Post-roads established in

North Caro






From Troy to Carthage.

From Bowers Mills, via Rock Bridge, Allen's Store, and Caledonia, to Cuvierville.

From Catawba Vale, via Crooked Creek, Stone Mountain, Bear Wallow, and Blue Ridge, to Hendersonville.

From Asheville, via Burnsville, Bakersville, Boone, and Jefferson, to Sparta.

From Hickory Tavern, via Dudley's Shoals, Brusley Mountain, and Warrior Creek, to Wilkesboro.

From Globe to Blowing Rock.

From Sparta to Independence, in Georgia.

From Catawba Station, via Yount's Mills, Clines Store, White Sulphur Springs, and Hickory Tavern, to Jefferson.

From Brown's Summit to Company Mills.

From Warm Springs to Spring Creek.

From Manteo to Cape Hatteras.

From Shoe Hill, via Montpelier, to Edinboro Medical College.


From Cherry Fork to Wheat Ridge.

From Belmont, via Morristown, to Flushing.
From Leatherwood to Cadwallader.

From Cambridge to New Connerstown.

From Nelson to Southington.

From Ripley, via Huntington, to Manchester.

From Union to Eagle Creek.

From Lewis Centre, via White Sulphur Springs, to Plaine City.

From Tranquillity, via Campbell's Mill, to Fairfax.


From Pendleton, via Forks of Birch Creek and Rock Creek, to Scotts.
From Union to Gem City, Union County.

From Baker City to Wingville.

From Jacksonville, via Manzanita, Hanna's Ferry, Big Meadow, Little and Big Butte Creek, Sam's Valley, to Jacksonville.

From Roseburg, via Looking-Glass Post-Office, Brewster Valley, Benton Prairie, Coos City, Mansfield, to Empire City.


From Peru Mills, via Shade Valley, to Shade Gap.

From New Gallilee to Cannelton.

From Findleyville to Monongahela City.

From Centralia to Montana City.

From Herricksville to Le Raysville.

From Woodbury to Roaring Springs.

From Bendersville, via Idaville, to Hunter's Run.

From Greenwood Furnace to Reedsville.

From Burnt Cabins to Richmond Furnace.

From Cumberland Valley, via Bean's Cove, to Flintstone, Maryland.

From Buckhorn, via New Columbia, to Jerseytown.

From Sereno, via Unityville, to Muncy Bottom.

From Beatty's Station, via Lycippus, to Pleasant Unity.

From Marshall's Creek, via Reseca, Twelve-Mile Pond, Fifteen-Mile

Pond, to Blooming Grove.

From Adamstown, via Swartzville and Reinhold's Station, to Reinholdsville.

From Thompson, via Hine's Corners, Preston Centre, Stanton Hill, Scott Centre, and Ball's Eddy, to Hancock, New York.

From Parnassus to North Washington.

From Williamson, via St. Thomas, to Mount Parnel.

From Williamson to Upton.

From Darlington, via Canelton, Elder's Mills, and Ackor, to Clarkson, Ohio.

From Parsons to Wilkesbarre.

From Noble's Mills to Taylorsville.
From Vancefort to Hayesville.

Post-roads es

tablished in Pennsylvania;

From English Centre to Waterville.


From Whippy Swamp to Allendale.

From Sheldon, on Port Royal Railroad, to Oak Point, on Bull River.

[blocks in formation]

From Burkville to Sabine Town.
From Burkville to Alexandria.
From Burkville to San Augustine.
From Liberty to San Augustine.
From Houston to Jasper.

From San Augustine to Jasper.

From Dallas, via Eagleford, Grapevine, and Prairie Point, to Decatur.
From Paris to Perryville.

From Keachi, in Louisiana, via Glade Springs, Elysium Fields, and
Evergreen, to Harmony Hill.

From Trinity City, via Butler, Fairfield, Tehuacana, to Hillsborough.
From Benham, via Gay Hill and Caldwell, to Cameron.

From Giddings to Lexington.

From Stephensville to Weathersfield.

From Stephensville to Comanche.

From McKinney to Denton.

From Greenville to Cooper.

From Greenville to Kaufman.

From Mount Pleasant to Honey Grove.

From Carsetta to Mansfield, in Louisiana.

From Belton to Lampasas.

From Waxahachie to Clebourne.

From Gainsville to Decatur.

From Sherman, via Preston, Georgetown, and Cedar Springs, to Boor


From Basin Springs to Sherman.

From Sherman to Warren.

From McKinney, via Lebanon, to Fort Worth.

From Austin, via Blanco, to Fredericksburg.

From Gatesville to Lampasas.

From Marshall, via Carter's Ferry, on Sabine River, to Carthage.

From Jefferson to Gilmen.

From Bastrop to Red Rock.

From San Saba to Fort Mason.

From Victoria, via Guadalupe River, Anaqua, Cromwell's Mills, and

Kemper City, to Refugio.


South Carolina;


Post-roads established in Texas;




From Meridian to Cleburn.

From Waco, via Meridian, Hico, Comanche, Brownwood, Concho Post, Concho, thence to connect with overland mail from California, to San Antonio.

From Burnet, via Blufton, Sluno Town, and German Settlement, to
Fort Mason.

From Liberty to Cold Springs, on the west side of Trinity River.
From La Grange to Lockhart.

From San Antonio to Friotown.
From Victoria to Texana.

From San Antonio to Bandera.

From Lampasas to Brownwood.

From Longview, via Gilmer, Simpsonville, Winsborough, and Bright Star, to Sulphur Springs.

From Sulphur Springs, via Emery and Jordan Saline, to Canton.

From Canton to Athens.

From Montague to Jacksboro'.

From Greenville, via Humboldt, Ashland, and Pecan, to Cooper.
From Jefferson, via Pittsburg, to Bright Star.

From Hallsville, via Flanigan's Mills, Harmony Hill, and Beckville, to

From Mount Pleasant, via Dabb's Bridge, Sulphur Bluff, Charleston, Cooper, and Ben Franklin, to Honey Grove.

From Cooper, via Pecan Branch and Commerce, to Greenville.

From Sherman, via Preston, Georgetown, Cedar Springs, Bourlands, and Bason Springs, to Sherman.

From Livingston, via Moscow, to Homer.
From Livingston, via Colila, to Sumpter.


From Livingston, via Sweet Gum Plains, Ward Fox Springs, to Celina.

From Walnut Valley to Fillmore.

From Union Depot to Whitestore.

From Jonesboro to Horse Creek Camp Ground.

From Freedom to Washington College.

From Jackson to Wellwood.

From Macon, via Oakland and Hickoryville, to Wythe Depot.

From Memphis, via Cuba, Mount Zion, to Portersville.

From Trenton, via Brazil, to Easton.

From Humboldt to Brazil.

From Mossy Creek to Rutledge.

From Cross Plains, via Fountain Head and Epperson Springs, to Lafayette.

From Brentwood, via Owens Cross-Roads, Rock Hill, and Patensville, to Hurt's Cross-Roads.

From Mitchelsville to Springfield.


From Ophir, via Camp Floyd, to Fairfield.

From Fairfield to Ureka.

From Ureka to Payson.

From American Fork City to Forest City.

From Salt Lake City to Silver Lake.


From Windsor to Cornish Flat, in New Hampshire.

From Greensboro, via East Craftsbury and Craftsbury, to North Crafts- Post-roads es

[blocks in formation]

tablished in Vermont;

From Whiting Station, via Sudbury and Hubbardtown, to Castleton.
From Cabot to Walden.

From Bradford to West Corinth.

From Corinth to East Corinth.

From Norrisville to Danville.



From Barksdale Depot, via Hall's Cross-Roads, to Spring Garden.
From Wolf-Trap to Omega.

From Danville, via Hall's Cross-Roads and Spring Garden, to Riceville.

From Gladeville to Grundy.

From Mangohick to Hanover Court House.

From King George Court House to Shiloh.

From Shiloh, via Paine's Store, Rock Springs, Leedstown, to Faneswood.

From Miller's Tavern, via Enterprise, Fawcette, and Mount Zion, to Tappahannock.

From Hampstead to Fair Haven.

From Stevensville, via Wright and Lipscombe's Store, to King and Queen Court House.

From Nottoway Court House, via Saint Mark's Church and Marshall's Store, to Olive Branch Church.

From Guilford to Gum Springs.

From Lynchburg City to Bigbee's Shop.

From Thaxton's, via Coonsville and Sandy Ford, to Stewartsville.


From Buckhannon, via Valentine, Hinkle's Mill, Mary Halls, Robert Talbotts' Store, and Witmoth's Store, to Bealington.

From Rathbone, via Richardsonville and Lynch's Mills, to Arnoldsburg.

From Castle, via Forks, Johns Creek, Crosiers, and Peck's Mills, to Union.

From Sweet Springs to Simmonsville.

From Mouse's, via Hinkles Mills, Maltons, and Dunkle's, to Franklin.
From Fountain City to Arcadia.

From Perryville to John D. Payne's, on Bradshaw Creek.

West Virginia;


From Menominee to Sheridan.

From Reedsburg to Wonewac.

From De Forestville Station to Norway Grove.

From Chippewa Falls to Flambeau Farm.

From Viroqua, via Newton, to La Crosse.

From Toma, via Ontario and Bloomingdale, to Viroqua.
From Prairie du Sac to Merrimac.

From Potosi to Cassville.

From Baldwin's Mills to Little Wolf.

From Berlin, via Harrisville, to Neshkoro.

From New Richmond to St. Croix Falls.

From Montfort to Muscoda.

From Chippewa Falls, via Penoka Range, to Ashland.
From Madison to Lake View.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

From Whatcom to Semiahmoo.

From the Dalles, via Columbus, to Golden Dale.

From Delta, via Pinawawa and Colfax, to Spokane Bridge.

From Snohomish City, via Mouth of Snoqualmie River, to Snoqualmie.
APPROVED, May 14, 1872.


- An Act to establish the Pay of the enlisted Men of the Army. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, the monthly pay of the following enlisted men of the army shall, during their first term of enlistment, be as follows, with the contingent additions thereto herein after provided:

Sergeant-majors of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, twenty-three


Quartermaster-sergeants of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, twenty

three dollars.

Chief trumpeters of cavalry, twenty-two dollars.

Principal musicians of artillery and infantry, twenty-two dollars.
Saddler sergeants of cavalry, twenty-two dollars.

First sergeants of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, twenty-two dollars.
Sergeants of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, seventeen dollars.
Corporals of cavalry and light artillery, fifteen dollars.

Saddlers of cavalry, fifteen dollars.

Corporals of artillery and infantry, fifteen dollars.

Blacksmiths and farriers of cavalry, fifteen dollars.
Trumpeters of cavalry, thirteen dollars.

[blocks in formation]

Musicians of artillery and infantry, thirteen dollars.

Privates of cavalry, artillery, and infantry, thirteen dollars.
Hospital stewards, first class, thirty dollars.

Hospital stewards, second class, twenty-two dollars.
Hospital stewards, third class, twenty dollars.
Ordnance sergeants of posts, thirty-four dollars.
Sergeant-majors of engineers, thirty-six dollars.
Quartermaster-sergeants of engineers, thirty-six dollars.
Sergeants of engineers and ordnance, thirty-four dollars.
Corporals of engineers and ordnance, twenty dollars.
Musicians of engineers, thirteen dollars.

Privates (first class) of engineers and ordnance, seventeen dollars.
Privates (second class) of engineers and ordnance, thirteen dollars.
SEC. 2. That to the rates of pay above established one dollar per
month shall be added for the third year of enlistment, one dollar more
per month for the fourth year, and one dollar more per month for the fifth
year, making in all three dollars' increase per month for the last year of
the first enlistment of each enlisted man named in the first section of this
act. But this increase shall be considered as retained pay, and shall not
be paid to the soldier until his discharge from the service, and shall be
forfeited unless he shall have served honestly and faithfully to the date of
discharge. And all former laws concerning retained pay for privates of
the army are hereby rescinded.

SEC. 3. That all the enlisted men enumerated in the first section of this

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