Bohn's Illustrated Library.

Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, 58. per volume (excepting those marked otherwise).

Allen's Battles of the British Navy. New Edition, revised and enlarged by the Author. Numerous fine Portraits engraved on Steel. In 2 vols. 5s. each.

Andersen's Danish Legends and Fairy Tales, containing many Tales not in any other edition. Translated from the Original by Caroline Peachey. Illustrated with 120 Wood Engravings, chiefly by Foreign Artists. 58.

Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, in English Verse, by W. S. Rose. Twelve fine Engravings, including an unpublished Portrait after Titian. In 2 vols. 58. each.

Bechstein's Cage and Chamber Birds, including Sweet's Warblers. Enlarged edition. Numerous Plates. 58.

All other editions are abridged.

or, with the plates coloured. 7s. 6d.

Bonomi's Nineveh and its Palaces. New Edition, revised and considerably enlarged, both in matter and Plates, including a Full Account of the Assyrian Sculptures recently added to the National Collection. Upwards of 300 Engravings. 58.

Butler's Hudibras, with Variorum Notes, a Biography, and a General Index. Edited by Henry G. Bohn. Thirty beautiful Illustrations. 5s.

or, further illustrated with 62 Outline Portraits. In

2 vols. 10s.

Cattermole's Evenings at Haddon Hall. 24 exquisite Engravings on Steel, from designs by himself, the Letterpress by the Baroness De Carabella. 58.

China, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, with some Account of Ava and the Burmese, Siam, and Anam. Nearly 100 Illustrations. 58.

Craik's (Professor G. L.) Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties, illustrated by Anecdotes and Memoirs. Revised Edition. With numerous Portraits. 5s.

Cruikshank's Three Courses and a Dessert; a Series of Tales, embellished with 50 humorous Illustrations by George Cruik shank. 5s.

Dante, translated into English Verse by I. C. Wright, M.A. Third Edition, carefully revised. Portrait and 34 Illustrations on Steel, after Flaxman. 58.

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Didron's Christian Iconography; a History of Christian Art. Translated from the French. Upwards of 150 beautiful outline Engravings. In 2 vols. Vol. I. 5s.

(Mons. Didron has not yet written the second volume.)

Gil Blas, the Adventures of. Twenty-four Engravings on Steel, after Smirke, and 10 Etchings by George Cruikshank. (612 pages). 68.

Grimm's Gammer Grethel; or, German Fairy Tales and Popular Stories, containing 42 Fairy Tales. Translated by Edgar Taylor; numerous Woodcuts by George Cruikshank. 3s. 6d.

Holbein's Dance of Death, and Bible Cuts; upwards of 150 subjects, beautifully engraved in fac-simile, with Introduction and Descriptions by the late Francis Douce, and Dr. Thomas Frognall · Dibdin. 2 vols. in 1. 7s. 6d.


Howitt's (Mary) Pictorial Calendar of the Seasons; exhibiting the Pleasures and Pursuits of Country Life, for every Month, and embodying the whole of Aikin's Calendar of Nature. Upwards of 100 Engravings on Wood. 5s.

Howitt's (Mary and William) Stories of English and Foreign Life. Twenty beautiful Steel Engravings. 5s.

Hunt's (Leigh) Book for a Corner. Eighty extremely beautiful Wood Engravings and a Frontispiece on Steel. 5s.

India, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, from the Earliest Times to the Present. Upwards of 100 fine Engravings on Wood, and a Map. 5s.

Jesse's Anecdotes of Dogs. New Edition with large_additions. Illustrated by numerous fine Woodcuts after Harvey, Bewick and others. 58.

or, with the addition of 34 highly-finished Steel Engravings after Cooper, Landseer, &c. 78. 6d.

Kitto's Scripture Lands, and Biblical Atlas.

Twenty-four Maps, beautifully engraved on Steel, accompanied by a Consulting Index. 5s.

or, with the Maps coloured. 7s. 6d.

Krummacher's Parables.

Translated from the 7th German Edition. Forty Illustrations by Clayton, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. 58.

Lindsay's (Lord) Letters on Egypt, Edom, and the Holy Land. New Edition, enlarged. Thirty-six beautiful Wood Engravings, and 2 Maps. 58.

Lodge's Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, with Biographical and Historical Memoirs. Two Hundred and Forty Portraits, beautifully engraved on Steel, with the respective Biographies unabridged. Complete in 8 vols. 58. each.

Longfellow's Poetical Works, complete, including Hiawatha, Miles Standish, and The Wayside Inn. Twenty-four fullpage Wood Engravings, by Birket Foster and others, and a new Portrait engraved on Steel. 58.

or, without the illustrations. 3s. 6d.

Prose Works, complete. Sixteen full-page Wood Engravings by Birket Foster and others. 58. Marryat's Masterman Ready; or, the Wreck of the Pacific. New Edition. Ninety-three beautiful Engravings on Wood. 58..

Mission; or, Scenes in Africa. (Written for Young People). Illustrated by Gilbert and Dalziel. 58.

Pirate and Three Cutters. New Edition, to which is prefixed a Memoir of the Author. Illustrated with 20 beautiful Steel Engravings, from Drawings by Clarkson Stansfield, R.A. 58.

Privateer's-Man One Hundred Years Ago. Eight highly-finished line Engravings on Steel, after Stothard. 58.

Settlers in Canada. New Edition. Ten fine Engravings by Gilbert and Dalziel. 58.

Maxwell's Victories of Wellington and the British Armies.

Illustrations on Steel. 58.

Michael Angelo and Raphael, their Lives and Works. By Duppa and Quatremere de Quincy. Illustrated with 13 highlyfinished Engravings on Steel; including the Last Judgment, and Cartoons," with Portraits. 5s.

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Miller's History of the Anglo-Saxons, written in a popular style, on the basis of Sharon Turner, with a General Index. Portrait of Alfred, Map of Saxon Britain, and 12 elaborate Engravings on Steel, after Designs by W. Harvey. 58.

Milton's Poetical Works, with a Memoir and Critical Remarks by James Montgomery, an Index to Paradise Lost, Todd's Verbal Index to all the Poems, and a Selection of Explanatory Notes, by Henry G. Bohn. Illustrated with 120 Wood Engravings by Thompson, Williams, O. Smith, and Linton, from Drawings by W. Harvey. In 2 volumes. 58. each. Vol. I. Paradise Lost, complete, with Memoir, Notes and Index. Vol. 2. Paradise Regained, and other Poems, with Verbal Index to all the Poems.

of the British Islands.

Mudie's British Birds; or, History of the Feathered Tribes New Edition. Revised by W. C. L. Martin, Esq. Fifty-two figures of Birds and 7 additional Plates of Eggs. In 2 vols. 5s. each.

or, with the Plates coloured. 7s. 6d. per vol. Naval and Military Heroes of Great Britain; or, Calendar of Victory being a Record of British Valour and Conquest by Sea and Land, on every day in the year, from the time of William the Conqueror to the battle of Inkermann. By Major Johns, R.M., and Lieutenant P. H. Nicolas, R.M., with chronological and alphabetical Indexes. Illustrated with 24 Portraits engraved on Steel. 68. Nicolini's History of the Jesuits: their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Designs. Fine Portraits of Loyola, Lainès, Xavier, Borgia, Acquaviva, Père la Chaise, Ricci, and Pope Ganganelli. 58. Norway and its Scenery, comprising Price's Journal, with large Additions, and a Road-Book. Edited by Thomas Forester, Esq. Twenty-two Illustrations on Steel by Lucas. 58.

Paris and its Environs, including Versailles, St. Cloud, and Excursions into the Champagne Districts. An illustrated Hand1 book for Travellers. Edited by Thomas Forester, author of "Norway and its Scenery." Twenty-eight beautiful Engravings. 58.

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Petrarch's Sonnets, Triumphs, and other Poems, translated for the first time completely into English verse. By various hands. With a Life of the Poet, by Thomas Campbell. Illustrated with 16 Engravings on Steel. 58.

Pickering's History of the Races of Man, with an Analytical Synopsis of the Natural History of Man. By Dr. Hall. Illustrated by numerous Portraits. 58.

or, with the Plates coloured. 7s. 6d.

An excellent Edition of a work originally published at 31. 3s. by the American Government.

Picto ial Handbook of London, comprising its Antiquities, A chitecture, Arts, Manufactures, Trade, Institutions, Exhibitions, Siburbs, &c. Two hundred and five Engravings on Wood, by ranston, Jewitt, and others; and large Map, by Lowry. 58.

This volume contains above 900 pages, and is undoubtedly the cheapest five shilling volume ever produced.

Pictorial Handbook of Modern Geography on a Popular Plan. Compiled from the best authorities, English and Foreign, and completed to the Present Time. With numerous Tables, and a General Index. By Henry G. Bohn. Illustrated by 150 Engravings on Wood, and 51 accurate Maps engraved on Steel. 68.

or, with the Maps coloured. 7s. 6d.

or, without the Maps. 3s. 6d.

Two large Editions of this volume have been sold. The present New Edition
is corrected and improved, and besides introducing the recent Censuses of
England and other countries, records the changes which have taken place in
Italy and America.


Pope's Poetical Works, edited by Robert Carruthers.
Edition, revised. Numerous Engravings. In 2 volumes. 5s. each.

Homer's Iliad, with Introduction and Notes by the Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A. Illustrated by the entire Series of Flaxman's Designs, beautifully engraved by Moses (in the full 8vo. size). 58.

Homer's Odyssey, with the Battle of Frogs and Mice, Hymns, &c., by other translators, including Chapman, and Introduction and Notes by the Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A. Flaxman's Designs, beautifully engraved by Moses. 58.

Life, including many of his Letters. By Robert Carruthers. New Edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrations. 5s. The preceding 5 vols. make a complete and elegant edition of Pope's Poetical Works and Translations for 258.

Pottery and Porcelain, and other Objects of Vertu (a Guide to the Knowledge of). Comprising an Illustrated Catalogue of the Bernal Collection of Works of Art, with the prices at which they were sold by auction, and names of the possessors. To which are added, an Introductory Lecture on Pottery and Porcelain, and an Engraved List of all the known Marks and Monograms. By Henry G. Bohn. Numerous Wood Engravings. 58.

or, coloured, 10s. 6d.


Prout's (Father) Reliques.

New Edition, revised and largely augmented. Twenty-one spirited Etchings, by D. Maclise, R.A. Two volumes in one (nearly 600 pages). 7s. 6d.

Recreations in Shooting. By Craven. Sixty-two Engravings on Wood, after Harvey, and 9 Engravings on Steel, chiefly after A. Cooper, R.A. 58.

Redding's History and Descriptions of Wines, Ancient and Modern. New and revised Edition. Twenty beautiful Woodcuts, and fine Frontispiece. 58.

Robinson Crusoe. With Illustrations by Stothard and Harvey. Twelve beautiful Engravings on Steel, and 74 on Wood. 58. or, without the illustrations. 3s. 6d.

The prettiest Edition extant.

Rome in the Nineteenth Century. New Edition. Revised by the Author. With Complete Index. Illustrated by 34 fine Steel Engravings. In 2 Vols. 58. each.


Life of Nelson. With Additional Notes, and a General Index. Illustrated with 64 Engravings on Steel and Wood, from Designs by Duncan, Birket Foster, and others. 58. Starling's (Miss) Noble Deeds of Woman; or, Examples of Female Courage, Fortitude and Virtue. Fourteen beautiful Illustrations on Steel. 58.

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