church in London, November 23d, 1658. His text was Rom. i. 16. He was ordained in April, anno 1659, and being lawfully called to be minister of the gospel at Wisborough Green in Sussex, he entered upon the place and went with his wife to live there, June 9th, 1659. He married Mrs. Johanna Hering, youngest daughter of Mr. John Hering, in his life-time pastor of the English church in Amsterdam, February 10th, anno 1658. She died in child-bed the fifth day after she had brought forth her first-born, which was a son and died before the mother, December 12th, anno 1659. They were both buried in the church of the abovesaid Wisborough Green.”

Here the information ends. We have a slight continuation of the history of this Zachary Clifton in Calamy's account of the ejected and silenced ministers; where we find amongst those of the county of Sussex “ Green : Mr. Zachary Clifton.” But neither in the “ Account” nor in the “ Continuation ” is anything more said of him. We see, however, that he remained disaffected to the English church, and that he lost his living by the operation of the Uniformity Act, August, 1662.

It is a reasonable presumption that he died soon

after without children; and if so, with him there would be an end of all the posterity of Richard Clifton, the first pastor or teacher of the Scrooby church.


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