"Pacific Coast Pilot"-and through correspondence extending over many years.

Mr. Greene Kendrick of West Haven, Connecticut, while at work on the genealogy of the Kendrick family, found much of the forgotten or unknown history of Captain John Kendrick and his companion, Robert Gray. From this store he gave suggestions helpful in the general researches.

Mr. Orion O. Denny of Seattle defrayed the cost of the Nootka monument, and Mr. H. C. Coffman of Chehalis, Washington, formerly Librarian of the University of Washington, and Miss Mary Banks, of the Seattle Public Library, assisted in collecting and searching old records.

The officers and members of the Washington University State Historical Society have furthered the work by a manifestation of interest and encouragement.

Vancouver's journal was published in London in 1798, in three folio volumes and an atlas. The second edition appeared in 1801, in six octavo volumes and without the atlas. For convenience in handling, the second edition is used in this work. It is designed to follow the explorer from the time he strikes the shore of the present State of Washington, below Point Grenville, on into Puget Sound, and around Vancouver Island, and, finally, through the negotiations at Nootka. This requires the reproduction of Volume II from page 33 to page 385. The page numbering and dating will be retained in brackets to facilitate future citations or comparisons. The interpolation of the biographies and portraits will be arranged so as to quicken rather than to retard interest in the explorer's own narrative. The biographical interpolations are also set in smaller type to permit the original journal to be followed more readily than if the same type were used throughout. Three of the six steel engravings reproduced from the original journal were engraved by John Landseer, father of the famous artist, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. All six of the engravings were drawn by W. Alexander from sketches made on the spot by members of the expedition.

In conclusion, I wish to thank the following citizens of Seattle whose friendly and generous aid has made possible this first edition: Thomas Burke, Will H. Parry, John H. McGraw, Edward C. Cheasty, J. M. Colman, J. E. Chilberg, Samuel Hill, Hervey Lindley, J. M. Frink, and H. E. Holmes.


January, 1907.

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