of Louis XI. and Charles VIII., Kings of France, and of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. To which is added, The Scandalous Chronicle, or Secret History of Louis XI. Edited, with Life and Notes, by A. R. Scoble, Esq. Portraits of Charles the Bold and Louis XI. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Memoirs of the Duke of Sully, Prime Minister to Henry the Great. Translated from the French. New Edition, revised, with additional Notes, and an Historical Introduction, by Sir Walter Scott. With a General Index. Portraits of Sully, Henry IV., Coligny, and Marie de Medicis. In 4 vols. 38. 6d. each.


Bohn's School and College Series.

New Testament (The) in Greek. Griesbach's Text, with the various readings of Mill and Scholz at foot of page, and Parallel References in the margin; also a Critical Introduction and Chronological Tables. By an eminent Scholar. Third Edition, revised and corrected. Two fac-similes of Greek Manuscripts. (650 pages.) 3s. 6d.

or bound up with a complete Greek and English Lexicon to the New Testament (250 pages additional, making in all 900). 58.


Uniform with the Standard Library.

Bailey's (P. J.) Festus, a Poem. Seventh Edition, revised

and enlarged. 58.

British Poets, from Milton to Kirke White. Cabinet Edition. Frontispieces containing Twenty-two Medallion Portraits. Complete in 4 vols. 148.

Cary's Translation of Dante's Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

78. 6d.

Chillingworth's Religion of Protestants. 3s. 6d.

Classic Tales.

Comprising in one volume the most esteemed works of the imagination: Contents-Rasselas, The Vicar of Wakefield, The Exiles of Siberia, Paul and Virginia, The Indian Cottage, Gulliver's Travels, Sterne's Sentimental Journey, Sorrows of Werter, Theodosius and Constantia, and the Castle of Otranto. 3s. 6d.

Demosthenes and Eschines, the Orations of. Translated by Thomas Leland, DD. 3s.

Dickson and Mowbray on Poultry. Edited by Mrs. Loudon Illustrations by Harvey. 58.

Henry's (Matthew) Commentary on the Psalms. Numerous Illustrations. 48. 6d.

Hofland's British Angler's Manual, including a Piscatorial Account of the principal Rivers, Lakes, and Trout-streams in the United Kingdom. Improved Edition, enlarged, by Edward Jesse, Esq. Illustrated with sixty beautiful Steel Engravings and Lignographs. 7s. 6d.

"A book of marvellous beauty. For practical information or pleasing detail it can hardly be exceeded."-Bell's Life.

Horace's Odes and Epodes.

Translated literally and rhythmically, by the Rev. W. Sewell. 3s. 6d.

Irving's (Washington) Complete Works. In 10 vols. 3s. 6d.


Vol. I. Salmagundi and Knickerbocker. Portrait of the Author.
Vol. II. Sketch Book and Life of Goldsmith.

Vol. III. Bracebridge Hall and Abbotsford and Newstead.

Vol. IV. Tales of a Traveller and the Alhambra.

Vol. V. Conquest of Granada and Conquest of Spain.

Vols. VI. and VII. Life of Columbus and Companions of Colum

bus, with a new Index. Fine Portrait.

Vol. VIII. Astoria and Tour in the Prairies.

Vol. IX. Mahomet and his Successors.

Vol. X. Conquest of Florida and Adventures of Captain Bonneville.

(Washington) Life of Washington, Sequel to Washington Irving's Works. With General Index. Portrait. In 4 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

(Washington) Life and Letters, by his Nephew, Pierre E. Irving. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Joyce's Introduction to the Arts and Sciences. Containing a general explanation of the fundamental principles and facts of the Sciences, in Lessons, with Examination Questions subjoined. 38. 6d.

Lawrence's Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, and the Natural History of Man. Frontispiece, and 12 Plates. 58.

Lilly's Introduction to Astrology, with numerous emendations adapted to the improved state of the science of the present day, by Zadkiel. 5s.

Miller's (Professor) History, from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution, philosophically considered. New Edition, revised and improved, with Index and Portrait. In 4 vols. 38. 6d. per vol.


Parkes' Elementary Chemistry, on the basis of the Chemical Revised Edition. 38. 6d.

Political, The, Cyclopædia. In 4 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Also bound in 2 vols. with leather backs.


Contains as much as eight ordinary 8vos. It was originally published in another shape by Mr. Charles Knight, under the title of Political Dictionary, at £1 16s. ̧ Shakespeare's Plays and Poems, with Life, by Alexander

Chalmers. In clear diamond type. 3s. 6d.


or, with forty beautiful outline Steel Engravings. 5s.

Uncle Tom's Cabin, with Introductory Remarks by the Rev. J. Sherman. Printed in a large clear type, with 8 Illustrations by Leach and Gilbert, and Frontispiece by Hinchliff. 3s. 6d. "Mrs. Beecher Stowe's incomparable tale."-The Times. Wide, The, Wide World, by Elizabeth Wetherall. trated by 10 highly-finished Engravings on Steel. 38. 6d.


Bohn's Philological and Philosophical



Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, at 5s. per volume (excepting those marked otherwise).

Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of History. Translated by J. Sibree, M.A. 58.

Herodotus, Turner's (Dawson, W.) Notes to, for the use of Students; with Map, Appendices, and Index. 58.

Wheeler's Analysis and Summary of; with a Synchronistical Table of Events, Table of Weights, &c. &c. 58.

Kant's Critique of Pure Reason; translated by J. M. D. Meiklejohn. 58.

Logic, or the Science of Inference; a Popular Manual; by J. Devey. 58.

Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature; comprising an account of rare, curious, and useful Books published in England since the invention of Printing; with bibliographical and critical Notices and Prices. New Edition, revised and enlarged; by Henry G. Bohn. Parts I. to X. 38. 6d. each. Part XI. (the Appendix Volume). 58. Also half-bound in 4 Vols. 21. 28.

Tennemann's Manual of the History of Philosophy; revised and continued by J. R. Morell.

Thucydides, Wheeler's Analysis of. With Chronological and other Tables. New Edition, with a General Index. 58.

Wright's (Thomas) Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English (1048 pages). In 2 vols. 58. each; or half-bound in one vol. 10s. 6d.


Bohn's British Classics.

Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, 3s. 6d. per volume. Addison's Works, with the Notes of Bishop Hurd. New Edition, with much additional matter, and upwards of 100 Unpublished Letters. Edited by Henry G. Bohn. With a very copious Index. Portrait and eight Engravings on Steel. In 6 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

This is the first time anything like a complete edition of Addison's Works has been presented to the English Public. It contains nearly one third more than has hitherto been published in a collective form.

Burke's Works.

3s. 6d. each.

In 6 Volumes.
Vol. 1, containing his Vindication of Natural Society, Essay on
the Sublime and Beautiful, and various Political Miscellanies.
Vol. 2. Reflections on the French Revolution; Letters relating

to the Bristol Election; Speech on Fox's East India Bill; etc. Vol. 3. Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs; on the Nabob

of Arcot's Debts; the Catholic Claims, etc.

Vol. 4. Report on the Affairs of India, and Articles of Charge against Warren Hastings.

Vol. 5. Conclusion of the Articles of Charge against Warren Hastings; Political Letters on the American War; on a Regicide Peace, to the Empress of Russia.

Vol. 6. Miscellaneous Speeches, Letters and Fragments, Abridgments of English History, etc. With a General Index.

Speeches on the Impeachment of Warren Hastings; and Letters. With Index. În 2 vols. (forming Vols. 7 and 8 of the complete works). 3s. 6d. each.

Life. By Prior; New Edition, revised by the Author. Portrait. 38. 6d.

This is usually attached to the works, and forms a Ninth Volume.

Edited by Sir Walter Scott. In 7 Vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Vol. 1. Life, Adventures, and Piracies of Captain Singleton, and
Life of Colonel Jack. Portrait of Defoe.

Vol. 2. Memoirs of a Cavalier; Adventures of Captain Carleton,
Dickory Cronke, &c.

Vol. 3. Life of Moll Flanders; and the History of the Devil.
Vol. 4. Roxana, or the Fortunate Mistress; and Life of Mrs.
Christian Davies.

Defoe's Works.

Vol. 5. History of the Great Plague of London, 1665, (to which is added, the Fire of London, 1666, by an Anonymous writer); The Storm; and The True Born Englishman.

Vol. 6. Life and Adventures of Duncan Campbell; Voyage Round the World; and Tracts relating to the Hanoverian Accession.

Vol. 7. Robinson Crusoe.

Gibbon's Roman Empire; complete and unabridged, with variorum Notes; including, in addition to the Author's own, those of Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander, and other foreign scholars; and an elaborate Index. Edited by an English Churchman. Portrait and Maps. In 7 volumes. 3s. 6d. each.


Bohn's Ecclesiastical Library.

Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, 58. per volume.


Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History.. With Notes.
Philo Judæus, Works of; the contemporary of Josephus.
Translated from the Greek, by C. D. Yonge. In 4 vols. 5s. each.
Socrates' Ecclesiastical History, in continuation of Euse-
bius; with the Notes of Valesius. 58.

Sozomen's Ecclesiastical History, from A.D. 324-440: and the Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius; translated from the Greek. With a Memoir of the Author, by E. Walford, M.A. 58.

Theodoret and Evagrius. Ecclesiastical Histories, from A.D. 332 to A.D. 427; and from A.D. 431 to A.D. 544. With General Index. 58.

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