Warden of


Court of


Salaries of

judges, &c.

Reporting de


Judgments; no part for

For compensation of the district marshals of the United States, eleven thousand seven hundred dollars.

For salary of the warden of the jail in the District of Columbia, two thousand dollars.

Court of Claims. For salaries of five judges of the court of claims, at four thousand dollars each; the chief clerk, three thousand dollars; and assistant clerk, two thousand dollars; bailiff, one thousand five hundred dollars; and messenger thereof; in all, twenty-seven thousand three hundred and forty dollars.

For stationery, books, fuel, labor, and other contingent and miscellaneous expenses, three thousand dollars; for reporting the decisions of the court, clerical hire, labor in preparing and superintending the printing of the seventh volume of the reports of the court of claims, to be paid on the order of the court, one thousand dollars.

To pay judgments of the court of claims, four hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of this sum shall be paid upon any judgment George Chorpen- rendered in favor of George Chorpenning growing out of any service rendered in carrying the mail.


Department of


Pay of Attorney-General, solicitor-general, assistants, &c.


Office of the Attorney-General. For compensation of the AttorneyGeneral, eight thousand dollars; solicitor-general, seven thousand five hundred dollars; three assistant attorneys-general, at five thousand dollars each; solicitor of internal revenue, five thousand dollars; naval solicitor and judge-advocate general, three thousand five hundred dollars ; examiner of claims, three thousand five hundred dollars; law clerk, two thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand two hundred dollars; stenographic clerk, two thousand dollars; one clerk, two thousand dollars; seven clerks of class four; additional for disbursing clerk, two hundred dollars; two clerks of class three, one clerk of class two, one clerk of class one, one messenger, two assistant messengers, and two watchmen; in all, seventy-three thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. Office of the Solicitor of the Treasury. For compensation of the tor of treasury, solicitor of the treasury, three thousand five hundred dollars; assistant solicitor, three thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; one clerk of class four, three clerks of class three, three clerks of class two, one clerk of class one, one messenger, and one laborer; in all, twenty-two thousand and sixty dollars.

Office of solici


Contingent expenses.

Commissioners to codify the laws.

British claims commission.

Civil service.

Heads of ex


For contingent expenses of the Department of Justice, viz.: Fuel, labor, stationery, and miscellaneous items, fifteen thousand dollars; for rent of building, fifteen thousand dollars; for furniture and law-books, six thousand dollars. Commissioners to codify the Laws of the United States. For compensation of three commissioners to codify the laws of the United States, fifteen thousand dollars.

For incidental and contingent expenses for clerk-hire, stationery, and miscellaneous items, three thousand dollars. For the compensa

United States and British Claims Commission.

tion and expenses of the United States and British claims commission, forty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty dollars.

To enable the President of the United States to perfect and put in force such rules regulating the civil service as may, from time to time, be adopted by him, twenty-five thousand dollars.

SEC. 2. That after the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and ecutive depart- seventy-two, it shall be the duty of each head of an executive department ments, &c, to include in annual of the government, and of all other public officers who have heretofore had estimates sums printing and binding done at the congressional printing office for the necessary for use of their respective departments or public offices, to include in their

annual estimates for appropriations for the next fiscal year such sum or printing and sums as may to them seem necessary "for printing and binding, to be binding. executed under the direction of the congressional printer."

an account with

been made for

SEC. 3. That it shall be the duty of the congressional printer, when Congressional Congress shall have made an appropriation for any department or public printer to open office, to be expended "for printing and binding, to be executed under the each department, direction of the congressional printer," to cause an account to be opened &c., for which an with each of said departments or public offices, on which he shall charge appropriation has for all printing and binding ordered by the heads of said departments or printing, &c. public offices, in accordance with the schedule of prices established in accordance with law, and it shall not be lawful for him to cause to be executed any printing or binding the value whereof shall exceed the amount appropriated for such purpose. And the congressional printer is hereby authorized to employ a clerk of class two to have charge of said accounts; and that he make a detailed report of each account with departments or public offices to Congress in his annual report.



Certain limit

SEC. 4. That all acts and parts of acts prescribing and limiting the number of congressional documents to be printed for the use of any head to number of of department or public office are hereby repealed.

documents repealed.

SEC. 5. That all proceeds of sales of old material, condemned stores, Proceeds of supplies, or other public property of any kind, shall hereafter be depos- sales of old material, &c., how ited and covered into the treasury as miscellaneous receipts, on account to be used and of "proceeds of government property," and shall not be withdrawn or applied. applied except in consequence of a subsequent appropriation made by See 1872, ch. 348. law; and a detailed statement of all such proceeds of sales shall be in- Detailed statecluded in the appendix to the book of estimates. But this section shall ment. This section not be held to repeal the existing authority of law in relation to marine not to apply to, hospitals, revenue-cutters, the clothing fund of the navy, or the sale of &c. commissary stores to the officers of the army. And it shall be the duty Register of of the register of the treasury to furnish to the proper accounting Treasury to furnish copies of officers copies of all warrants covering such proceeds, where the same warrants, &c. may be necessary in the settlement of accounts in their respective offices.

itol to be en


What to be

SEC. 6. That the public grounds surrounding the Capitol shall be en- Public grounds larged (according to the plan approved by the committees on public around the Capbuildings of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, larged. which plan is hereby directed to be deposited in the custody of the Secretary of the Interior) by extension between First street east and First street west, in the following manner: northwardly to the south side of North B street, and southwardly to the north side of South B street, including, in addition to so much of the reservations, avenues, and streets as are necessary for such extension, the two squares designated on the plan of the city of Washington as numbers six hundred and eightyseven and six hundred and eighty-eight, respectively.


See Post, p. 537.

purchase from

sary, &c.

SEC. 7. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to The Secretary purchase, from the owner or owners thereof, at such price, not exceeding of the Interior to its actual cash value, as may be mutually agreed on between the Secre- owners such pritary and such owner or owners, and not exceeding the appraisal made by vate property as the commission of nine in their report to Robert Ould, United States may be necesdistrict attorney for the District of Columbia, on the twenty-first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, such private property as may be necessary for carrying this act into effect, the value of the property Limit as to so purchased to be paid to the owner or owners thereof, out of any price. money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, on the requisition of said Secretary: Provided, That before such payment shall be made, the owner or owners of the property purchased shall, by good and sufficient veyances before deed or deeds, in due form of law, and approved by the Attorney-General of the United States, fully release and convey to the United States all

Sufficient con


If property cannot be obtained by mutual agreement, the su

preme court of the District of Columbia to provide for making a just appraise

ment thereof.

Upon payment, &c., of appraised value, the fee of the premises to vest in the United States, &c.


their and each of their several and respective rights in said titles to such lands and property so purchased.

SEC. 8. That if the Secretary of the Interior shall not be able to agree with the owner or owners of any private property needed for the purposes of this act upon the price to be paid therefor, or if for any other cause he shall be unable to obtain the title to any such property by mutual agreement with the owner or owners thereof, it shall be his duty to make application to the supreme court of the District of Columbia, which court is hereby authorized and required, upon such application, in such mode, and under such rules and regulations as it may adopt, to make a just and equitable appraisement of the cash value of the several interests of each and every owner of the real estate and improvements thereon necessary to be taken for the public use in accordance with the provisions of this act, and to which the Secretary has been unable to obtain the title by mutual agreement with the owner or owners thereof.

SEC. 9. That the fee-simple of all premises so appropriated for public use, of which an appraisement shall have been made under the order and direction of said court, shall, upon payment to the owner or owners, respectively, of the appraised value, or in case the said owner or owners refuse or neglect for fifteen days after the appraisement of the cash value of said lands and improvements by said court to demand the same from Secretary of the Secretary of the Interior, upon depositing the said appraised value Interior to make in the said court to the credit of such owner or owners, respectively, be vested in the United States. And the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and required to pay to the several owner or owners, respectively, the appraised value of the several premises as specified in the appraisement of said court, or pay into court by deposit, as hereinbefore Appropriation. provided, the said appraised values; and the sum necessary, not exceeding four hundred thousand dollars, for such purpose is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to sell at public auction such materials in the buildings in squares numbers six hundred and eighty-seven and six hundred and eighty-eight as are not necessary for the public works in this District; and further, that the moneys sales, how to be realized by such sales shall be applied to the improvement and extension applied. of the Capitol grounds.

Certain materials in the buildings to be sold at public auction.

Proceeds of

Court to de

termine the time

and manner of the taking and

SEC. 10. That said court may direct the time and manner in which possession of the property condemned shall be taken or delivered, and may, if necessary, enforce any order or issue any process for giving possession. The cost occasioned by the inquiry and assessment shall be condemned prop- paid by the United States, and, as to other costs which may arise, they shall be charged or taxed as the court may direct.

delivery of the

erty. Costs.


where there are

doubts as to the

ownership of the property, &c.

When possession may be taken.

Certain rail

road companies tracks from, &c.

to remove their

Commission to report a plan to

SEC. 11. That no delay in making an assessment of compensation, or in taking possession, shall be occasioned by any doubt which may arise as to the ownership of the property, or any part thereof, or as to the interests of the respective owners, but in such cases the court shall require a deposit of the money allowed as compensation for the whole property or the part in dispute. In all cases, as soon as the United States shall have paid the compensation assessed, or secured its payment, by a deposit of money, under the order of the court, possession of the property may be taken.

SEC. 12. That the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company and the Metropolitan Railroad Company be, and they are hereby required to remove their tracks, respectively, from the Capitol grounds, as hereby established, and to run the same as they may be directed, from time to time, by the officer in charge of the public buildings and grounds, as the grading and filling up of said grounds may render necessary. That a commission, consisting of the Secretary of the Interior, the chief engineer of the army, and the officer in charge of public buildings and

in front of west

grounds, is hereby authorized and directed to examine and report to Con- remove locomogress, prior to the second Monday of December next, a plan by which tive railroad track the locomotive railroad track in front of the western entrance of the ern entrance of Capitol shall be removed, with due regard to the rights of all parties Capitol. concerned, and by which proper connections with other railroads may be made.

of the court of

SEC. 13. That from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred Salaries of secand seventy-two, the annual salaries of the second comptroller, of the cond comptroller, register, superregister, and of the supervising architect of the treasury department, vising architect, shall be four thousand dollars each; and the annual salary of the judges and of the judges of the court of claims shall be four thousand five hundred dollars each, claims estaband a sufficient sum to carry into effect the provisions of this section to lished. the end of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, is hereby appropriated. APPROVED, May 8, 1872.

CHAP. CXLI.-An Act to provide for the Removal of the Kansas Tribe of Indians to the
Indian Territory, and to dispose of their Lands in Kansas to actual Settlers.

May 8, 1872.

Unsold lands

Kansas Indians

praisement, &c.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to cause to be in Kansas of the appraised and sold so much of the lands heretofore owned by the Kansas to be appraised tribe of Indians in the State of Kansas, and which was ceded to the and sold. United States in trust in the treaty made by the United States and said Vol. xii. p. 1111. Indians proclaimed November seventeenth, anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty, and which remain unsold, in the following manner, viz.: The Mode of apsaid Secretary shall appoint three disinterested and competent persons, who shall, after being duly sworn to perform said service faithfully and impartially, personally examine and appraise said lands by legal subdivisions of one hundred and sixty acres or less, separately from the value of any improvements on the same, and also the value of said improvements, distinguishing between improvements made by members of said Indian tribe, the United States, and white settlers, and make return thereof to the commissioner of Indian affairs: Provided, That the Appraisement Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion, set aside any appraise- may be set aside. ments that may be made under the provisions of this section, and cause a new appraisement to be made.

lands and improvements at

SEC. 2. That each bona-fide settler at the time occupying any portion Bona-fide setof said lands and having made valuable improvements thereon, or the tlers, &c., and their heirs, may heirs at law of such, who is a citizen of the United States, or who has purchase not over declared his intention to become such, shall be entitled, at any time within 160 acres of such one year from the approval of said appraisement, to purchase, for cash, the land so occupied and improved by him, not to exceed one hundred and the appraised sixty acres in each case, at the appraised value thereof, including the value. praised value of any improvements which may have been made by the United States or any of said Indians on the same, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe.


SEC. 3. That all the lands mentioned in the first section of this act now Occupied lands occupied by bona-fide settlers, as mentioned in the second section of this unsold after one year, &c., to be act, remaining unsold at the expiration of one year from the approval of sold at public said appraisement, shall be sold at public sale, after due advertisement, to sale. the highest bidder for cash, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres; and all the lands mentioned in the first section of this act which Unoccupied shall be unoccupied by bona-fide settlers at the date of such appraisement lands may be sold after apmay be sold at any time after the approval of said appraisement, at pub-proval of aplic sale, after due advertisement, to the highest bidder for cash, in tracts praisement. not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe: Provided, That in Limit to price. no case shall any of the lands mentioned in this act be sold at less than

Lands unsold their appraised value: And provided further, That the Secretary of the after, &c. Interior may, in his discretion, open any of said lands remaining unsold after having been publicly offered to cash entry at their appraised value, subject to the rights of bona-fide settlers as provided for in this act: Provided, however, That the proceeds of the sale of said lands and improvements, after paying the expenses of said appraisement and sale, shall be applied in accordance with the provisions of said treaty in the payment of the liquidated indebtedness of said Kansas tribe of Indians pro rata as the same shall be received, and the excess, if any, shall be distributed to the said Indians, per capita, in money.

Proceeds of sales of lands how to be applied.

The diminished reserve of the Kansas Indians

to be appraised

and sold, &c., if, &c.

Mode of appraisement and sale.

Proceeds of sales.

SEC. 4. That if said Kansas tribe of Indians shall signify to the President of the United States their desire to sell their diminished reserve, as indicated in said treaty, including lands held in severalty and in common, and to remove from the State of Kansas, and shall so agree in such manner as the President may prescribe, the Secretary of the Interior may cause the same to be appraised in legal subdivisions as herein before provided for the appraisement of the so-called "trust lands," and sold in quantities not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres at not less than its appraised value, after due notice, to the highest bidder or bidders on sealed Improvements. bids, including improvements of every character, and no preference shall be given to settlers on any part of said diminished reserve, and the appraised value of any improvements on any part of said diminished reserve made by any member of said tribe shall be paid to him or her in person, and the residue of the proceeds of said sales shall belong to said tribe in common, fifty per centum of which shall be placed to their credit on the books of the treasury, and bear interest at the rate of five per centum per annum, said interest to be paid to them semi-annually for the term of twenty years, after which period the principal shall be paid to the members of said tribe per capita, and the remaining fifty per centum of the proceeds of sales as aforesaid shall be used in providing and improving for them new homes in the Indian Territory, and in subsisting them until Adult memthey may become self-sustaining: Provided, That if any adult member of bers of tribe said tribe to whom an allotment was assigned under the provision of artidesiring to remain upon the cles one and two of said treaty of November, eighteen hundred and sixty, reservation, may shall desire to remain upon the same, such member of said tribe shall, receive patent for upon satisfying the Secretary of the Interior that he or she is the person exempt, &c. to whom such allotment was originally assigned, and that he or she has, since the date of such assignment, continued to occupy and cultivate the same, be entitled to demand and receive for such allotment a patent in feesimple; but such land so patented shall be exempt from levy, taxation, or sale during the natural life of such Indian.

their allotment,

May 8, 1872.

Certain floating debts and trust funds of the


APPROVED, May 8, 1872.

CHAP. CXLII. — An Act to fund certain Liabilities of the City of Washington, existing June first, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and to limit the Debt of and Taxation in the District of Columbia..

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the commissioners of the sinking-fund of the District of Columbia, duly appointed under the laws City of Washing of the said District, be, and are hereby, authorized to fund the liabilities ton to be funded. of the city of Washington, consisting of the floating debts and trust-funds found to be due on the first of June, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, not exceeding one million one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, by the auditing commission appointed to ascertain the amount of said liabilities, and reported by said commission to the legislative assembly under date of November eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and January third, eighteen hundred and seventy-two; and for that purpose the said commissioners are hereby directed to issue registered or coupon bonds of the denominations, said District of Columbia, in denominations of fifty dollars, or any multi

Bonds to be issued;

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