Post-roads established in



Colorado Ter


From Lewisburg, via Howard and Union City, to Gibbon's Landing. From Clarksville, via Spada, Morrison's Bluff, Calico, and Anderson, to Reveille.

From Arkadelphia, via Rome, Gray's Ferry, Moscow, Mount Moriah, and Rosston, to Magnolia.

From Brinkley, via Cypress Ridge, Hickory Ridge, and Dades, to


From Marshall to Rally Hill.

From De Vall's Bluff to De Witt.


From Santa Cruz to Pescadero.

From Bear Creek to Yo Semite.

From Mendocino City to Noyo River.

From Ukiah City to Booneville.

From Upper Lake to Bartlett's Springs.

From Chico to Dayton.

From Dayton to Butte City.

From Butte City to Princeton.

From Woodland, via Cacheville, to head of Capay Valley.

From Wheatland to Spencerville.

From Calistoga, via Great Geysers, to Cloverdale.

From Camptonville, in Yuba County, via Indian Hill, to Brandy City, in Sierra County.

From Shasta City, via Millville, Phillip's Ranch, Round Mountain, Luttrell's Ranch, Caton's Valley, Birney's Valley, Birney's Falls, Pitt River, Bingettville, Fall River Valley, Big Valley, Davidson's Ranch, Mayfield's Mills, Whitley's Crossing, Ash Creek, Adin, McDevitt's Mills, Townsend's Ranch, Steel Brothers' Ranch, Hot Springs Valley, Butte Mountain, Dorrisburg, Franklin's Store, Goose Lake, and Ford Bidwell, to Lake City.

From Strawberry Valley, via Scales Diggings, Port Wine, Saint Louis, and Whiskey Diggings, to Gibsonville.

From Jehama, via Paskento, to Newville.

From Lower Lake to Bartlett's Springs.

From Taylorville to Reno, Nevada.

From Sebastopol, via Forbesville, to Guernville.

From Antioch to Bantas.

From Red Bluff, via Roaring River, Janesville, Igo, Piety Hill, Horsetown, and Middletown, to Shasta City.


From Badito, via Gardner, Cristome, San Isabel, and Bismarck, to Villa Grove.

From Cañon City, via Greenwood, Mace's Hole, and Dotson's to Greenhorn.

From Greenwood to Colfax.

From Badito, via Gardner, to Colfax.

From Fort Collins to Livermore.

From Trinidad, via San Francisco, to La Trinchera.

From Garland to Zapota.

From La Lorna to Capote.

From Colorado Springs to Fairplay.

From Creswell, via Bergen Park, to Junction.


From New Hartford, via Berkhamstead and Hartland, to West Greenville, in Massachusetts.

From Redding to Bridgeport.

From Pleasant Valley to Riverton.


From Richland to Sioux City, in Iowa.

From Yankton, via Welchtown, Ashvill, Skunk Lake, and Sisseton, to Breckenridge.

From Yankton, via Scotland, Milltown, Rockport, Firesteel, Batesville, Diamond Hill, and Eldorado, to North Pacific Railroad.

From Fort Sully, via Cheyenne Agency, Grand River Agency, Fort Rice, Fort Stevenson, and Fort Bradford.

From Whetstone Agency, via White River Forks, to Spotted Tail's Agency.

From Eden, via Lodi, Turkey Creek, and Thomsonville, to Yankton. From Canton, via Turnersville, Swan Lake, Ashville, and Wolf Creek, to Milltown.

From Sioux Falls City, via Rockport, to Fort Thompson.

From Vermillion, via Pilot Grove and Morry's Crossing, to Yankton.
From Medera to Big Stone Lake.

From Yankton to Norfolk, in Nebraska.

From Owego to Breckinridge, in Minnesota.

From Norfolk, in Nebraska, via Santee Agency, Springfield, Dayton, Scotland, Maxwell City, Red Earth, and Skunk Lake, to Dell City.

From Crow Creek Agency, via Cocosh, Gray Cloud, Alwilda, Central City, Bangor, Cecelia, and Brisbine, to Flandreau.

From Springfield, via Marshton, Woodbine, Laurel, Rockport, Atchate, Flandreau, Lake Shetek, and Mahoka Lake, to Mankato, in Min

[blocks in formation]

From Tunnel Hill to Dirt Town.

From Bainbridge, via Swann's Bridge, to Steam Mill.

From Harrell, via Calvary, to Concord, Florida.

From Athens, via McClesky's and Jug Tavern, to Lawrenceville.
From Monticello to Hillsborough.

From Madison to Ebenezer.

From Oconee Station, on Central Railroad, to Norris' Store.

From Hawkinsville to Vienna.

From Valdosta, via Ashley Lawson's, to E. J. Williams'.

From Cartersville, via Ball Ground, Walasco, and Dawsonville, to Dahlonega.

From Mt. Pleasant, on Brunswick and Albany Railroad, to Owen's Ferry, on St. Illa River.

Post-roads es

tablished in Connecticut;

Dakota Territory;



From New Garden to Arba.

From Bethel to Holansburg.

From Martinsville, via Pine City, to Eminence.

From Martinsville, via Monroe Mills and Oak Farm, to Nashville.
From Morgantown, via Cope, to Waverly

From Newberg to Marco.


Post-roads established in

Indian Terri




From Perryville, via Bushy and Goodland, to Paris, in Texas.
From Parker, in Kansas, via Coody's Bluff, Shanta-Sapba (or Black
Dog Creek), Choteau Station, and Locust Grove, to Tahlequab.

From Rossville, via Nu-Nohetihe, Lynch's Mill, Grand Salim, Locust
Grove, and Fourteen-mile Creek, to Fort Gibson.

From Marysville, in Arkansas, via Spavinaw and Moravian Mission, to Tahlequab.

From Tahlequab, via Flint, Clear Spring, and Lee's Creek, to Van Buren, in Arkansas.

From Coyville, Kansas, via Sac Agency, Okmulege, Barnett, Brunor, Stonewall, and Tishamingo, to Preston, Texas.


From Harper's Ferry, via Elon and Dalby, to Waukon.

From Fairbank to Grove Hill.

From Duncombe to Gowrie.

From Cherokee to Worthington.

From Jefferson to Mansion.

From Davenport, via Amity, Allen's Grove, and Buena Vista, to Calamus.

From Platteville, via Mormontown, to Redding.

From Florence, via Robin and Doebell, to Shellsburg.

From Iron Hill, via Emeline and Canton, to Cascade.

From Easton, via Plattsville, to Bridgeport.

From Le Mars to Wolfdale.

From Sibley to Beloit.

From Ottumwa, via Oak Springs, to Unionville.

From Iron Hill to Crab's Mill.

From Centre Junction, via Madison, to Hale.

From Spirit Lake, via Sibley, to Beloit.

From Cherokee, Iowa, to Worthington, Minnesota.

From Union Mills to Hopewell.

From Donelson, via Dover, Clay Grove, and Pilot Grove, to Salem.
From Woodbine to Shelby.

From Le Mars, via Orange City, Ocheyedan, and Sibley, to Worthington, Minnesota.

From Miami Valley to Garner's Mill.

From Franklin to Washington Prairie.

From Waukon, via Rud's, Dorchester, and Wilmington, to Caledonia, Minnesota.

From Neola to Glenwood.





From Colchester to Fandon.

From Mill Shoals to Belle City.

From Robinson, via Hardinsville, Chauncey, and Sumner, to Mier.


From Silver City to Fairville.
From Tynesville to Washington.


From Fordsville to Pellville.

From Owenton, via Squireville, to Springfort.

From Buffalo to Siloma.

From Prestonburg to Warfield.

From Grumville, via Deer Creek, to Rolling Fork.

From Morton to Rockville.

From Hickman to St. John, via Lodgetin, Morse Station, Lynnville, Murray, Good Bridge, New Providence, and New Concord.

From Moscow to Milburn, via Clinton and Spring Hill.

From Clinton to Wingo Station, via Sullivan's Store, and Baltimore.
From Clinton to Mayfield, via Dublin.

From Columbus to Blandville, via McClure's.

From Clinton to Blandville, via Cummin's Mill.

From Blandville to Barlow City.

From Dublin, via Fancy Farm, Wilson's Creek, and Kansas, to Paducah.

From Mayfield to Barlow City, via Wilson Creek, Lovelaceville, Hinkleville, and Hazlewood.

From Hodgensville to New Haven.

From Calhoun to Sevia or Owensboro and Russelville Railroad.

From Samuels Depot to Chaplin.

From Lancaster, via Buckeye, Mouth of Paint Lick, and Sulphur Mill, to Nicholasville.

From Benton, via Birmingham and Vogle's Lime Kiln, to Eddyville.
From Benton, via Fair Dealing, Aurora, Hico, Shiloh, to Murray.
From Calvert City, via Palman and Simpsonia, to Florence.
From Eddyville, via Parksville, to Cadiz.

From Princeton, via Simms' Store and Walloria, to Montgomery.
From Montgomery, via Cherry Hill, to Roaring Springs.
From Cadiz, via Trillis Store, to Cherry Hill.

From Smithland, via Salem, Marion, Fredonia, to Princeton.
From Cypress to Marion.

From Hurricane to Marion.

From Morganfield to Dixon.

From Morganfield to Marion.

From Caseyville to Morganfield.

From Dixon to Princeton.

From Dixon to Marion.

From Mayfield, via Stubblefield, and Cuba, to Linnville.

From Brewer's Mill, via Farmington and Huverd's Mill, to Boydsville.
From Princeton, via Parkersville, to Cadiz.

From Cadiz to Rockcastle.

From Cadiz to Linton.

From Caseyville to Providence.

From Fredonia to Dixon.

From Fredonia to Eddyville.

From Calvert City, via Haddock's Ferry, Dycusburgh, to Fredonia.
From Mayfield, via Fair Oaks and Clear Springs, to Simpsonia.
From Dixon, via Providence, to Creswell.

From Warsaw to Sparta.

From Robinson's Station, on the Kentucky Central Railroad, via Curry's Run Post-Office, Richland, and Antioch, to Havilandsville.


From Attica to Cawker City.

From Twin Mounds, via Valley Brook, Michigan City, and La Mont

Hill, to Lyndon.

From Middle Creek to Lincolnville.

From Cawker City to Wilson.

From Elk Falls, via Belknap and Cloversdale, to Cedarville.

Post-roads established in Kentucky;


Post-roads established in


From Wichita via London and Wellington, to Caldwell.

From Solomon City to Wichita.

From Peabody, via Plum Grove and Spring Branch, to Towanda.
From Newton, via Brookdale, to Fort Zarah.

From Longton, via Grafton, to Peru.

From Osborne, via Connell's Ranch and Russell, to Fort Zarah.
From Independence to Caney.

From Augusta, via Numeocah, Belle Plains, and Meridian, to Caldwell.

From Louisburg, via New Lancaster, Fontana, and Greeley, to Gar


From Quenemo (formerly known as the Sac and Fox agency) to Tecumseh.

From Fredonia to Coysville.

From Pleasanton, via Mound City, Blue Mound, Ozark.

From Westport, Missouri, via Shawnee Mission, Tomahawk Creek, and Aubrey, to New St. Louis.

From Mound City, via Oakwood, to Garnett.

From La Cygne, via Cady, Goodrich, and Sugar Valley, to Garnett. From Manhattan, via Belle Garde, Oak Grove, and Johnson, to Frankfort.

From Eldorado, via Little Walnut, Hickory Creek, and Rock Creek, to Elk Falls.

From Abilene, via Newbern and Mud Creek, to Marion Centre.

From Skiddy to Diamond Springs.

From Saint Mary's, via Eskridge, to Emporia.

From Eureka to Winfield.

From Wichita to Winfield.

From Independence, via Grafton and Center, to Cloverdale.

From Parsons to Smithfield, in Missouri.

From Wichita to Fort Sill, in Indian Territory.

From Douglass, via St. Joe, Ninnescha, and Merictran, to Caldwell.
From Minneapolis to Salina.

From Lindsburg to Hutchinson.

From Bloomingdale, via Merion Centre, to Florence.

From Minneapolis, via Salt Creek Valley, to Cawker City.

From Ellsworth, via Jewell City, to Grand Island, in Nebraska.

From Concordia to Asherville.

From Centralia, via Neuchatel, to Vienna.

From Concordia, via Oak Creek and Pilot Rock, to Zahnville.

From Sumner City, via Chicaska, to Caldwell.

From Jewell, via Delta City, to White Rock.

From Russell Station, via Paradise Creek, Cavert Creek, Osborne City, Gaylord, Ballard, Covington, and Waterloo, to Fort Kearney, Nebraska.

From Wichita, via Sumner City, Caldwell, Cheyenne, Washita Agencies, and Fort Hill, to Jackson, Texas.

From Wichita to Willington.

From Wichita to Augusta.

From Hutchinson to Camp Supply.

From Hutchinson, via Atlanla, to Fort Zarah.

From Big Timber, via Greenville, Burr Oak, White Mound, and Salem, to Cora.

From Winfield, via Oxford, to Sumner City.

From Bunker Hill to Zarah.

From Concordia, via Pipe Creek, Minneapolis, Lindsey, Salina, and

Lindsburg, to Wichita.

From Salina, via Elm Creek, to Hutchinson.

From Kirwin to the western line of the State.

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