These are to certify the Principal officers and Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy that the Articles of war and abstract of the Act of Parliament for the encouragement of seamen etc were read on board His Majestys Sloop Discovery between the ist of April 1791 and the date hereof as prescribed by the said Act.

Dated on board His Majestys said Sloop at sea the
31st May 1791

(Signed) Geo. Vancouver, Capt.

J. Whidbey, Master
Thos. Keld, Boatswain









[blocks in formation]

Wm. Robt. Broughton Lieut. & Commander
James Hanson

2nd Lieut. James Johnstone Master Wm. Wager

O'R Mt'r David Dorman

A. B. Adam Brown

A. B. Charles Maskill

A. B. afterwards

Q’nd M'r Mate
John Messingham A. B.
William Gamble A. B.
John Wilkinson O'r M'tr Mate
Edward Bell

Sandford Martin Carp'r
Wm. Gifford

Gunner Wm. Walker 2nd, Surgeon John Rycraft

A. B. Thos. Heddington Mid. Chas. Guthrie

Bo. Mte. Thos. Miller

Q’ M’tr Wm. House

Boats'n Wm. Howard

Gun'r Mate John Rogers

Q'r M'tr Mate James Beckett

Carp. Mate

[blocks in formation]





[blocks in formation]

James Webster Bo. M'te
Hawkins Lloyd A. B.
James Robinson A. B.
Thomas Deacon A. B.
David Munro

A. B.
Geo. Rosewell A. B.
Wm. Bennett

A. B. John Best

Cook James Bray

Carp'r William Nicholl

Surgeon Mate
John Sheriff

Master's Mate
James Wood Scott Mid.
John Miller Garnier Mid.
Wm. Le Meswier M’r Mte. to 31 Mar.

'91 then A. B.
Henry Barfleur A. B.
Thomas Young A. B.
James Etchinson A. B.
Edward Williams A. B.
Thomas Townsend Q'r M'r after Sail-

William Willson Q'r M'r Mate
Aug's Boyd Grant Mid.
Edmund Atkinson M'r Mate
James Coote

A. B.

[blocks in formation]

These are to certify the Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy that the Articles of War and the Abstract of the Act of Parliament were read to the Ship’s Company agreeable to the general printed instructions.

(Signed) W. R. Broughton, Lieut. & Commander

J. Johnstone, Master

William House, Boatswain Marines borne as part of the Complement p Admiralty Order:

Sergt John Fellbrook; privates John Rose, Peter Farris, James Landon, John Langley, Wm. Clark, Richard Stephens, Arthur Botting, John Reyners, Josh Potten.

(Signed) W. R. Broughton, Lieut. & Comm’d

J. Johnstone, Master
William House, Boatswain


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[ocr errors]



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[ocr errors]

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