 811 Pennsylvania Avenue, York, Pa.: 25 copies, "Lesson of Johnstown".

47. July 13, 1937, J. F. Caine (American Can Co., Chicago), to Martin: Cannot attend meeting, plan is good.

48. July 13, 1937, Mrs. Raymond E. Caller, 190 Gaylor Road, Scarsdale, N. Y., to Martin: Supports movement.

49. July 8, 1937, Harvey Campbell, vice-president-secretary, Detroit Board of Commerce, to Martin: Cannot come to meeting because attending conference on same subject by National Association of Manufacturers in Chicago, July 16.

*50. July 21, 1937, Boake Carter to citizen's committee: Encloses letter from R. C. Bennet 1 and check for $25.

51. July 10, 1937, George B. Chandler, secretary, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Columbus, Ohio, to Martin: Will be present July 15.

52. July 16, 1937, George B. Chandler, secretary, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Columbus, to Martin: Had to leave before July 15 meeting was over. Wants record proceedings, especially Williams' speech.

*53. July 19, 1937, David M. Church, vice president of John Price Jones Corporation, to Campbell: Please furnish name of N. L. R. B. observers at July 15 meeting.

54. July 13, 1937, George H. Clark, 31 Exchange Street, Rochester, N. Y., to Rutledge: Wants 20 copies "Lesson of Johnstown.'

55. July 16, 1937, G. Y. Clement, American Educational Association, Philadelphia, Pa., to Campbell: Orders extra copies "Lesson of Johnstown” for distribution.

56. July 12, 1937, G. Y. Clement, National Business Supply Co., Philadelphia, to Martin: Unable to attend meeting but heartily favors movement.

*57. July 19, 1937, Glidie Cobb, publisher of Pittsburgh Crusader (“Voice of the Negro'') to Stanton: Asks for a conference.

*58. July 22, 1937, Glidie Cobb, publisher, Pittsburgh Crusader to Campbell: Arranging interview with latter on July 28.

59. July 14, 1937, W. J. Collins, Aliquippa, Pa., to Martin: Wants to organize citizens' committee locally.

See letter 18, pp. 7285–7286.

60. July 13, 1937, Ida D. Cone, Nutley, N. J., to Martin: Unable to attend; feels that unless plan proceeds by the ballot the movement is bound to degenerate into a K. K. K. organization.

61. July 13, 1937, David V. B. Conley, 60 West Newell Avenue, Rutherford, N. J., to Martin: Can't attend, regret; President should be impeached.

*62. July 13, 1937, Ernest T. Conlon, executive secretary, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Lansing, Mich., to Martin: Impossible to attend July 15 meeting. Am informed that Harvey Campbell, Detroit Board of Commerce, will attend.

*63. June 25, 1937, Senator Royal S. Copeland to Campbell: “Deeply moved" by your letter with copy of telegram to Senator Bridges.

64. July 1, 1937, Wm. D. Cotton, 139 East Mount Pleasant Avenue, Mount Airy, Philadelphia, to Martin: Acknowledges telegram of June 30. Your idea correct. President allied with impudent Lewis is too powerful to attack locally, Nothing short of impeachment will curb Roosevelt.

*65. July 24, 1937, E. H. Cowell, Institute of Human Relations, 42 West Fifty-eighth Street, New York City to Citizens' Committee: Where are your New York headquarters?

66. July 9, 1937, R. W. Crist, Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, to Martin: We will be represented July 15.

67. July 12, 1937, a letter, J. C. Cuppia, 40 Wall Street, New York City, to Martin: Regrets unable to attend, but favors movement.

68. July 6, 1937, Eugene J. Davidson, Bank of Manhattan Building, Long Island City, N. Y., to Citizens' Committee: Wants booklet plan.

*69. July 6, 1937, a letter, Senator James J. Davis, to Campbell: Have followed issues through re Post Office Committee.

70. July 6, 1937, M. C. Davis, Davis Machinery Co., Toledo: Paid Rutledge; wishing success.

71. July 28, 1937, John Deegan, 4035 Brighton Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif., to Campbell: Complete organization of labor and agriculture is only way to peace.

72. July 17, 1937, Mrs. John A. Denholm, 33 Sagamore Road, Bronxville, N. Y., to Martin: Unable to attend meeting. Encouraging to hear of your plans. Must combat subversive tendencies even though difficult do so with Roosevelt, Lewis, Farley, & Co. in power. Country being wrecked by the crookedest, most insincere visionary we have ever been cursed with. The Supreme Court bill is an outrage.

73. July 12, 1937, G. W. Dennison, 2611 Fulton Street, Toledo, Ohio, to Martin: Have given your invitation to E. J. Miller, manager of Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association of Toledo.

74. G. W. Dennison, 2611 Fulton Street, Toledo, Ohio, to Rutledge: List of persons to receive pamphlets.

75. July 13, 1937, R. A. Denny, 1 Wall Street, New York City, to Martin: Unable to attend meeting; wishes success.

76. June 24, 1937, M. W. Dewey, 387 Bleecker Street, New York City, to Martin: Recommend your editorial this morning's Herald-Tribune. Roosevelt should be impeached. He is encouraging civil war among our people. There will arise in this country a vigilante committee because our Government will not aid

77. July 15, 1937, Elliott Donnelley, president, Scale-Models, Inc., Chicago, to Martin: States he is a contributor.

78. June 30, 1937, Mrs. E. B. Downes, 1323 North June Street, Los Angeles, Calif., to Martin: Wants to cooperate in California.

79. July 12, 1937, B. H. Bristow Draper, Hopedale, Mass., to Martin: Regrets missing meeting.

80. July 7, 1937, John D. Dunlop, 225 Fifth Avenue, New York City, to Campbell: Wants information particularly about branches.

81. July 13, 1937, Jno. D. Dunlop, 225 Fifth Avenue, New York City, to Martin: Unable to attend, very much interested.

*82. July 9, 1937, Ralph M. Easley, National Civic Federation, to Martin: No reason why our two organizations should not cooperate all down the line.

*83. July 13, 1937, J. E. Edgerton, Lebanon, Tenn., to Martin: Cannot attend meeting, but am sending a professor of economics from Vanderbilt University.!

84. July 14, 1937, Elizabeth, N. J. Chamber of Commerce, to Martin: Unable to attend; request all releases.

*85. July 14, 1937, a letter, G. W. Elliott, secretary, Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, to Martin: Will be represented at meeting by Roger F. Evans. 1 See telegrams 20, 9, and 19, pp. 7324, 7323, and 7324.

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