Edmund Burke, Volume II: 1784-1797

Clarendon Press, 1998 - 605 sider
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This is the second and concluding volume of a biography of Edmund Burke (1730-97), a key figure in eighteenth-century British and Irish politics and intellectual life. Covering the most interesting years of his life (1784-97), its leading themes are India and the French Revolution. Burke was largely responsible for the impeachment of Warren Hastings, former Governor-General of Bengal. The lengthy (145-day) trial of Hastings (which lasted from 1788 to 1795) is recognized as a landmark episode in the history of Britain's relationship with India. Lock provides the first day-by-day account of the entire trial, highlighting some of the many disputes about evidence as well as the great set speeches by Burke and others. In 1790, Burke published Reflections on the Revolution in France, the earliest sustained attack on the principles of the Revolution. Continuously in print ever since, the Reflections remains the most widely read and quoted book about the Revolution. The Reflections was followed by a series of anti-revolutionary writings, as Burke maintained his crusade against the Revolution to the end of his life. In addition to these leading themes, the biography examines many other topics in its coverage of Burke's busy and varied life: his parliamentary career; his family, friendships, and philanthropy; and his often difficult and obsessive personality. There are more than thirty illustrations, including many contemporary caricatures that convey how Burke was perceived by an often hostile and uncomprehending public. Controversial in his time, Burke is now regarded as one of the greatest of orators in the English language, as well as one of the most influential political philosophers in the Western tradition.

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1 Picking up the Pieces 17841785
2 A Pledge Redeemed 17851786
3 In the Name of the Commons 17861787
4 A Boundless Object 17871788
5 Madness and Discord 17881789
6 The Making of the Reflections 17891790
7 Reflections on the Revolution in France 1790
8 Triumph and Tribulation 17901791
9 A Uniform Whig 17911792
10 Chained to an Oar 17921794
11 A Withered Stump 17941795
12 An Old Oak 17951796
13 Sublime and Minute 17961797

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F. P. Lock has been Professor of English at Queen's University at Kingston, Canada, since 1987, having previously taught at the University of Queensland, Australia. A specialist in eighteenth-century studies, his previous books include The Politics of 'Gulliver's Travels' (1980), Swift's Tory Politics (1983), and Burke's 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' (1985). While researching his biography of Burke (the first volume of which appeared in 1999), he discovered about sixty new Burke letters, which have been published in the English Historical Review (1997-2003).

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